Because I’ve Been Reincarnated as the Piggy Duke, This Time I Will Say I Like You Chapter 94

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94) The Return of The  Wind Prodigy (part 4)

We are inside the girls attendant’s dorm, Charlotte’s room to be exact.

Because of the sudden monsters invasion, it can’t be helpful for the usually organized room become such a mess right now.

And thanks to that I become so exhausted I was lying down on the bed.

Charlotte was previously showing a rare situation where she was crying out loud and that was really troubling for me.

Even now, she was sitting on one end of the bed and once in a while trying to steal a glance at me.

But it seems she has finally steeled her resolved and looked me directly.

[S-so…….Slow-same……. Already knows everything……. But, honestly, to be able to hear the voices of the spirits…….. I think that was already cheating, Slow-sama]

[Well, I also think that was a cheat myself. Oh and by the way, right now the great wind spirit is lying right there now]

I said the truth just for your information.

[Eh! Ah! I’m sorry! I never thought it would be the great wind spirit’s name before!]

It true that Art Ange was feeling sad since Charlotte forgets about her, but she was feeling happy since she will be able to materialize soon in the future.

It was a happy future for her after all.

I never forget about it nyaa, but a long time ago I used to always sit on her arms, even though the person herself is not aware of it nyaa.

[Don’t worry about it, Art Ange is not angry at you. She is a cat that that will soon forget things in the past, as expected from the wind great spirit.]

Art Ange looking at me intently with narrowing eyes as if she wanted to a.s.sault me, let’s just ignore it.

[…..I was always protected by you Slow-same. Wait, perhaps, don’t tell me, did you turn into a pig because of me?]

[I have to say that was just my glorious rebel age that time.  But well, I guess you can say you are one of the reason]

I saw Charlotte throw the pig plushy up towards me.

But, the plushy never me, but instead, it hit Charlotte’s back head.

[….What is it, Charlotte?]

I can’t see the ceiling any longer since Charlotte’s was suddenly filling all my sights.

[…..Slow-same, is it hard for you?]

Just a millimeter more it would turn just like when I was in a position to kiss with Princess Karina again.

Well, at that time I have a cover on me though.

[…Well, how do I say this]

There still some distance between us, but the imperial princess’s lips were very beautiful, she also has eyes that could take anyone breath away just by looking, and those things were the only thing I could see with my eyes.

[I guess I never thought about it as hard or something. Somehow I was having fun doing it since by doing that means I will be beside you, the one that I love and that brings me happiness. Also, I was feeling like some secret knight trying to protect his princess, that is you. Oh and if you just move a little bit closer now, it will be easier for us to kiss Charlotte]

I have experience doing this kind of stuff before.

Thanks to that it seems I have become one step closer to be an adult.

And Charlotte seems to be startled hearing my little provocation.

[I-I, I am not a princess anymore! The Hugh Jack empire is no longer exist…… And please stop saying that! That was a foul play! A foul play so please stop it!]

[That? What is that?]

[Um…. the one about loving me! It makes my head blanks…….and also Slow-same suddenly become so cool…..]

It was a word that every winner in life usually hears.

[Me? I’m cool?]

[Everyone was saying that while ‘Kyaa–kyaaa’ nonstop…..]

[…. You serious buy? Let me make sure in real time after this]

What an odd feeling I have here.

I am cool huh.

I thought I was good material for some slapstick comedy.

[You are so sly to not be able to see that yourself……. Then, Slow-same. What do you want to talk about?]

[Oh, Ooooh yeaaaah. I have something to talk with you Charlotte buhii]

I somehow raise my body and sit down right where I am.

[Ththat one…… so cute]

Charlotte was right beside me. She was so close to me, she practically hugging me and it gives me some idea of doing something in this bed.

[What is cute?]

[Th-that…. Buhii buhii, that buhii buhii…. is cute…..]

Charlotte was embarra.s.sed by something, her face has turned so red.

I don’t know what to do with her now since she makes her lips pursed like, well guess I can’t help it huh.

Plus seems like she wasn’t planning to get away from me anytime soon.

[Hey, Aren’t we to close now? Is this how Hugh Jack empire’s princess should act?]

[S-slow-sama has been trying hard for me all this time, ……as the princess of Hugh Jack Empire….. I need to give my knights a reward……Hrmrmrmrm. B-but… why did you come so slow?…… you are so slow I already cried…..]

Charlotte still got easily embarra.s.sed saying things like that as expected.

But it was a gentleman job to not say we saw a lady crying even though we saw it.

