Chairman Husband, Too Boorish Chapter 51

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They finally safely left the airport. Guan Jiu had long ago already been waiting by the car. He saw from far away Liang Xi Cheng was supporting Yan Liang while walking over. His eyes slightly widened------

Chairman Liang? Secretary Bai?

The two were so close, yet there were no reporters around......

But he was a smart person and what more had been by Liang Xi Cheng's side for many years. He knew what could be said and what couldn't be said.

He very naturally walked up and opened the car door. Guan Jiu respectfully reported, "Chairman Liang, everything is settled concerning Miss Ke. The reporters definitely couldn't have gotten any thing."

Liang Xi Cheng expressionlessly nodded his head. He nudged Yan Liang as a hint for her to get in.

Yan Linag somewhat cautiously escaped from his embrace. She took off the "About that, Chairman Liang, I drove my own car."

Liang Xi Cheng's heart immediately sank a few degrees. "Isn't your hand injured? Get in!" These words were practically an order.

Nevertheless, Yan Liang moved her hand around. She handed the and jacket over the Guan Jiu. "I'm find. I just twisted my hand back there. It's not injured."

"Not injured?" Liang Xi Cheng's sharp eyebrows suddenly knitted. His expression looked displeased. "It's not injured, yet you said it hurt back there. I promoted you to be my secretary. Don't make it an car accident after being off from work several days!"

Yan Liang slanted her mouth. She wanted to say she didn't say it hurt back there.

She hadn't even opened her mouth when the experienced Guan Jiu very naturally walked up. He took the car keys from her hand and smilingly said, "Secretary Bai, luckily you came just in time to help me out. I'll drive your car. Chairman Liang and you can sit in the car and return."

"Oh, alright." It seemed like she didn't have anything else to say. In any case, they were returning to the office; it wasn't a big deal whose car she returned in. "Then I'll have to trouble you, a.s.sistant Guan. My car is parked on the left side of the parking lot."

"Thank you." Guan Jiu turned and nodded at Liang Xi Cheng. Then he went to look for Yan Liang's car.

Seeing Liang Xi Cheng get into the backseat of the car, Yan Liang opened the door of the front pa.s.senger side and got in.

The driver started the car and was preparing to drive away when Liang Xi Cheng suddenly spoke up from the backseat, "Go to the hospital."

Yan Liang blanked. Then she immediately remembered he thought her wrist was injured. She hurriedly turned her head, waved her hand, and said, "Chairman Liang, there really is no problem with my hand. There's no need to go to the hospital and make a fuss over nothing." To prove her words right, she even waved her hand in front of him. "See, no problem."

"Make a fuss over nothing?" Liang Xi Cheng faintly felt unhappy. This woman really couldn't realized his good intentions. She actually said he was making a fuss over nothing? Then what were his jittery thoughts about?

He pinched his eyebrows and leaned his tall body against the seat. He looked away and said with a deep voice, "You're over thinking it. My stomach isn't feeling well, so I'm going to get it checked out. That's all."

Yan Liang's expression stiffened. She hurriedly withdrew her hand and awkwardly nibbled on her lip. "......I'm so sorry, Chairman Liang."

How embarra.s.sing. Did this count as unreciprocated love!?

Chairman Husband, Too Boorish Chapter 51

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