Those Sweet Times Chapter 8 Part3

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Those Sweet Times

Chapter 8 Part 3

Chuyan: In essence, this is a tower pus.h.i.+ng game. All the fighting is to
push towers. Players try to get more gold to get better items so they can
be more powerful. All so they can destroy towers.

It’s Nuannuan: You’re talking nonsense.

Chuyan: However, a lot of players forget this point when they play.

Xiang Nuan was taken back when she read it. Indeed, that was exactly
how she played; she would be in a team fight, or running away, or rescuing
her teammates. She rarely prioritized attacking towers.

The outcome of a match was decided by which team could push the other
side’s Nexus first, not by which team killed more enemies.

Xiang Nuan: Make sense.

Chuyan: I bought Sun Shangxiang. Let’s go push towers.

It’s Nuannuan: Why do I have the feeling that you have endless gold?

Chuyan: I don’t have gold.

It’s Nuannuan: So? How do you buy Sun Shangxiang then?

Chuyan: With money.

It’s Nuannuan: ……

He really had a lot of money to burn. A player could buy champions in
Kings of Glory with in game gold and if one didn’t have enough gold, they
could use RMB. But, Xiang Nuan didn’t think it was worth it. She wasn’t
against putting real money into the game, but she would never spend it like
that.  Her concern was whether it was worth her money.

Xiang Nuan moved Zhuang Zhou to meet Chuyan’s Sun Shangxiang. Sun
Shangxiang was a marksman, same as Luban No. 7. Sun Shangxiang has
a rolling ability, she could roll for quite a distance and after rolling, she
gained a buff to her damage. It was a very useful ability to run away or hit
an enemy; therefore, her survivability was better than Luban No. 7.

Xiang Nuan was riding on the fish watching Sun Shangxiang roll all over
the ground.

Sun Shangxiang was a champion suitable for pus.h.i.+ng towers.

Their goal for the match was to push lanes and destroy towers, no matter what.

The map of Kings of Glory was a rhombus shape. The sp.a.w.n for both team-- --
called Springs, occupied the opposite corners of the rhombus. Next to the Spring,
was the most important thing to each team-- --the Nexus. Whoever destroyed the
Nexus of the other side won.

There were 3 lanes outside the Nexus with 3 turrets on each lane. These 9
turrets would attack any enemy who came within range. In order to get near
the Nexus, those turrets have to be destroyed, destroying 3 turrets in a specific
lane is enough to reach the enemy Nexus.

Turrets deal a large amount of damage, players attacking by themselves would
be suicide. Usually, players would wait till their own minions entered the range
of the turrets to attract turret’s fire, then they could attack the turrets safely……

Though it was easy to say, it was hard to actually do.

The simple fact was that-- --when you attack a turret, the enemy could see you
and they would surely come after you……

Thus, it was difficult to tell whether you could push a tower or the enemy would
push you down in the end.

The pair had one advantage, however, they moved very fast. They moved
amongst the turrets of the 3 lanes without getting into any fights. The only
thing they were interested in doing was pus.h.i.+ng the turrets. They were
ambushed a few times and died. However, their pa.s.sion for destroying turrets
was undiminished. Their teammates were also bad players, but they liked to
curse at each other. Xiang Nuan simply muted all her teammates.

In the end, though they had poor stats, they still won.

Since they had managed to take down all of the enemy’s turrets, it was quite
easy for them to push their Nexus down in the end.

Those Sweet Times Chapter 8 Part3

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