[…T-to make a p-princess become anxious…. Y-you have failed as a k-knight…..]


What is this creature, how come you are so cute Charlotte?

I’m glad I survive up till now.

I can leave happily after now on with just this cute memory in.


The great wind spirit was looking at me scornfully…… let’s just ignore her, hey you ms. stray-cat, just goes over there, shoo shoo.

The preparation for that is not finished yet, so it’s impossible to do it now.

Now that I think about it, Charlotte’s tone has changed to one that I used to hear.

Right now we both shared such a great secret between both of us.

I kinda feel bad to Silva for saying this, but I was really glad he wasn’t here with us at the moment.

He was currently helping Rokomoko-sensei and the headmaster protecting the cathedral from the remaining monsters.

There were still some monsters that still lurking around here, so to make them easier for those three to protect the academy people, they were a.s.sembled in one place.

[Well, Charlotte, I will go on a journey towards the former Hugh Jack empire territory]

Hearing my sudden proposal makes Charlotte’s body jump a little.

We can hear someone chanting magic from outside the window.

At the same time, the great wind spirit’s body sudden got stiff and her body dropped to the ground very hard.

Probably there are some flying monsters that crash their body toward the barrier when Silva was the one responsible for maintaining the barrier.

He tends to use Ms. Wind great spirit’s power as he please, I think he will get punished once she successfully materialized.

Well well, guess I will say it first before it happened, rest in peace Silva.

[To the Hugh Jack empire..? But I heard that place has turned into a place ruled by monsters. …… it’s dangerous, Slow-sama]

Yup, that is true.

Right now the monster was ruling that place.

But just for your information, there weren’t much of monsters who love war living there.

It was partially thanks to the existence of big sister demon lord, Aerith ruling there.

[And it will be very bad if a n.o.ble got captured by those monsters there….]

Yes, in case if there was a n.o.ble got captured by these monsters inside their country, it will count as an act of aggression against them.

For our this country the n.o.ble cla.s.s will be the aristocrats and some powerful n.o.ble, while for the great magic country it would be their great sorcerers.

[You don’t need to worry about me being a n.o.ble]

There are only a few humans that Aerith gave permission to freely entering her territory.

[Well, there are a lot of monsters there so it has to be dangerous, but I need to go there no matter what. And Charlotte, I want to go there together with you]

Charlotte can’t say anything after hearing my response. Her hand keeps fidgeting as if she wanted to ask something.

[…is it perhaps because I was born there?]

She looked at me full of worry in her face.

When I looked back at her, I can feel her warmth through her clothes.

Geez, letting her showing that kind of face even though I tried to protect you from it, it means I need to try harder then.

[Charlotte, I am still the same old piggy duke. I am still a failure who can’t cook for myself and don’t know how to wash my clothes by myself—–]

And then I said the following sentences with confidence to her, ‘I know you were the princess of Hugh jack empire. But you know—’

[—– If you are not by my side, trust me, in only just 3 days, I will be dead, without a doubt]

I think the way you said it so unfair to me …

The girl looked at her master.

Charlotte thought the way her master said those things just now was so unfair.

[Haaaah, I think I am the perfect candidate for that since I am your personal attendant]

Did I just able to make her say yes? Or so he thought.

But sadly it’s not because of what he said, but the girl has already decided on her own answer since before he asked about it.

When she found out about her own master knows about her real ident.i.ty as the princess of the already fallen princess, the thought of ‘this will be making a rift between both of us’ haunted her.

(What am I thinking, Slow-sama already knows who I really was since the very beginning…… it would be okay)

With a face free from all of her worry he looks towards her master’s eyes.

[Slow-sama. Please bring me with you to the former Hugh jack empire territory. I want to know what happens there, I need to know. I need to know what has become of my birthplace.]

It was a very dangerous place.

But Charlotte didn’t even need to worry about it.

As long as Slow-sama besides me everything would be okay.

And then she laughs.

I think I just make a cute laughing face just now.

(Hmm?…. Wait for a sec….. isn’t that just now a marriage proposal?? ….. I think there’s a line like that from a book I have read….. Eeeeeeh??!)

The girl has a bad habit of jumping into conclusion too soon.

Her face turned crimson, she was ‘hawahawaa’-ing while moving her hand around. Until suddenly——

—the boy’s hand beside her got tangled with her by accident.

It took Charlotte a bit of time until finally, she snapped back from her own world.

So while waiting for her, I was amusing myself watching the great wind spirit doing some exercise by herself at the floor, it makes me laugh.

