Those Sweet Times Chapter 27 Part2

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Those Sweet Times

Chapter 27 Part 2

At the beginning of the second match, the Little Fairies banned Zhuang Zhou
once more. It looked like they planned to repeat the same strategy of the first

“What should we do?” Xiang Nuan frowned and worried.

Lin Chuyan comforted her: “Don't worry. It's just that we didn't prepare well
enough for the last round.”


“En. Five mages need a lot of gold. We'll try our best to suppress their growth
in this match and do a quick game. If they can't develop well in the early game,
we're halfway there.” Lin Chuyan briefly a.n.a.lyzed.

Zheng Dongkai was surprised to hear it. Lin Chuyan hadn't played the game
for very long but had a very good sense about the whole picture. Zheng Dongkai
simply sighed: “A smart person learns everything fast.”

Xiang Nuan understood what Lin Chuyan meant. The support champions that
she was good at were Zhang Fei and Zhuang Zhou. Now that Zhuang Zhou
was banned, she had no choice but to choose Zhang Fei.

Dayu, by demand of Lin Chuyan, gave up Luban and picked Yuji. Yuji was an
archer and had a strong early game presence, able to put pressure on enemy

Maomaoqiu's Arthur and Zheng Dongkai's Zhao Yun were all good choices for
the early game and there was no need to make any changes there.

When it was Lin Chuyan's turn to choose, he didn't pick Daji since Daji reached
her deadliest in the mid game and onwards. Zheng Dongkai thought he would
choose Zhuge Liang which was the best mage and very strong at the early game.

Yet, Lin Chuyan didn't choose Zhuge Liang. He chose instead…...Li Bai.

“Hey, hey, hey, are you kidding me? You're using Li Bai to play the early game?”

Lin Chuyan pursed his lips: “Trust me.”

“To h.e.l.l with trusting you. Change back, quick!”

Lin Chuyan quietly locked in; he wouldn't change it.

In this match, both sides had unconventional lineups with 5 fairy mages and
Li Bai as mid.

Li Bai had very good mobility and survivability. He could dish out a large amount
of damage without putting himself in danger. His abilities allowed him to dash
around the battlefield and dodge enemy fire. He could manipulate s.p.a.ce and time
to slip in and out of fights so there were times that his enemy couldn't even target
him as he bloodied his enemies. It would be very frustrating for the enemy to counter
Li Bai.

On the other hand, Li Bai was also quite fragile with weak defenses and low health.
Once attacked by the enemy, he would almost certainly die. Li Bai's fatal weakness
was his ultimate, as it could only be used after 4 consecutive normal attacks.
Kings of Glory was a fast paced game. A lot of times, a player didn't have the time to
acc.u.mulate 4 consecutive attacks. Without his ultimate, Li Bai was as good as dead.

Therefore, to play Li Bai well required very skillful play. Without that, Li Bai might as
well be an ATM for the enemy.

Xiang Nuan couldn't tell whether Lin Chuyan was skilled enough or not, but his fingers
were very swift…....

In addition, Lin Chuyan worked with Zheng Dongkai's Zhao Yun to force the enemy out
of the jungle to reduce the enemy's farm. The 5 Fairies could only share the minions on
the three lanes, limiting the gold they could get.

Lin Chuyan and his teammates would also hara.s.s the enemy so they couldn't even
farm the minions in peace, wasting a lot of minions.

Judging from the stats, Li Bai hadn't gotten many kills, but he had a lot of influence on
the map which couldn't be shown by numbers.

Xiang Nuan's team won the second match easily. There were too many weakness in
the Little Fairies lineup after all.

Those Sweet Times Chapter 27 Part2

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