Those Sweet Times Chapter 25 Part2

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Those Sweet Times

Chapter 25 Part 2

Zheng Dongkai's chin dropped onto his desk.

Maomaoqiu's cell phone dropped to the floor.

Dayu almost fell from the chair.

Lin Chuyan stared at them with a stone face.

Zheng Dongkai felt so shocked yet found it hilarious at the same time. He
didn't expect Xiang Nuan would tease Chuyan in such an unusual way.
Furthermore, Lin Chuyan finally met his match! For his roommates who had
been bullied by him for so long, they almost cried……

Lin Chuyan adjusted his white earphones and said to Xiang Nuan: “Dayu
comes from a rural village of Chongqing. Do you know how they say father
in their dialect?”


“Bao bao.”

Lin Chuyan spoke the second word in a higher tone, sounding somewhat weird.

Then, he smiled and said: “Are you used to it?”

“You……” Xiang Nuan couldn't speak, she didn't expect he would do it this way?

Lin Chuyan called her “Bao bao” again. He usually enunciated his words, now
he tried to imitate the dialect and sounding rather peculiar. Besides, the
p.r.o.nunciation of these two words sounded so close to “baby” in Mandarin…...

Xiang Nuan huffed: “I don't believe it! How can anyone use baby to say father.
Dayu, he's bluffing, right?”

Dayu secretly sided with Xiang Nuan in his heart, but when he raised his head
and saw Lin Chuyan's eerie smile, his heart trembled.

Past news articles about b.l.o.o.d.y fights, murders, or poisoning incidents among
college roommates flashed by in his head……

Lin Chuyan looked at Dayu with a smile: “Dayu, am I right?” His tone was as soft
as an aged father.

Dayu shook: “Ugh, right……”

Afterward, Lin Chuyan said “bao bao” several more times and his tone became
flatter and flatter, sounding more and more like “baby.”

Xiang Nuan couldn't take it anymore: “Stop calling me that.”

“You have to keep your words. Baby, give me a s.h.i.+eld, hurry.”

“Lin Chuyan, do you know what I'm doing?”


“I'm giving you a funeral in my head.”

Lin Chuyan chuckled: “Baby, go distract the enemy.”

“I beg you to shut up!” Xiang Nuan was about to cry. “Would it be alright if I don't
want you to call me papa? We're even.”

Lin Chuyan held back his laughter and said: “What if I don't want to get even?”

“Lin Chuyan, I dislike you.”

“Don't dislike me. I won't say it anymore.”

“Hmph, hmph.”

Lin Chuyan: “However, you have to tell me where you learned to talk like that.”

Xiang Nuan was afraid that he would play another trick and confessed without
giving it a second thought: “I learned it while watching Hu Ge's stream.”

Dayu asked: “Is he the actor who played in Nirvana in Fire?”[1]

“No, it's Peas TV's Hu Ge.”

[1]: One of the most popular tv dramas in China in 2015

Those Sweet Times Chapter 25 Part2

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Those Sweet Times Chapter 25 Part2 summary

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