Those Sweet Times Chapter 33 Part2

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Those Sweet Times

Chapter 33 Part 2

Both Xiang Nuan and Shen Zemu looked at Lin Chuyan with mild resentment.
But Chen Yinghu self-a.s.suredly walked up to him: “Are you Lin Chuyan?”

Lin Chuyan stood up: “Chen Yinghu?”

“Yeah, it's me.”

“Come, sit down. I'll get a drink for you. How did you get here?”

“Haha, don't bother…...I walked here, it's close to where I'm staying!”

“Is cola ok? I remember that you like xx's cola.”

“Sure, sure, good buddy.”

The two had only known each other for a week online, but they acted as if they
had been long time friends.

Xiang Nuan stood frozen at the door. She watched the friendly behavior in the
room and suspiciously asked Shen Zemu: “Didn't you say he has social anxiety?
Where's the anxiety?”

Shen Zemu was also a little unsure: “He usually doesn't act this way.”

“So he only has anxiety towards me?”

Lin Chuyan brought a bottle of cola over for Chen Yinghu and asked the two at
the door: “Do you two want any?”

“No.” The two of them quietly walked in.

Xiang Nuan sat next to Chen Yinghu and asked: “Hu Ge, you aren't uneasy
around him?”

“I don't know why, but I'm not nervous when I see him.”

Lin Chuyan was amused: “This is called hitting it off.”

Chen Yinghu kept nodding: “That's right!”

The feeling Xiang Nuan felt right now could only be described as green with envy.

Lin Chuyan took off his earbuds: “My match is starting.”

Then the three of them watched Lin Chuyan compete in complete silence, only
the sound from the game filled the room.

Chen Yinghu knew how to play the game as well. He watched Lin Chuyan tap
quickly and accurately with increasing speed, hitting every note. He could only
silently marvel at Lin Chuyan's skill.

After the game was over and Lin Chuyan had moved onto the finals, he spoke:
“There's no one who can play well.” Then he noticed that Xiang Nuan had
scrunched her face and her mouth was pouting like a goldfish again.

“What's wrong?” He asked with a smile.

Xiang Nuan stared at him, but did not answer.

Lin Chuyan asked Chen Yinghu where he wanted to go next.

“I would like to go to Old Phoenix Street.”

In any sizable city in China, there must be a street in the old town that attracts
tourists with local specialties. There existed a plethora of food stands and shops
for tourists to buy local souvenirs, genuine and phony.

The Old Phoenix Street was exactly such a street in Nanshan City.

It happened to be a weekend and it was very crowded at Old Phoenix Street.

Among the four, only Lin Chuyan was from the local area. He served as their
tour guide, though he'd only been there a few times since it was essentially a
tourist attraction.

Lin Chuyan bought some brittles and baked goods that were local specialties for
Chen Yinghu: “Take them back for your family.” Chen Yinghu was reluctant until
Lin Chuyan added: “Wait till I go over to visit you, you have to treat me well too.”

Chen Yinghu caved in and accepted.

Shen Zemu only wished that this radish from his family wouldn't be turned into
a nutcase like Lin Chuyan.

Those Sweet Times Chapter 33 Part2

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