Because I’ve Been Reincarnated as the Piggy Duke, This Time I Will Say I Like You Chapter 68

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Chapter 68

68.) Natalia Windle the Mercenary
When the mercenary fly off from the academy, there are no mistakes she heard one thing she can’t ignore.
Natalia Windle.
There is no mistake, Slow Denning indeed calling me with that name,
A sudden jolt attacking her head.
It was all because of that cursed name she has thrown a long time ago.
[Ooh, robe of darkness from the abyss—]
But it’s okay since I won’t meet him anymore, right?
Those monsters are currently attacking the academy.
And this bad weather combined with a horde of monsters flooding the highway, it’s basically impossible to cross it.
Even if someone from the royal knight using a bird familiar to cross it, there is no guarantee they won’t lose their life.
I can’t imagine someone like headmaster Morozov will send someone crossing a dangerous path like this.
[—-erase all the wicked spirit you touch!]
Natalia was so confident with how effective the monster attractor perfume is and how high the flying monster she rode take her in the sky, she will be safe and no one could attack her right now.
[Tch! Slow Denning!]
But never could she imagine, someone manages to chase after her.
the one chasing her was barraging with attack magic with a power far surpa.s.sed her imagination as if the flying monster capabilities she rode was just a joke.
Up and down, left and right, wind bullets were fired non-stop just like a machine gun.
If any of those magic bullets. .h.i.t the monster bird she rode just once, it will surely give it a fatal wound.
Using darkness magic, Natalia trying to erase all the wind magic targeting her.
Without trying concealing her magic, she uses all her magic in full power.
Despite shooting all those magic that could kill someone, Slow looked like as

if he was having fun—–
[—-BUHI!! I’ll make you kiss the earth without fail!]
He was letting out such a cheerful and a lively voice.
[How come that Morozov headmaster gave permission to cross over the highway in this condition!?]
Natalia smacking her lips out of annoyance.
She was utterly confused by the situation now.
She never thought there will be someone reckless enough to cross the highway in a situation like now.
Moreover, the one chasing after her could shoot magic at her in the sky while facing against those monsters on the highway at the same time.

[Even though I have controlled all the situation! Impossible, it’s truly impossible! AAh, don’t come near here!]
[What can you say, I also have some business in Yolem! Ms. Natalia Windle! Well, it’s your fault I need to go to Yolem though!]
[How did you know that name!?]
[That was a secret from you BUhibUHIbUhi!!!]
[Don’t f*** with me! Die you pig! And also, my name is not Natalia!]
[No, no, no. You already admit it’s your name aren’t you!?]
It was a name I already threw away a long time ago.
I have resolved myself to live just as ‘a mercenary’ since I was a child.
Natalia Windle
If I do not throw away my childish self I can’t live to see the next day.
It was a name seeped with curses along with the curses that were inflicted on the Baron Windle territory.
[You will regret it for sure, Natalia! The empire is not a simple country as you think it is!].
[It’s impossible for you to understand why I did it——d.a.m.n it!]
He keeps calling her with ‘that’ name and it makes her messed with her magic control.
A small portion of the wind bullets is slipped

slipped through the cracks of her darkness barrier and hit the flying monster’s wings.
After getting hit by the wind magic, the monster bird take a nose dive towards the ground.
Natalia holds the mysterious bird’s back tightly. She buys this little monster especially to finish her job this time.

