Isekai Shoukan wa Nidome Desu Chapter 96

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Published at 27th of June 2019 04:52:17 PM Chapter 96

“――Are you ready, you three?”

Glain turned his head and asked, when they were about to leave the demon king’s castle .

Behind him stood Tia, Elka and Yuuhi, each giving their answer .

“I’m ready”

“I’m… fine…”

“Let’s go quickly . I don’t want to let our prey escape”

Tia was her usual self .

Elka still wasn’t in her normal condition, but she was able to reply .

Yuuhi already had the eyes of a murderer .

(Ye~s… I have a lot on my shoulders) 

Glain showed a forced smile and scratched his head .

The current Yuuhi would likely do a suicide attack the instant she discovers her enemy .

Of course, Glain himself should be able to stop her, but he could not bear being treated as an enemy .

“But we have no choice but to go, so…”

“I won’t hesitate”

“I know . Let’s go then, to G.o.d’s place that is”

The four began walking .

Towards the center of the solitary island, where Creasyl was said to be at .

“Good good, they’re gone”

“ … Is this fine? Really?”

Seeing the four departing some time ago, Touma laughed with an evil face .

Kouma, who was conscious of the fact that they had escaped, still appeared to be unable to make a bold move .

“If we don’t go now, when will we? For what sake did you train?”

“ …I guess so”

Kouma sighed, nodded and went forward with his determination renewed .

Having seen his appearance in satisfaction, Touma too went forward .

“Alright then, Mr Handsome . Let’s quickly go kill a G.o.d”

“Please properly call me by my name”

The two departed the castle as well .

The two no longer cared about the fact that the demon king castle was in an uproar from the fact two prisoners had escaped .

“Sis, we should leave soon”

“I’m going now desu”

At a certain deep ravine, s.h.i.+roneko jumped down from a gigantic object as she was called by Mineko .

The wounds on her increased by countless numbers, which reminded her of the intensity of the training they had been doing here for a short while .

“Geez, miss Roa is waiting you know?”

“I know desu”

The two lined up and headed to where Roa was waiting at .

In the place they were in, SSS cla.s.s monsters with overall length exceeding 30 meters were rolling around .

“You’re late, b.i.t.c.h . Did you f.u.c.kin’ sleep again?”

“That’s not it desu . It’s last minute adjustment desu”

“Well, that’s fine though”

The waiting Roa called out to s.h.i.+roneko in a rude tone .

She seems to have made sure not to endure the disorder on her tone .

“Daddy still can’t get out of the country, so only we’ll be going okay? That’s enough right?”

“Of course”

“I mean, I wasn’t training to show off!”

Roa then faced down and took a deep breath .

“――Alright, shall we go then! To knock down G.o.d!”

The departures of each .

All aimed for the solitary island in the center, for the sake of killing a G.o.d .

The time has come for mankind to challenge a G.o.d .

Isekai Shoukan wa Nidome Desu Chapter 96

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