The Counterfeit Madam Hou Chapter 52

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On the entire West Mountain, there is only one item that, at most, can be considered as a mat and it is being taken by Liu Qinghuan so the men on the mountain can only sleep outside the cave.

Once night falls, Xue Mu once again goes into the cave to take a look at Liu Qinghuan. When he checked that she is indeed asleep, he takes off his outer wear and lay it over her. Night on the mountain is chilly and with her injured, it is better not to catch a cold too.

Li Mo look at the only-inner wear-wearing Xue Mu and keep exclaiming how he have changed.

Deep in the night, when the soldiers have fallen asleep, Li Mo is still discussing about the affair tomorrow with Xue Mu.

” I saw the injuries on Tang Zhibo's shoulder. It indeed doesn't look like it's made by a human. ”

Hearing that, Gao Cheng jumps in.

” Teacher only behaves this way because he's poisoned. Including the fact that he likes eating human meat too… ”

After being poisoned, his teacher is heading further and further away from a human and looking more like he is possessed by a mountain demon. As if remembering something, Li Mo looks at Xue Mu.

” I have a bit of an impression of Gao Zhenping. He should be the personal guard of Wen Wei and is quite skilled at that time. ”
” I exchanged hands with him today. He's very strong and both of his hands are sharp like claws. He also attacks irrationally. ”

A skilled man is not scary, but a mad skilled man is different. After pondering for a while, Li Mo said.

” I'll get half the men to follow us up and leave the rest here to wait for further instructions. Us 3 should be able to handle him. ”

Xue Mu nod, agreeing to his suggestion.

The night pa.s.s peacefully, and when the sun start peeping out from the clouds, Li Mo has already prepared his men to set off. Xue Mu walk into the cave, only wanting to take a look at Liu Qinghuan before he leave but hey, that girl is already awake.

” Did we woke you up? ”

Xue Mu walk over to her and gently ask. She shakes her head and sits up from her straw bed.

” Are you guys leaving soon? ”
” Un. It's still early so you can sleep a bit more. ”

He said, patting her head.

” I can't sleep. Ah Mu, you guys need to be careful. ”

She said, looking worriedly at him.

” I will… ”

Not able to take it any longer, he leans in and kiss her.

” I'll be right back. ”
” Cough, cough. ”

Li Mo fakes coughing at the cave entrance.

” Oh great general Xue, it's time to go. ”

Xue Mu gently lower Liu Qinghuan down onto the bed and left the cave.

The group of men, under Gao Cheng's guidance, start heading towards the ‘forbidden area'. Today is quite the foggy day and everyone are on high alert. Not before long, Xue Mu suddenly stop in his tracks and whisper.

” Wait. ”

Everyone stop moving and stand vigilant at their surrounding. A figure then fly out of the fog. The moment the man appear, Gao Cheng shouts.

” Teacher! ”

Gao Zhengping ignored him and as if recognizing Xue Mu, he heads straight for him. Using his sword, Xue Mu blocks an attack from him. Using this chance, Li Mo dash behind him, wanting to knock him out.

But Gao Zhengping, as if having eyes on his back, swipe his sharp nails at Li Mo. Li Mo swiftly s.h.i.+ft his stance and back up 2 steps.

He look at Gao Zhengping, frowning. His instinct is as sharp as an animal.

Xue Mu is still exchanging blows with him and Li Mo dare not delay, grasping his sword and joining in. It was said that Gao Zhengping's martial arts is not to Xue Mu's level but his attacks are all random, plus he is as nimble as an animal, so it is quite hard to subdued him in a short while.

Looking at the hand that is once again coming for him, an idea strikes Xue Mu. He releases his sword and grasp Gao Zhengping's wrist. Seeing this, Li Mo comes in from behind with an attack. Even with a hand caught by Xue Mu, Gao Zhengping still turn and attack Li Mo, dislocating his shoulder in the process. At this time, Xue Mu raises his other hand and swiftly tap a few areas on his body, sealing all the major acupuncture points.

Gao Zhengping finally faint and Li Mo breaths a sigh of relief, turning to look at Gao Cheng.

” You, as a sect leader, are no help at all. ”

Ignoring him, Gao Cheng walk forward to check on his teacher.

” Relax, he's fine. But it'll be too dangerous to bring him back like this. ”

At this, the soldiers behind him start walking up with a thick metal chain. Gao Cheng blinks, but still allow them to tie Gao Zhengping up. Li Mo walk up to Xue Mu and whisper.

” Gao Zhengping is Wen Wei's man and also guarded his treasure for so many years. If we bring him back, what will the Emperor do to him? ”
” Wen Wei has been dead for 17 years and he's still guarding the mountain. This shows that he is a loyal one. If he's willing to work for the Emperor, I'm sure the Emperor will take him under his wing. ”
” But can his illness be treated? ”
” Even if he can't fully recover, at least it'll be better than this. With him like this, the Emperor won't go hard on him. ”

Xue Mu then glance at the sky.

