Those Sweet Times Chapter 6 Part2

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Those Sweet Times

Chapter 6 Part 2

It seemed that Heartless-blossom wasn’t as heartless as his id had suggested.
He sent another message to Xiang Nuan.

Heartless-blossom: Zhuang Zhou, let’s play together again later? I need a
good tank. :-D

A good tank!

Hahahahaha…...Xiang Nuan was bursting with joy.

It’s Nuannuan: Yeah, sure.

Heartless-blossom: After this match, add me to your friend list.

It’s Nuannuan: En, en.

Abruptly, Chuyan went offline.  After about 2 minutes, he went back on and
politely apologized on the channel.

Chuyan: Sorry, had to answer a phone call.

It’s Nuannuan: It’s ok, it’s ok.

Chuyan: Nuannuan.

It’s Nuannuan: Hum?

Xiang Nuan was a bit surprised. Chuyan seldom addressed her so seriously,
usually he would simply state what he wanted to say.

Chuyan: It was your ex girlfriend on the phone just now. She asked me whether
you have blocked her.

Xiang Nua’s head filled with question marks. Just as she was about to ask what
had gotten into Chuyan, Chuyan typed so fast that he had sent another message
before she could finish typing.

Chuyan: She didn’t know that you have already gotten together with Haitao Ge.

It’s Nuannuan:......What the h.e.l.l? What are you talking about?

Xiang Nuan looked at those two short messages, it was enough to make all sorts
of rumors. She was so shocked and couldn’t understand why Chuyan would make
up stories like that. He was like a performer coming out of an asylum. What was
going on!

But her teammates were waiting for her to join them in another team fight. She
didn’t go to get the bottom of it with Chuyan.

However, it became so quiet on the team channel afterwards that it felt awkward.

Xiang Nuan saved Heartless-blossom once more, yet he didn’t thank her this time.
He didn’t say anything.

It was…...really awkward.

After the match was over, Xiang Nuan asked Chuyan: What are you doing!

Chuyan: Stupid.

It’s Nuannuan: Why do you call me stupid. You’re stupid, a lunatic talking nonsense.

Chuyan: He wants to team up with you because you’re a girl. You should think
about his motives.

It’s Nuannuan: I don’t think so……

Chuyan: I understand men better than you.

It’s Nuannuan: Why can’t it be that I play good?

Chuyan: Ha.

It was just one word, but with maximum mocking power.

In irritation Xiang Nuan decided to stop responding. She saw there was a new
message coming in, it from Heartless-blossom who had added her as his friend.

With her spirits lifted, Xiang Nuan told Chuyan right away: Look, look, he added
me! He doesn’t really care whether I’m a girl or not. Not everyone is so
narrow-minded like you

Chuyan: I hope you have a pleasant chat with him.

It’s Nuannuan: Humph.

As soon as Xiang Nuan accepted the friend request, Heartless-blossom spoke.

Heartless-blossom: d.a.m.n you gay! Idiot! Liar! Get lost!

Xiang Nuan wasn’t expecting trash talk from this man. Her heart sank and, using
her s.h.i.+vering fingers, she started to type a response to him: Though I don’t want to
be friends with you anymore, I still have to explain to you that I didn’t lie to you.

However, she wasn’t able to send out her message because he had already deleted
her from his friend list.

She felt like she had suffered heavily emotionally.

She clicked open her exchange of messages with Chuyan and saw “I hope you
have a pleasant chat with him.” She thought couldn’t it be that Chuyan had already
foreseen the result of her conversation with Heartless-blossom?

She reluctantly told Chuyan: Alright, you’re right.

Chuyan: Check the WeChat.

Chuyan had forwarded a picture to her on the WeChat.

It was…...a GIF of someone patting the head of a husky.

It’s Nuannuan: Hey, you’ve gone too far……

Chuyan: Stupid.

It’s Nuannuan: You’re stupid, stupid, stupid.

Chuyan: Haven’t you played games before?

It’s Nuannuan: I played Miracle Nikki before and we are all girls. Others called
me jiejie.

Chuyan: You’re good at it?

It’s Nuannuan: En. I was the boss of our union.

Chuyan: How did you do it?

It’s Nuannuan: Just put in more money.

Chuyan: ……

Xiang Nuan was a bit embarra.s.sed. She thought for a while then said: Look,
you’re a feeder and I’m a feeder, too. Let’s not look down upon each other, alright?

Chuyan: Alright.

Xiang Nuan asked him: Then why are you playing with me? Because I’m a girl
as well?

Chuyan: No, I’m not that desperate.

It’s Nuannuan: Really?

Chuyan: I have a lot of people pursuing me.

It’s Nuannuan: What a coincidence. Me, too.

So boastful…...Both of them thought the same way.

I’m very nice so I won’t blow your cover…...They continued to reach the
same conclusion.

Those Sweet Times Chapter 6 Part2

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