Because I’ve Been Reincarnated as the Piggy Duke, This Time I Will Say I Like You Chapter 44

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Chapter 44

44.) The Prologue of The Wind Prodigy


(dungeon master)


[—-A Barrier?]


Deep inside the forest, in the dungeon near the Kurushu magic academy, a dungeon master opened his eyes.

And despite having just woken up, the dungeon master blood pressure alreadyrose up to the highest point.

Without any hesitation he hit the orc that seemed wanted to report something to him.




The pitiful orc just now flew and hit the dungeon wall raising a cry.

The only bright side was that the dungeon master didn’t use his right hand, if he had used that then the orc would certainly be dead right now.

With a ‘humph’, the dungeon master glared at now the limp orc on the ground.

With a body that was close to a human, it decisively put the monster on to their place as the dungeon master.(人間に近いフォルムを持ちながら、決定的にダンジョンマスターをモンスターに位置づける部位。)


[Come here you pigs! This barrier means those human have found this dungeon!]


[It hurts buhii it hurts buhii, it really hurts buhii!]


[Stop your whining you pig! My evolution by killing has come to an end! With this right hand of mine, I will destroy this world——- We set out toward enemy’s camp!]




The dungeon master was a giant monster with one eye.

It was the one eyed giant called Cyclops.

But compared to the normal cyclops, his body was one size bigger and not just that, but his right hand was also abnormally big.

The dungeon master’s keep opening and closing his right hand, and only after making sure he was at the perfect condition he laughed.



In an unpopulated island that was separated from the continent.

The black dragon Sekhmet, the one who once shook this continent in fear, the one that should still be in his endless slumber.

It was a long long slumber.

It was so long that it made me think I was dead.

But when I hear that girl’s voice.


{I beg you, Sekhmet. Please lent your strength to that girl]}


As if he was guided by something, Sekhmet the black dragon opened his eyes.


[I am Aerith! The one who lead and protect this place, the northern devil king’s army! Leave this place at once, black dragon Sekhmet!]




[It’s seem you have already forgot how to talk aren’t you, black dragon sekhmet! Now understand this! The age in which you  lived has ended.]


It seems i have been sleeping a long time, so long that the empire that girl loved has disappeared.

But I need to give that demon king’s subordinate a little lesson.

They dare to even told this black dragon to do something

Burnt forest, land full of despair, crumbled houses, and a lot of monsters that were trying to escape like bugs.


[Fall back! Fall back everyone! It’s already too late to reason with Sekhmet the black dragon! Doing anything further is futile!]


Those flying monsters appear again and again in the sky trying to oppose me.

But those things just keep a certain distance as if they are just observing me.

Seeing the spectacle before him, the black Dragon Sekhmet had a thought

‘This sky is my domain, these winds are under my command.’

‘There are no one here that could escape if I use my fire breath, there are only small fry here and is not worth fighting them’.


[Army of Daris at the national border! The black dragon Sekhmet was not one of us! But if you take this chance to enter our territory, we will consider you are acting hostile against the devil king! Aaargh, where did that child go at this kind of time!? He is gone right at this important time!]


He was talking about that small creature. (矮小の存在といえばあいつだ)

Inside the black dragon head, he feels that something keep tugging his mind.

Again and again and again that human child manipulate the wind to face me.

If I remember correctly, that small creature moved to a small country called Daris.



[My name is Aerith! The one who was entrusted this place by the name of Demon king, the general of this northern demon king’s army!]




Is your descendant still alive?

If so—– what the h.e.l.l did he do now?


[I’ll said it once again, Daris’s army! Sekhmet,The black Dragon! He is a monster that doesn’t have any kind of connection to us!]


Right now, Sekhmet the black dragon’s destination has been decided.

With his giant wings, Sekhmet the black dragon control the wind and flew toward the vast blue sky.


TL : Stela

Ed : thyny

Because I’ve Been Reincarnated as the Piggy Duke, This Time I Will Say I Like You Chapter 44

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