Illimitable Until Death Chapter 153

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Published at 17th of September 2019 01:01:33 PM Chapter 153

*Gu Lu*

Just as Fang Li’s blade was about to fall on Aphrodite’s forehead and cut the Death Line, a strange sound came out of her body .

Hearing this sound, Fang Li saw it clearly . Aphrodite’s forehead opened up a crack and expanded slowlu . As it grew bigger one could see that it looked like a beast’s fangs . This was a mouth!


Fang Li’s face changed drastically . That mouth on its forehead meanwhile seemed to curve in a taunting smile opening up wide .

Seeing this, Fang Li knew what was about to happen .


A piercing sound shook the air as a high pressured water current shot out of it . Right now, the distance between Fang Li and the mouth was less than 1 metre . At this distance, Aphrodite’s peak speed water attack could touch him in a split second and hit him .

But Fang Li was stuck in mid-air, furthermore, he was in the middle of an attack .

He couldn’t respond at all . Therefore, Fang Li’s mystic eyes could only look helplessly as the high pressured current fell on his body .

Directly on his heart .

This high-pressured water current could even pierce steel let alone the human body, everyone knew what would happen .


Even if Fang Li’s VIT reached 18 points, this strike could easily pa.s.s through his skin and flesh reaching his heart and making him die .

Therefore, Fang Li understood .

He understood that his second death was approaching .

But he was fearless .

Fearless .

The only thing he could think of was one thing .

“You can come along too!”

Those ice blue mystic eyes glowed as Fang Li accelerated instead and his moon blade turned into a ray of light falling on the mouth shaped forehead .

One side was a sharp dagger,

One side was a high-pressured water current .

The attacks were different however both were lethal . Only under these two lethal attacks, the performance of both of them was different . Fang Li was tranquil and indifferent whereas Aphrodite, the moment it realised it could die, it started yelling and going berserk .

Finally, the attack that hit first was the high-pressured water current .


Similar to a bullet hitting a body, the high pressured water hit Fang Li’s heart and caused a m.u.f.fled sound . However, before it could break through his skin and pierce his heart a miracle happened .


Fang Li’s body trembled and blue mist sprung forth . No, this wasn’t mist at all it was cold air .

Icy cold air came out of Fang Li’s body and covered him entirely .

Therefore two things happened at that time .

One was the air started to freeze and form ice crystals . Next, the high pressured water that was about to hit him suddenly stopped as it slowly froze .

The cold air caused the water current to stop in its tracks and slowly crack open before *bang* turning into a bunch of ice shards .

This sudden change made Fang Li’s eyes split open as he showed an astonished look .

“My equipment!”

Yes .

It was his equipment .

This was one of the effects of it .

Fimbulvetr’s s.h.i.+rt
Category: upper garment
Rank: Fifth Rank
Effect: When attacked there’s a certain probability to cause an ice attack that freezes .

At this crucial moment, it seemed like the G.o.ddess of Fortune was smiling at Fang Li because the effect had actually triggered!

This ice attack could freeze Aphrodite’s attack and allow Fang Li to escape death . But on the other side, Aphrodite didn’t have that good luck and it had already used its hidden card to surprise attack Fang Li .

Therefore Fang Li’s fatal strike didn’t leave it any time to respond .

*Pu Chi*

With a sharp tearing sound, the sharp dagger p.r.i.c.ked Aphrodite’s forehead and that mouth spurted out blood . At this moment, the death line on its forehead was cut in half .

As the mouth was torn in half, in the middle was Aphrodite’s core .


A cracking sound appeared .

Aphrodite’s core started to crack as more and more appeared covering the entire core .


With the sound of shattering gla.s.s, the core blasted apart and turned into fragments .


It let out an unprecedented squeal from its mouth . That sorrowful cry from the beautiful young girl top half of her body kept coming out as her face turned into one of deep pain . Its figure swung from side to side uncontrollably .

*Hu hu hu hu*

The vines around Aphrodite went berserk destroying everything around it .

*Bang bang bang bang bang*

The vines. .h.i.t buildings, rocks and even the ground, destroying everything .

Even the Aragami far away were hit by it and injured .

Aphrodite was destroying everything around it!

Illimitable Until Death Chapter 153

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