Picked Up A Demon King To Be A Maid Chapter 81

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As for what happened next, Lin Xiao had no recollection of it.

He forgot his expression afterward, did he cry? Maybe not.

Did Shen DaiYing say something afterwards, was the engagement just a joke? Probably not.

Lin Xiao’s memory was forever frozen at that instance.

“Actually, I’m Caesar’s fiancée.”

“We’re getting married next year.”

That dull dialogue played repeatedly in his mind like a movie. What appeared before him was Shen DaiYing’s dim and helpless face.

If time rewound and it happened again, would the results be different?

No, it won’t.

The self-deceiving dream was finally over, but Lin Xiao still wasn’t willing to open his eyes and face reality.

“Lin Xiao, what’s wrong? Did something happen? Sigh, it’s not like I purposely hid the fact that Shen DaiYing and Caesar are engaged from you… Hey, are you listening? What did that bad woman say to you? Did she bully you? Hm… what? You want to request a leave of absence? Are you sick? Okay, seeing how out of it you are, I’ll help you ask teacher Woos, you better remember to thank me!”

Something was ringing next to his ears, it sounded like Rosie’s voice. Rosie was later scolded by Caesar, it seems he felt guilty and came over to take a look, but he didn’t expect to see a walking corpse.

The Miss’ gentleness was so special, it would be better if she was more frank.

Lin Xiao was almost moved to tears.

Really, they’re all such nice girls, be it Shen DaiYing or Rosie, Caesar really had luck with the ladies. He had such a dead set and cute girlfriend, and a beautiful and magnanimous princess fiancee. He’s the main protagonist, right? Lin Xiao was just a presumptuous loser!

That day, Lin Xiao even forgot how he got home, since his legs weren’t even listening to his commands anymore.

Oh right, it seems like Elena pulled his arm and forcibly brought him home.

Midway, Lin Xiao wasn’t obedient and said something like he wanted to go to a bar to get plastered, Elena lashed out at him and gave him two slaps to the face!

Laying on his bed and holding his swollen face, Lin Xiao finally remembered.

Oh right, it was Elena, she ruthlessly slapped him. Thanks to those two slaps, he didn’t become someone useless that got drunk at the bar until daybreak.

But… even without being numbed with alcohol, he was still useless.

The first time he ever liked anyone, it was love at first sight, first time he was so close to love, yet it was concluded with a comical ending.

“Ah… so sleepy… but I can’t fall asleep…”

After returning home, he completely let himself go, blanking out at the ceiling while lying on his bed like a corpse.

He didn’t want to do anything, he didn’t want to move either. At this moment, he felt that even breathing was extremely difficult. He might as well just pinch his nose and suffocate himself to death… Haha, just joking.

Even if he was ridiculing himself, he couldn’t laugh.

On this side, Lin Xiao was full of worries, on the other, Elena’s feelings were even more complicated.

When she heard Lin Xiao yell “I like you”, she was instantly petrified.

This human man can always give her various surprises, even if she racked her brain, she can’t think of why Lin Xiao would confess to Shen DaiYing.

Followed closely after, rejection, apology, confession, and finally Shen DaiYing dimly spoke of her engagement, a set of gorgeous successive strikes thoroughly shattered Lin Xiao’s delusions.

Seeing Lin Xiao so empty, Elena felt kind of refreshed and lucky.

Did you see that? Pervert Lin Xiao! Not only did the princess reject you, but she’s also engaged to Caesar! Do you finally realize how insignificant you are?

Elena hated that she couldn’t hit him as he’s down and make some more cynical remarks, but when she saw Lin Xiao’s dispirited eyes, she was at a loss for words.


Yes, Elena was suddenly infuriated.

It felt almost as if a foe that she wanted to kill with her own hands was slain by a b.i.t.c.hy s.l.u.t that suddenly came over.

Lin Xiao was a pervert that even Elena, the Demon King, couldn’t deal with, yet today he lost to a wild brat? She couldn’t accept it.

Thus, she ruthlessly slapped him and dragged him home.

“Tsk, how unsightly, lowly human.” Standing next to Lin Xiao’s bed, Elena used an indifferent tone to relentlessly taunt him.

“Seeking death and losing hope for a woman that you met for the first time, as expected, compared to us high-level demons, you humans are just a bunch of foolish trash.”

“Un, you’re right.” Lin Xiao blinked and responded lifelessly.

“Lin Xiao, don’t think that I’ll comfort you, what happens to you has nothing to do with me.” Elena coldly smiled, “Or should I say, it would be better if you just died.”

“Yeah, you’re a demon and I’m a human after all…” Lin Xiao was obviously not foolish enough to be hopeful for Elena.

They were enemies, yet she fell in love after living together and gave him gentle comfort when he was hurt…

That was something that would only happen in garbage novels written by “Half a Basket of Peaches”, it was impossible in reality. (TN: Looks like the author’s foreshadowing. LOL)

“Hmph, it’s good that you know, I wish you would just kill yourself!” Elena coldly snorted, and suddenly raised her voice, “But you can’t die right now!”


“Lin Xiao, don’t forget, you haven’t honored your promise yet!”

“Promise?” Lin Xiao blinked while lying on his bed, tilted his head and stared at Elena at a loss.

“You said that you’ll send me back to the Forest of the End, what, are you going to go back on your word?” Elena disdainfully curled her lips, “Or did you really think that you could trap me in Winterless City forever, stay by your side and be your bulls.h.i.+t maid?”

Lin Xiao was taken aback.

Lin Xiao didn’t expect that in the end, Elena would be the one that understood him the most. His acting skills and pretense were useless against Elena.

“As expected of Elena, you saw right through me…” speaking of that, he might as well not pretend anymore, “Yes, I thought of keeping you by my side, and being my maid forever.”

“Hmph, you finally admit it? You lecherous pervert!”

“But… don’t worry, I don’t have that intention anymore.” He said unenthusiastically , “Once Elona arrives, I’ll find a way to send you guys back.”

“Stop lying! You never wanted to help me!” Elena looked down at him, “I’m a demon, and you’re a human, how could you have actually wanted to help me? What a joke, you clearly don’t know anything about me…”

Perhaps she thought of the calamity she encountered, since Elena’s voice began to tremble slightly.

Lin Xiao only treated her as a convenient maid that he could casually play with.

This guy was only preoccupied with bullying her and doesn’t know about the hards.h.i.+ps that she has endured!

Elena still wanted to curse him, but Lin Xiao suddenly interrupted her.

“No! You’re wrong Elena, I know everything about you.” Lin Xiao said seriously .

Picked Up A Demon King To Be A Maid Chapter 81

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