Banished Disciple's Counterattack Chapter 116

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"None of my family's business." Xiong'er dropped his head.

"Six million five hundred thousand. Your family can afford that." Ye Chen turned to him.

"Yes, we can." Xiong'er did not dodge, "But the core will cost the entire wealth. Although it's invaluable, we need to act according to our capability. Albeit getting it, we may not bring it back safely. Even though the super master takes it, he may be hard to make breakthrough and reach the empty darkness stage. Sect elder Yang tells, the breakthrough depends upon the cultivator himself. Everything is unpredictable."

He waved head helplessly, "It's a gamble to lose all of the fortune for the core. My family doesn't dare to endure."

"You're right." Ye Chen murmured. Xiong'er's dad was considerate. If they lost the gamble, the consequence would be catastrophic.

"Seven million." The bid of the core proceeded. Sects might join and the shadows of the three sects and the Blood-thirst Palace were projected.

"Seven million five hundred thousand."

"Eight million."

The price of the core was raising and even higher than Ye Chen expected. It approached nearly ten million at the end of the auction.

"Nine million five hundred thousand. Anyone adds?"

The silence lasted for a while. Sharp-eyed, sect elder Yang cast a look at the bidders below, ignored the loose cultivators and settled his eyes on several people as if penetrating the disguises of them.

"Ten million." A voice came from a corner. Both Ye Chen and Xiong'er turned their heads to the black-haired elder sitting next to them.

Other people also flicked their looks at him.

Except the Blood-thirst Palace and three sects, no one dared to shout this price.

"One palace and three sects. Which does he belong to?" Ye Chen glimpsed at the old man.

Although he could not penetrate the elder's origin, he was certain that the old man must come from one of them.

Both Xiong'er and him hoped the old man was Traceless Wind from the Hengyue Sect and the core could be brought back safely. If so, a super master at the empty darkness stage would stem from there.

In such a case, they, attached to the Hengyue Sect, held a big tree never falling down.

However, he probably came from other sects or the palace. And it was not good for them.

The black-haired elder bid the core at ten million and captured everyone's attention, even focused by some masters.

"Ten million. Anyone adds?" Sect elder Yang's voice interrupted the serenity of the pavilion.

After long, n.o.body answered.


As he set the tune with one beat of his hammer, the bid of empty darkness core and the auction held every three years ended.

The bidders were still reluctant to go.

Some rose and left.

The ident.i.ty of the black-haired elder affected the whole pavilion. Many bidders looked at him, tried to figure out who he was and even wanted to kill him to s.n.a.t.c.h the core.

"It's difficult for him to take out the core soundly!" Ye Chen mumbled and gazed at other bidders leaving.

"Someone must come to his aid outside." Xiong'er whispered, "I guess he comes from the Blood-thirst Palace. Only it can oppress the three sects."

"It doesn't matter who he is. Let's go!"

Banished Disciple's Counterattack Chapter 116

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