Those Sweet Times Chapter 66 Part2

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Those Sweet Times
Chapter 66 Part 2

When Xiang Nuan's team walked into the room, Yang Yin suddenly called Shen Zemu before he went inside.

“What's wrong?” Shen Zemu asked.

Yang Yin put her arms around herself and tried to find the proper way to express herself. She was used to listening to pep talks when she was a professional player, now it was her turn to give the pep talk. She hadn't been a coach for long and lost her coaching job soon after she changed professions because she'd struck her boss. So strictly speaking, this was the first time she was actually coaching.

She tried her best to speak softly, “I don't care whatever is going on between you guys. Play a good game first, alright?”

Shen Zemu didn't like how Yang Yin was speaking to him as if he was a kid. He looked down at her and lightly answered “en” before turning around and going into the room.

Yang Yin touched the back of her head. It was much tougher being a coach than a player……

The room was s.p.a.cious, with three walls and French window on the fourth side. There were desks, chairs, cell phones, and sound proof earphones for playing the match. If it was a more important compet.i.tion, there would've been equipment for streaming as well. But since this wasn't a particularly important game, the organizer had skipped all those things to save money.

The other team didn't have a coach. In comparison, Xiang Nuan believed that her team was much stronger, like the regular army against a peasant uprising in ancient times.

The result of the match was as she had expected. Team Teach Po was defeated in no time.

“They made too many mistakes.” Xiang Nuan said after the first match.

Waiwai: “Why do I feel… the other side was trying too hard to show off……”

After hearing him, all four male players in her team turned to look at her. Their expressions showed that they understood now what had happened to the other team.

Xiang Nuan touched her nose: “That's a little ridiculous, ha……”

To think that the players of the opposing team played so miserably just because they wanted to attract her attention would be a bit too narcissistic Xiang Naun thought to herself.

But what if it was true? Xiang Nuan felt uneasy by the thought. It felt like Xiang Nuan's team deliberately used her beauty to bewilder the enemy, as if they had won the match unfairly. Before the start of the second match, Xiang Nuan purposely typed on public chat: Go for it!

The other team even replied.

Xiao Po: Thanks, girl. If we win this match, can I have your WeChat?

Chu G.o.d: No.

Xiao Po: Then can I if we lose?

Nuan G.o.d: ……

Xiang Nuan couldn't believe this was how the other team was playing the match. How could anyone ask for someone's WeChat while playing a match?

There didn't seem to be any need to encourage such a team.

Team Teacher Po didn't seem to have any fighting spirit for the second match, probably because they had played such a bad game in the first match. They dragged the game on for a little before being defeated.

Xiang Nuan's team moved up.

“This is too easy.” Xiang Nuan couldn't stop herself from complaining.

“We can't relax for the next round.” Waiwai said, “Xiang Nuan's beauty may not work every time.”

“Thank you, now please keep your mouth shut……”

-- --

Their opponent for the semi-final was Team Rubik's Cube. The players on Team Rubik's Cube seemed surprised to see a girl in the opposing team. When they shook hands before the match, they asked for Xiang Nuan's gaming ID.

Waiwai answered for Xiang Nuan: “Her id is Nuan G.o.d. Be nice to her, ha.”

Team Rubik's Cube wasn't nice to her at all, they actually targeted her, believing she was the weakest link.

They probably thought a pretty girl couldn't be that great of a player. If she was the weakest, then picking on her would be the best.

The problem with that plan was that Xiang Nuan was far from weak……

Those Sweet Times Chapter 66 Part2

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