Those Sweet Times Chapter 42 Part3

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Those Sweet Times

Chapter 42 Part 3

Lin Chuyan saw the bullet comments and couldn't help himself from burying his head in his
arms and laughing.  Xiang Nuan took a look at him while she came back to base to recover
her champion's health. She saw Lin Chuyan keeping his head low as his shoulders quivered.

She thought Lin Chuyan was acting strangely and asked: “What's wrong with you?”

“It's nothing.” Lin Chuyan answered with a smile.

His voice caused another wave of bullet comments. Some asked who was this young man
with such a pleasant voice. Some greeted him. Some urged him to sing.

Chen Yinghu explained to his fans: “Tomorrow, ‘It's Nuannuan' is going to have a one on one
against someone. I'm helping her do some practice tonight. Today's stream probably will be
just our practice matches.”

Many fans were complaining that it would be quite boring if it was going to be a tutoring
session with the same two champions the whole night. Some threatened to leave and
some others had already left. The number of viewers kept dropping.

Xiang Nuan turned to check the comments on Lin Chuyan's phone screen and felt very
sorry to Chen Yinghu. “Hu Ge, let Chuyan practice with me.”

“No, he's not good enough.”

Lin Chuyan: = =

Chen Yinghu came up with a brilliant idea: “How about this, Chuyan will sing a song every
half hour then no one will feel bored. Type 1 in chat if you agree.”

The whole screen was covered with 1.

Lin Chuyan chuckled: “Alright.”

From that moment on till Lin Chuyan finished his first song, the bullet comments covered the
whole screen. After the song, most of the fans said: “Bye, Hu Ge, will be back in half hour.”

Chen Yinghu sadly discovered that there didn't seem to be many true fans watching the stream.

Chen Yinghu and Xiang Nuan continued with their one on one session. Some fans stayed to
watch. After a while, some started dissing Xiang Nuan's skill. Lin Chuyan blocked all of their

Half an hour later, the viewers suddenly surged in for another round of Lin Chuyan's singing.

“What do you want to hear?” Lin Chuyan asked.

Most of comments said “Ifuudoudou.”[1]

Xiang Nuan had already stopped playing the game, because whenever Lin Chuyan sang,
she couldn't concentrate on playing. She decided she might as well wait till he finished singing
then continue with her game. She came closer to watch the bullet comments on Lin Chuyan's
cell phone and asked him: “What is Ifuudoudou?”

Lin Chuyan avoided her eyes and bit his lip: “I don't know.”

Xiang Nuan's attention was on the screen and didn't see Lin Chuyan's ears were turning red.

Fans who had heard Xiang Nuan's question enthusiastically explained:

-- --Ifuudoudou is a very refres.h.i.+ng song! Excellent for showing off a singer's voice!

-- --That's right! Nuannuan, I beg you to ask Chuyan to sing Ifuudoudou! I'm willing to warm
your bed for you~ ~

-- --It's a song that you shouldn't miss out on!

[1]: A j.a.panese song by Umetora that's full of s.e.xual innuendo.

Those Sweet Times Chapter 42 Part3

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