Those Sweet Times Chapter 26 Part2

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Those Sweet Times

Chapter 26 Part 2

The next day, Thursday, was the day of the Esports club's weekly meeting.
Xiang Nuan didn't ask Lin Chuyan whether he was coming to the meeting
or not. She didn't want to talk to Lin Chuyan at the moment.

It wasn't because she was mad at him; rather it was because her ego had
been bruised. She didn't want to face him for some time.

At noon, Waiwai released a list of names on the club group chat. Those
were the people who had been nominated as model members of the club.
He released the names before the meeting so that at tonight's meeting
everyone could vote for the person most qualified for the t.i.tle. There could
only be one.

Some people were confused: Didn't you say before there were two slots?

Waiwai: The other one is a special case, it's already been decided. I'll explain
tonight at the meeting.

Someone asked: Who's that special case?

Waiwai: Xiang Nuan.

Baffled, Xiang Nuan wanted to ask, but decided against it since she would
find out at tonight's meeting anyway.

She arrived at the building about 10 minutes early. Though the meeting room
was on the third floor, she felt like going to the restroom as she was climbing
up the stairs and went to the fourth floor first. It was quieter on the fourth floor
and the restroom was cleaner than the one on the third floor.

The door to the fourth floor in the stairwell wasn't closed tightly. Xiang Nuan
could hear people talking.

One girl said: “Isn't the model member for soph.o.m.ores and juniors? She's a
freshman just like us, how can she be selected to be a model member without
a vote?”

Xiang Nuan slowly put down her hand on the railing.

Another girl said: “What do you think? It's our president who made the decision
by himself.”

“Hehe, it's just a model member award. She's really willing to invest herself
in it.”

“It's hard to say, maybe she's a promiscuous person.”

“Tsk, tsk. A pretty person does have her advantages.”

Xiang Nuan pushed open the door and walked in startling the two girls.

When they noticed it was Xiang Nuan, a grimace appeared on their faces.

Xiang Nuan icily said: “A person's looks isn't that important. What's more tragic
is a person who's ugly inside. Certainly……” She deliberately paused and glanced
over their faces: “If you're ugly both outside and inside, then it would be one of the
greatest tragedies of all times.”

As she was spoke, she moved pa.s.s them looking straight forward and lifted one
hand to pat one of the girl's shoulder: “My condolences.”

The girl shook off Xiang Nuan's hand, her face livid.

After walking away from them, Xiang Nuan couldn't help but to touch her own
mouth and think to herself: Was I hallucinating? Somehow I feel like I'm getting
better at dissing people? Who did I learn this from……


After the meeting began, Waiwai briefly reported the progress of the esports
compet.i.tion, then he talked about the voting for the model member.

“Many of you must be curious as to why Xiang Nuan was nominated as the model
member without a vote. Let me explain. According to our club charter, anyone who
has made a major contribution to the club can enjoy some privileges and better
treatment, to be qualified as a model member is one of the benefits.”

“What major contribution has Xiang Nuan made to our club?”

“Calm down. I'm not finished yet. To tell you the truth, I had lost the sponsors.h.i.+p
that was originally promised to us. I was too ashamed to let you all know about it.
The compet.i.tion was at risk of being cancelled. I was so anxious. Then Lin Chuyan
helped me find another sponsor, saving the compet.i.tion.”

“What does that have to do with Xiang Nuan?”

“Well, Lin Chuyan has qualified for being a model member, but he transferred the
t.i.tle to Xiang Nuan. It's as simple as that.”

Many people were taken back, including Xiang Nuan.

Waiwai handed over a form to Xiang Nuan and said with a smile: “You still have to
fill out the form. It's just a formality.”

Xiang Nuan was a bit moved by the gesture.

After the meeting, Xiang Nuan walked out with her new notebook. She saw the two
girls who were gossiping about her earlier, walking right in front of her. They all walked
slow, so they were lagging behind all the others.

Only the three of them were left on the staircase.

Xiang Nuan called out to the two: “Aren't you going to apologize to me?”

One of the girls, feeling embarra.s.sed, gritted her teeth and spoke: “Alright, we're
wrong, sorry.”

“Then I'll forgive you.” Xiang Nuan gave them a smile. “And, you two aren't ugly.”

The girl rolled her eyes: “Don't need you to tell us.”

The other girl asked: “Xiang Nuan, which one do you like anyway, Shen Zemu or
Lin Chuyan?”

Xiang Nuan was stunned: “Why do you ask?”

“After you choose one, then it'll be our turn.” She sulkily said: “Hurry and choose.”

“You're crazy, why should I listen to you.” As she spoke, it was Xiang Nuan's turn
to roll her eyes at them and went pa.s.s them down the stairs.

Those Sweet Times Chapter 26 Part2

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