Oh, it seems she remembered about the ‘materialization’, she got back on her own feet.

Ah, she flew and hit the wall again.

This is bad, the great wind spirit movement was so unpredictable, I can’t imagine what will she do once she successfully materializes.

…..I think it will be too soon for her.

[Oh, but, Slow-sama. What about the academy? The summer vacation still way off……]

Charlotte has successfully returned to her sense.

[Thanks to this accident the cla.s.s will be canceled for a while. I think All the students from outside this country, just like Alicia, will return to their own home country. I think it will be a long vacation we have here]

[Now that I think about it….. Yeah, it will be impossible for cla.s.s now….. then, when will we go there?]


[I’m sorry?]

Charlotte freezes once more as if the time itself has stopped.

[The Royal knight will arrive at the academy any moment now, after that there will be a long questioning session  about the black dragon subjugation and the things following that]

But that won’t be all.

They will also ask about why did the enchanted sword that Silva holds changed element.

There are a lot of witnesses seeing Silva using wind magic to blow his enemies away.

The great light spirit already knows about it, but it was already clear to me this will become big trouble if the other big shot put an eye on it, at worst it will bring the Denning household into a troublesome problem.

[….I have to agree, it has become such an outrageous thing isn’t it]

Charlotte who finally able to understand how big the problem has become had a pale face.

[And if we wait for them, we will be separated without——-]

[—–L-let’s get going! Slow-sama! Please wait for a second there!]

Charlotte was das.h.i.+ng out of the room with great excitement.

After watching her gone, I lied on the bed and looked at the ceiling.


Once our journey start I can’t lie down into this kind of comfortable bed anymore, it will become such a hard life every day.

[But, my heart can’t stop being excited]

After all, I’m not alone anymore.

My love will be always beside me.

It wasn’t a dream anymore, it was a great start for me.

Now, let’s meet with the mortal most beloved pixie.

The one entered the top list of the popularity ranking.

The number one rank of ‘I want her to be my big sis’, the older sister of the current demon lord, Aerith.

The de facto leader of the current Hugh jack empire territory, now we will meet you.

[This is my room, Slow-sama!]

I saw Charlotte came back and push back the door with a lot of power, and a question came into me.

Why did she have a big pillow on her hand?

Where did she get that pillow?

Master and his attendant was one body and soul, I feel that someone told me that thing before.

I kinda believe it in my heart, but I  wonder, was there master and attendant that act like us out there?

In a few more days I will be a n.o.ble no more.

With that, will Charlotte and I become just a standard lover then?

[Charlotte, before I sleep I have to tell you something]

[……What is it?]

Now that I think about it I haven’t got any reply from my confession.

Guess I have to do it once again

[I love you. Please take care of me from now on]

Then she showed me one single move, I said one move since it’s all the move I can see.

It was one splendid form she showed me, Charlotte, with all her might, throw the pillow she held in her hand towards me——-.

I think she throws the pillow to me unintentionally, seems like it was too much tease for her.

[You always like this…..That was a foul play from you, Slow-sama, you are an iiiidiiioooot]

Aah, this is bad.

To be hit with that kind of strength right now—–

My body already reached its limit—–

My consciousness—–

The princess was looking at the boy who majestically owned the bed up close.

She thought it was natural to love someone that always thinking about her, or how he sometimes said some foul words that make her flutter.

Up till now, he was bound by his act of bad Mr. piggy, so perhaps it made him really free once he got to say those words with his own mouth.

But somehow it makes her worried.

Somehow the beautiful silver-haired princess had some uneasy feeling.

Not just his inside, but now his outside also become so cool…..won’t this thing makes some misunderstanding when he met with some random girls in someplace?

(….But, it should be alright, right? I am a princess….. Well, it was an already ruined empire though, but still, I was a princess from that place….. And a princess should be ‘The’ protagonist right?… was the basic of the basic after all)

In her favorite romance book, she read, to become a heroine in that story all it needs was to be a princess.

That is why she had confidence

She won’t lose to anyone else.

To whom?  Well, the girl herself didn’t know the answer to that question.

The girl was looking at her master who achieved some outrageous things out there.

The wind prodigy was always and always protecting her.

It was not an exaggeration to say that he was an extremely handsome boy.

Even though just a moment before he looked like Mr. piggy.

(….. Rather than Slow-sama become popular with the way he is now, I think I prefer when he was my own personal Mr. piggy….)

unconsciously the girl’s thought turned like that

Because I’ve Been Reincarnated as the Piggy Duke, This Time I Will Say I Like You Chapter 94

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