Those Sweet Times Chapter 64 Part1

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Those Sweet Times
Chapter 64 Part 1

Yue Yingying had rushed home to meet Xiang Nuan out of curiosity. She wondered who the girl Lin Chuyan likes so much was like. She felt that she had to go home and observe Xiang Nuan for her son. After chatting with Xiang Nuan, she found the young women to be cute, unpretentious, and well-spoken. Her son seemed to have good taste in women. As they chatted, Yue Yingying happened to mention that Xiang Daying was her favorite artist. Unexpectedly, Xiang Nuan replied: “He's my father.”

Yue Yingying lost control when she heard that.

As the gentle and kind Yue Yingying suddenly raised her voice into a high pitch, Xiang Nuan was stunned. For a second, she even suspected that her father had antagonized someone…...But she soon realized that she had forgotten an important fact-- --Lin Chuyan's father had tried very hard to get a painting from her father to give to his wife.

So it wasn't that her father had enemies, but was Lin Chuyan's mother's idol?

Xiang Nuan thought about herself; if her two favorite champions in Kings of Glory-- --Zhuge Liang and Diaochan-- -- were to appear right in front of her eyes, she would probably scream too.

Yue Yingying was apologetic for suddenly losing control. She used one hand to tightly hold the other and subconsciously rubbed them. She smiled at Xiang Nuan: “Sorry, sorry. I'm too excited.” She turned to look at her son who was walking towards them, with an obvious complaint in her eyes.

Lin Chuyan hadn't talked much about Xiang Nuan in front of her parents. Naturally, he had never mentioned Xiang Nuan's family either. He walked over to sit on the couch and said: “I forgot to tell you.” It was a rather s.p.a.cious living room, but he chose to sit right next to Xiang Nuan.

Xiang Nuan was a little distracted.

Yue Yingying picked up Xiang Nuan's right hand and put it in her own hands. She patted Xiang Nuan's hand lightly and said with a smile: “I was wondering what kind of family would raise such a nice kid. It turned out to be Professor Xiang's daughter, no wonder.”

Lin Chuyan felt like reminding his mother that her expression looked like she was kissing up to……

Xiang Nuan was embarra.s.sed about the praise and blushed: “Auntie, you're flattering me.”

“Not at all. Xiang Nuan, maybe you don't understand the position your esteemed father is held in the artist circle?”

Lin Chuyan put his hand to his forehead and couldn't believe that his mother had even used the word esteemed……

Xiang Nuan was taken aback by Yue Yingying's question. She only knew about the position her father held at home. Most of the time, he had to listen to his wife; he didn't really have any position at home to speak of…...As for his position in the artist circle, Xiang Nuan certainly knew a little bit about it since she grew up in such a family. She knew her father had some fame but didn't really think he was as famous as some of the well known painters whom she knew about……

Xiang Nuan asked Yue Yingying with uncertainty: “Auntie, is my father very famous?”

“Professor Xiang may not be the most famous artist, but he's greatly respected and admired in the circle. He studied under the Chinese painting master Mr. Qu Wensong and is his last pupil. His earlier paintings are influenced by Mr. Qu but soon afterwards he created his own style. His paintings are spontaneous and unconventional, overflowing with the joy of life. What's more special is his character. He's a n.o.ble man, indifferent to fame and money. He seldom sells his paintings and refuses to form cliques or factions. About 99% of his paintings on the market are fake.” Yue Yingying briefly summed up her understanding of Xiang Daying.

Xiang Nuan felt like she had just heard an entry from Baidu Encyclopedia in voice. After learning from Lin Chuyan's mother, Xiang Nuan felt that the father she sees every day at home wasn't the real Xiang Daying……

Those Sweet Times Chapter 64 Part1

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