Those Sweet Times Chapter 5 Part2

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Those Sweet Times

Chapter 5 Part 2

The reason why Xiang Nuan got reported was because she played so badly
and died too much.  Her teammates thought she was doing it on purpose. The
reporting system concurred with this a.s.sessment during the review process.

She felt that she was being treated unjustly.

After being reported, a player will be deducted reputation points. When their
reputation is too low, the player can no longer form a team. The player, in the
meantime, can only play custom games against bots till the ban period is over.

Xiang Nuan was going through the banning period right now. She could still log
into the game and play against bots.

She spent her entire Sunday at the library. She could concentrate on her homework
in the morning, yet by the afternoon, she couldn’t stop herself from taking out her
cell phone and logging onto the game.

“This game is addictive.” Xiang Nuan told Min Lili, “Don’t ever start playing it.”

“I’m not into p.o.r.n games.”

Unable to play with any team, she could only play against the computer. She found
out that the bots were quite smart and killed her several times……

It was so humiliating.

Min Lili was also playing with her cell phone, looking at gossips.

After awhile, Min Lili touched Xiang Nuan’s elbow and whispered, “Nuannuan,
look, quick.”

Xiang Nuan pulled off one of her earphones and took a look at the cell phone which
Min Lili had stretched over in front of her.

There was a video playing on the cell phone, showing a man playing piano. The video
was blurry, it was hard to distinguish the facial features of the man. Since Min Lili still
had her earphones connected, Xiang Nuan couldn’t hear what he was playing. But
both of his hands flew over the piano like swirling b.u.t.terflies. The hands were moving
so swiftly that it was hard to clearly see his hands in the video.

“His hands move so fast.” Xiang Nuan commented in a low voice. She pulled one of
Min Lili’s earphones out and put it in her own ear, trying to hear what he was playing.

What she heard, instead, was only girls’ screaming.

Xiang Nuan returned the earphone to Min Lili right away.

“This guy isn’t very nice.” Min Lili said.


“I saw some gossip about him in a forum. They said he chuckled right in front of a
girl while the girl was confessing to him.”

“That’s too much.”

“Yeah, just because he’s handsome. Do you want to see it?”

“Not interested.” Xiang Nuan put her own earphone back on and continued to play
against the bots while thinking: How handsome can he be? Even better looking
than Shen Zemu?

She finished all the homeworks for the week in the library. After she went back to the
dorm, took a shower, and put on a facial mask did she notice that it was past 10 o’clock.

Hahaha, the ban was over!

After she logged onto Kings of Glory, she checked the rank of Chuyan on her friend’s
list. It was good that Chuyan was still a Bronze. She happily sent out an invite to him
to form a team.

Chuyan used a champion that Xiang Nuan had never seen before: Ying Zheng.

Kings of Glory is a 5 vs 5 fighting game. The players can either form their own team or
the system will form the team for them. Every player has to choose a champion that
they will use for that game. Up till now, Kings of Glory has over 60 champions and the
number was still growing. Since Xiang Nuan just started to play at a low rank, she only
owned 7 of those champions. She had to select among the seven.

If she wanted to have more champions to choose from, she had to buy with gold. Players
earned gold by playing and it wasn’t easy to earn it……

Xiang Nuan still chose the champion she had been using in the past couple days-- --
Xiao Qiao

Xiao Qiao was a young, pet.i.te girl. When she was next to Ying Zheng, it was like a
father taking his daughter on a field trip.

Xiang Nuan, feeling a bit awkward, quietly moved Xiao Qiao a little farther away
from Ying Zheng.

Chuyan suddenly said: Stay closer to me.

It’s Nuannuan: Oh.

She quietly moved back again.

Ying Zheng’s ultimate fired swords made of light towards the enemy. There were a
lot of light swords; once applied, the whole screen was filled with bright light swords
and anyone struck would take damage.

Xiang Nuan stayed close to Chuyan and watched him use his ultimate from time to
time, like a mobile battery.

She felt that Ying Zheng the champion was simply too cool, indeed the Emperor Qin
s.h.i.+ Huang.

When the match finished, Chuyan’s Ying Zheng earned a MVP.

Xiang Nuan hurried to check Ying Zheng’s information, she also wanted to buy him.

She was surprised to find: all the other champions could be bought with gold, but Ying
Zheng could only be bought with RMB.

She had to admit, that was indeed Qin s.h.i.+ Huang.

Xiang Nuan told Chuyan: Grade school kid, you’re really rich.

Chuyan: I did something big today.

Xiang Nuan had the urge to call the police when she read his reply.

She calmed down and asked: How did you get rich? Tell me~

Chuyan: I sold a watch.

It’s Nuannuan: What do you mean!

Chuyan: Just exactly what the words mean.

It’s Nuannuan: …...

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Those Sweet Times Chapter 5 Part2

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