Those Sweet Times Chapter 9 Part1

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Those Sweet Times

Chapter 9 Part 1

The Esports club met weekly on Thursday nights.

Waiwai felt that everyone was a bit reserved at the last meeting, probably
because most of them didn’t know each other that well. He bought some
snacks out of his own pocket, hoping it would help bring the club members
together. He walked with heavy bags in hand towards the student union.

After walking for a while, Waiwai asked Shen Zemu, “Aren’t you going to
help me carry some?”

“No.” Shen Zemu flatly refused.

Waiwai didn’t mind the rejection since he had a different favor to ask of him.
Without getting angry, Waiwai prepared to coax him, “Hehe. Hey, I mean……”

“No.” Shen Zemu refused again.

“I’m not talking about this.”

“I’m not talking about this either.”

They exchanged a look at each other, knowing very well what the other was
talking about.

What Waiwai had in mind was something they were going to discuss at the
upcoming meeting. The Esports Club organized video game compet.i.tions
every semester. To promote the event, every president of the club had to come
up with new ideas to stand out among the several hundreds student organizations
at Nanshan University. It was important to catch the attention of the students.

Last semester, Waiwai ordered a custom made Kings of Glory cosplay costume
made to fit Shen Zemu from Taobao. It was a costume of Li Bai. In Kings of Glory,
Li Bai was handsome, das.h.i.+ng, and elegant, quite popular among fangirls. When
Shen Zemu put on the costume and walked on campus, it created a great amount
of exposure to the club. The club attracted many student compet.i.tors.  Because of
Li Bai, the event was a great success.

This semester, Waiwai was planning to repeat the success of last semester.

Shen Zemu, however, was refusing to do it again.

He had felt very uneasy last semester letting people take pictures with him, it
felt like he’d joined the circus. Most importantly, he didn’t like crowds.

Waiwai: “Do you know how expensive that costume is? It’s a pity to let it go
to waste.”

Shen Zemu: “Get it reimbursed.”

“Reimbursing it is still money.”

Shen Zemu wasn’t budging.

Waiwai continued, “There’s nothing I can do. I would like to wear it myself, but
I don’t look as good in it. People might beat me up if I wear it! For the future of
our club, please bear with it, please. I’ll warm up your bed tonight.”

“Get lost.”

“Hehe, Shen Zemu, it looks like you’re asking me to print out your WeChat QR
code and post it all over campus.”

“So anyone will do as long as the person is good looking?” Shen Zemu
suddenly asked.

“That’s right. A handsome face is everything in this world.” Waiwai thought about
his own fate. “I’m so desperate now!”

Shen Zemu muttered vaguely in agreement.

Waiwai turned to face where Shen Zemu was looking at, not too far away.

He saw Xiang Nuan there.

Waiwai all of sudden realized what Shen Zemu meant by anyone who was good
looking will do. He angrily said, “Shen Zemu, you’re an animal!”

Xiang Nuan was there for the club meeting and greeted Shen Zemu and Waiwai
in front of the student union. “Hi, xuezhang…...let me help you carry that, xuezhang?”

“No, no, it’s alright……” Though Waiwai’s arms were sore, he didn’t want to
burden a pretty girl.

Shen Zemu, on the other hand, was seriously sizing her up. He glanced over
her face, but didn’t say anything.

Xiang Nuan was quite embarra.s.sed by his gaze. Her heartbeat quickened and
she unconsciously lowered her head, tightly holding the pink notebook in her arm.

She felt like her face was burning, uncontrollably.

Shen Zemu abruptly spoke, “Xiang Nuan.”

Xiang Nuan straightened her body like a reflex. “En, xuezhang.”

Shen Zemu: “I would like to ask a favor from you.”

Xiang Nuan: “What is it, xuezhang?”

Waiwai: “You, animal. You’re actually going to do it!”

Those Sweet Times Chapter 9 Part1

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