We can only imagine how much money a person needs to prepare just to buy this monster here.
The giant bird could get a hold on itself in the last minute before it hit the ground and hovers in on top of the highway.
[Yo! Finally, you decide to go down here huh?]
Finally, Natalia could see the person who pursued her.
And then her mind freeze—–.
[Eh…! Who are you!?]
[It was me Buhiii!]
He was nothing like the person before.
He really is not the same.
I can’t see any kind of resemblance with the piggy duke from before!
He is not the one I met before!!
It must be a different person!!
Who the heck is this kid in front of me!!!??
[Who, who the heck are you!!!]
In front of her was a young man with an overflowing s.e.x appeal.
For Natalia who was always alone, it makes her forget to breathe for a moment.
It was an attractive young man with a glossy iron like hair.
If he was studying in the Kurushu magic academy, he could steal everyone heart with that ‘bishounen’ looks.
And with such an elegant move the young man laugh while pointing his cane towards Natalia.
[You make me sad, sensei. I don’t know whether you can put me in a cute student category or not, but have you already forget my face?]
[Yeah, it was just like seeing a terrible dream where a pig turned into a human, isn’t it piggy duke]
[‘Pig turned

/> [‘Pig turned into human’ what a comment you have there, then how about you stop using such a thick makeup sensei?]
[If you think I’m your teacher then please stop attacking me!!]
[I will think about it after you put that fire you make out first, Aruru-sensei! No, I should call you the legendary mercenary————NATALIA WINDLE!!!]
After hearing what Slow said, Natalia fell into a deep fear.
It was scary, it was so terrifying, it made Natalia Windle cry in fear unconsciously.
How could he knows ‘that’ name?
There should be no one knows that I was Natalia Windle, scratch that, it’s impossible for anyone alive to know.
Why did the person pursuing her now knows her name, it really has shaken Natalia Windle’s mind, but thanks to the wind and rain hitting her face rapidly it could cool her head a little.
——Calm down.
——I need to calm down
—–…..I need to shake this guy here to escape!
[Just be quiet, you pig! I already told you I’m not Natalia! Ketora! Go up! Fly away!]
She shouts frantically.
As if trying to mimic her, Slow Denning was shouting something.
This is bad, what kind of magic will he shoot now.
Slow Denning was the only ‘Elemental Master’ in the whole country.
Even for someone with a lot of experience like Natalia, it was impossible to guess what kind of magic someone like him will shoot the next moment.
But in midst of chanting his magic, he stopped and looked towards the sky.
Why stopping, what did he see up there?
Natalia was also tempted to look up there—–
—-but then she stopped.
It’s a chance, there is a gap to break through.
[Oo darkness! Wrap around me!]
If it was only a half-hearted wide-area magic, he could disperse it in an instance.
Narrow an instance.
Narrow down the target.
Make it dense, making it only his field of vision is blocked.
[Ah! Oy, stop it! Can’t you see something just come through us from above!? Argh, DAMMIT! s.h.i.+ne the darkness on me, Light!!!]
[I don’t see anything! ‘Heal’, ‘heal’, ‘heal’! Fly away, Ketora!]
After giving the giant bird some emergency treatment with magic, it once again regains its power to fly. The giant bird flaps its giant wings and brings its body to the sky.
Natalia was a water and darkness mage, especially water magic.
But using water magic as a recovery magic was something she still finds it hard to do since recovery is not her expertise.
She just gather a ma.s.sive amount of magic power and injects Ketora to heal the bird.
Because of that, her body becomes completely exhausted.
[Argh, not fair! Don’t run into the sky!]
[….Quite, you pig! You don’t even know how hard it is for me to prepare for this job!]
The darkness that was once covering Slow Denning is already erased by light magic he made.
And once again, a barrage of wind bullets are surrounding Natalia.
Gooseb.u.mps running down her spine.
She can’t even imagine how big the magic he had to make keep making this kind of magic.
But, if she can’t escape from here there will be no future for her.
Ketora let out a cry.
When Natalia turn her head, she can see the light of Yolem in the far distant.
All right.
Almost there.
After seeing the scene in front of her, once again she regains the power to continue her journey.
But then—
[That light..?……. What is that strong light…..Eh?]
There was a bright flame.
Even from afar the person who saw it could see the giant fire pillar burning everything down there.

Because I’ve Been Reincarnated as the Piggy Duke, This Time I Will Say I Like You Chapter 68

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