” I'll go get the rest of the men to meet you up here. I'll leave the handling of the treasure to you. ”
” Where are you going? ”
” I want to get Qing Qing back to Chang-An. ”

Qing Qing's treatment can't be delayed any longer and since Gao Zhengping has been captured, he don't want to drag it on any further. Li Mo look unbelievable at him.

” So you only call us here as labor?? ”

Moving and transporting is too tiring!! Gao Cheng lift an eyelid to look at him.

” That's what he told me yesterday. ”
” ………. ”

In the great general Xue's eyes, he, General Bravo, is really only an underling.

Xue Mu return to the cave and fetch Liu Qinghuan down the mountain. He brought a horse carriage at the Liang prefecture and General Xue personally drives the carriage as they rush back to Chang-An. ‘Rush' is used but as Liu Qinghuan is injured, Xue Mu dare not drive too fast, thus they only manage to reach the city by evening.

Before even reporting to the Emperor, Xue Mu brings Liu Qinghuan back to the mansion. As one of the top physician in Chang-An, Li Yuanbai is brought into the mansion in the morning by Peng Peng and is to await for the Marquise return.

Helping Liu Qinghuan down the carriage, Xue Mu carries her, princess-style, all the way into the bedroom. On the way, everyone stares at them, causing her ears to turn a bright red.

Ci Tao and Qing Zhi spots the both of them heading their way and one of them immediately goes and get Li Yuanbai as the other follow behind them.

Helping Xue Mu to place Liu Qinghuan on the bed, Qing Zhi eyes goes red.

” Madam, you're finally back, everyone had been really worried! ”

Just as Liu Qinghuan is going to console her, Li Yuanbai is drag into the room by Nian Tang.

” Ms Nian Tang, I can walk, you know! ”

Seeing him enter, Xue Mu hurriedly move aside.

” Quick, take a look at her. ”

Smoothing his clothes, Li Yuanbai starts checking Liu Qinghuan's pulse.

” It's nothing big, only that her body is quite weak. ”
” She has been coughing blood. ”
” Coughing blood? Always? ”

Li Yuanbai ask, looking at Liu Qinghuan. She thinks for a bit.

” It was worse a few days ago. These 2 days I still have been coughing but there's lesser chance of it being with blood. ”

He once again take her pulse.

” Does Madam have any other injuries? ”
” My waist is injured. After which it was soaked in river water for quite a while and tore a few times, so it hasn't been healing. ”

Qing Zhi and Ci Tao, who are standing at a side listening, are shocked. Why did Madam get shot and even got thrown into a river?! At the same moment, Liang Cheng just arrive, having been send by Old Madam to get information, face pale at what she heard. If the Old Madam knows about this, she would definitely faint!

Li Yuanbai nod.

” Madam recently only recovered from being poisoned so she's weaker than usual. Adding onto that, she is shot and also soaked in a river. Her physical and mental has been stretched to it's limit, which is why she's coughing blood. ”
” You sure? ”
” It's okay to look down on me but don't look down on this illness! If she continue torturing her body, she's going to torture herself to death! ”

Xue Mu's face darken as Li Yuanbai sit down once again beside Liu Qinghuan, asking.

” Does Madam have something on your mind previously? With your health, it's best not to get too troubled. ”
” I understand. The matter have already been settled. ”
” Then that's great. I'll write up a prescription for you to help nurse your health back. This illness needs to slowly recuperate so don't worry yourself with things and just rest. ”

Liu Qinghuan obediently agrees. Previously she was so tightly strung and was calculative every moment of the day. Now, the load is finally off her mind. Only now does she feels like she can relax.

Li Yuanbai stand up and glare at Xue Mu before running to a side to write his prescription. Qing Zhi run over to help, taking note of all the things she needs to take note of. A maid walk in and bow to Xue Mu.

” Marquise, the Emperor send an imperial physician asking if you need him. ”
” Send him in. ”

Looks like even if he didn't enter the palace, the Emperor still knows about it.

Li Yuanbai click his tongue. Fine, since the Emperor sends an imperial physician over every time, why does the Marquise keep dragging him over?

The imperial physician is the same person who came before, only this time, a female physician is following behind. Li Yuanbai look curiously at her. The female physicians in the palace are all chosen from palace maids and after training for 3-5 years, they are send to treat the concubines so most of their skills are just so-so. Seeing that the Emperor send one over, he must have thought that she could check some injuries on Madam's body that they can't.

He would have to say that the Emperor sure cover all the bases. He himself didn't dare to ask to see her injuries previously as well.

The imperial physician takes Liu Qinghuan pulse and also states the same as Li Yuanbai. Li Yuanbai pa.s.s the prescription over to the imperial physician and he added 2 more herbs to it before pa.s.sing it to Qing Zhi to get the medicine.

Li Yuanbai left with the imperial physician, looking down on the 2 extra herbs that was added. The female physician stay behind, checking on Liu Qinghuan's injuries. Xue Mu stand at one side, staring, causing the the female physician to feel anxious.

” Madam needs to rest. The wound cannot tear again. ”

She instructs as she clean the wound. Liu Qinghuan nod, asking.

” Will it leave a scar? ”
” Don't worry, just use this white jade cream when it's healing so even if there is a scar, it will be a very light one. ”
” That's great, then. ”

After bandaging her wound, the female physician left the room as well. Xue Mu then breath a sigh of relief and instruct Ci Tao to get some food.

Ci Tao obeyed and just when she left the room and walk pa.s.s the yard, she hurriedly run back in.

” M-marquise! Madam Liu is here! ”

Xue Mu freeze and Liu Qinghuan inadvertently sit up straight.

Madam Liu, with a maid following behind, swiftly enter the room. Xue Mu is just about to greet her, only to see her give Liu Qinghuan a slap the moment she enters.

Pa! The sound was bright and loud.

This slap not only shock Liu Qinghuan but also everyone in the room. Xue Mu is anxious yet angry yet feeling sorry for Liu Qinghuan but he cannot do anything to Madam Liu. So he could only run over to Liu Qinghuan's side.

” Mother-in-law, why did you do that? ”
” Why? ”

Madam Liu laugh angrily and tries to push the person standing in front of Liu Qinghuan away, only to find him as unmovable as a rock so she can only scold her with someone in the middle.

” Liu Qinghuan, that day your mother give birth to you is not even her due date! So why did she give it her all to give birth to you? Because she wants you to live! But you went and disregard your own life like this! I gave you the name Qinghuan to wish you a peaceful and carefree life, but you just have to go and get revenge! Okay, you wanted revenge, you don't want to live, yes? Then I'll beat you to death! ”

After saying that, Madam Liu really raise her hand but Xue Mu, not daring to stop her, move so he could bear all of her hits. Standing at the side, Ci Tao is already panicking! Seems like Madam Liu is really mad, as all of her hits are of full force!

Liu Qinghuan's heart tighten as tears flow out of her eyes.

” Mother, I'm wrong, please do not be angry. ”
” You're wrong? Where are you wrong at? You're so capable that you can go alone into the Duke's mansion for revenge… ”

As she speaks, even Madam Liu starts crying. Luckily, Madam Ning, along with Liang Cheng, have arrive and could pull her over to take a seat.

As Madam Ning is consoling Madam Liu, Xue Mu finally have the time to take a look at where Liu Qinghuan was. .h.i.t. The palm print is as clear as day, across her face. Looks like Madam Liu really use all of her strength.

” Qing Qing, does it hurt? ”

Xue Mu ask, gently stroking her face, his heart aching for her, only to touch a handful of tears. She shakes her head, asking.

” Ah Mu, did mother hurt you? ”
” If she can then I won't be a general. ”

Liu Qinghuan is tickled by than before climbing down from her bed, kneeling in front of Madam Liu.

” Mother, I really know my mistake, please don't be angry. ”

Looking at the person kneeling on the floor, Xue Mu frown. The physician just told her not to worry but now she is crying and kneeling, how will her body take it? But seeing that her mother haven't forgive her, he don't dare to pull her up so he could only kneel down with her.

After hitting and crying, Madam Liu is now tired too. She look at the both of them, keeping silent. Madam Ning help to calm her down, and face the both of them.

” The both of you really did wrong this time. Qinghuan, did you know these few days you're missing cause so much unrest in the Hou and Liu family? ”

Liu Qinghuan's eyes redden as she cough and cry.

” Mother, cough cough, I really know my mistake. I won't, cough, ever dare do it again. ”

Xue Mu hold onto Liu Qinghuan, panicking.

” Mother, this is all my idea, if you're really angry, I can kneel all day in the ancestral hall. Qing Qing is injured, so please just let her up first. ”

Liang Cheng gulp. Marquise is protecting Madam so much that he really don't want any harm to come to her. She saw very clearly when she enter that how all of Madam Liu's. .h.i.ts are on him.

But after hearing what Xue Mu said, both Madams start worrying about Liu Qinghuan's health. Madam Ning quickly ask her get up and as Madam Liu haven't object either, Xue Mu could slowly help his wife up.

Madam Ning glare at Xue Mu before pulling Madam Liu out. Xue Mu got Ci Tao to fetch a basin of water which he then help to wash her face.

” Qing Qing, don't cry anymore, the physician said you have to relax and rest. ”

Liu Qinghuan allow him to wash her face as she smile.

” Ah Mu, I'm just pretending. ”
” I know. ”

He said as he pinch her nose. She laughs.

” Ah Mu, you did really well just now. You know, I was scolded very badly by mother when I was young. If not for that few coughs, she could definitely spend all night scolding us! ”

Listening to their conversation, Ci Tao Qing Zhi shakes their head. Oh no, their Marquise has been lead astray by their Madam!!

The Counterfeit Madam Hou Chapter 52

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