Monster no Goshujin-sama Volume 2 Chapter 33

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Chapter 33 - Conclusion

Juumonji slowly fell back while scattering a large amount of blood from his deep wound. Before him was Silane, who just barely managed to support her body using her sword wet with blood as a cane.

Juumonji didn't even twitch. A pool of red blood spread on the floor of the pa.s.sage. Seeing that scene, Lily, next to me, muttered:

“We've won……haven't we, Master?” (Lily)

“Yeah.” (Majima)

Making a short reply, I pulled back the stretched-out Asarina.

Juumonji's entwined longsword bounced and *clang* tumbled to the floor.

We had won. We had definitely won. But, the feeling of relief that the incident had ended simply was greater than the feeling of victory.

You could also say that there were too many sacrifices to immerse myself in victory. A large amount of soldiers and knights stationed in the fortress, and nine transferees. Those who had died wouldn't return anymore.

But even so, I wanted to believe that stopping Tatsuya Juumonji here was meaningful.

Could I now deny Kudō's words full of acceptance, that “this world is a place where『the strong could behave however they liked』”? With this end, I wanted to pay a tribute for that poor boy, and all the victims who had died.

“Master.” (Lily)

Noticing Lily calling out to me, I looked around.

Gerbera was approaching, walking with difficulty due to her two lost spider legs. Behind her was Silane, whose mouth was stained with blood from her vomiting it earlier.

“I burdened you, Gerbera. And you too, Silane.” (Majima)

“It matters not. Tis not that big a deal. We just defeated our enemies, that's all.” (Gerbera)

“This was the fight of those looking after Fort Tilia from the beginning. Do not worry over it, Takahiro-dono.” (Silane)

Though they said that, I couldn't bring myself to look at their battered appearances. All the more so considering that we still had work to do…or rather, still had things to deal with.

“Though we've defeated Juumonji, there are still monsters in the fortress. It's just a little more. Please lend me your strength.” (Majima)

As I spoke, smiles bloomed on their faces, as if to say “We don't mind”.

“Got it, Master.” (Lily)

“Of course I will.” (Silane)

“Mhm. I shall easily disperse them.” (Gerbera)

Smiling a bit as well at my friends' reliable replies, I got around to thinking about my actions from here on out.

There probably wasn't anyone else in Fort Tilia right now with the strength to eliminate the invading monsters. We had to clean up the monsters and protect the survivors.

However, since I was taking Gerbera, someone who couldn't hide the fact she was a monster, with me, we needed to show that we were allies in an easy-to-understand way. The elf Silane alone had little persuasive power around that, so we needed to first join the Alliance's Knights, which were on standby a little distance away.

When the plan was decided, I called out to Lily.

“Lily, please use recovery magic on Gerbera. We'll join the knights as soon as you're finished.” (Majima)

Gerbera had the greatest fighting potential among my family. But considering the unexpected situation, it would be safer for her to recover even if it was a clean-up battle.

Gerbera's natural healing ability was high to begin with. If Lily accelerated it with her recovery magic, she should finish treating her within a couple of minutes.

I decided to clean up during that short time.

Silane, who had not gotten the benefit of recovery magic due to her being an undead monster, came with me for this. I was thankful for that. This wasn't too pleasant of a job.

“A……a. N-……o, I-……” (Juumonji)

To my surprise, Juumonji was still alive.

He should have fallen unconscious due to the deep wound when he was cut down by Silane, but he had regained consciousness soon.

His strong vitality as a Warrior made his life hold onto this world.

But, that would not last too long. The wound Silane had given him was clearly a fatal one. If there was someone here that specialized in recovery magic, or even a ‘Scouting Corps' member, it may have been possible to recover his condition even now, but a user like that wasn't in this fortress.

Right now, he only had despair and pain left for him.

If it was a “salvation for him”, then there one only one left.

“……You will help him die, Takahiro-dono?” (Silane)

Silane spoke, frowning.

“Even if he is a villain that has stolen over a thousand lives, we shouldn't just sit here and let him suffer.” (Silane)

“Yeah.” (Majima)

I nodded, speaking a little, and approached Juumonji with my sword in hand.

I heard a voice mixed with gurgling and voiced sounds.

“I wi-……-eturn. Re..turn….even if…alone……” (Juumonji)

The near meter-long traces of blood from him dragging himself stained the floor

All that was there was a boy clinging to life.

“……” (Majima)

I was the one who had killed Juumonji.

Silane was the one who actually cut him, but that didn't matter. I had killed him.

So, I knew it was hypocritical for me to pity him.

Considering what he did, he had no room for sympathy.

But, I couldn't just look at this scene and feel nothing.

This was exactly what I had told Rose once before. Even if I had become able to fight a little, in the end, I could neither be a monster nor could I be a hero.

“Maybe, that's fine”, I thought. Looking at Juumonji, I unpleasantly knew what would happen if I felt nothing towards the deaths of others.

“Takahiro-dono. If it is unpleasant for you, I can help him die……” (Silane)

“No.” (Majima)

I shook my head at Silane's offer while she stared at me anxiously.

Though I had resistance towards escaping my duties, considering the future, it was possible Silane dealing the finis.h.i.+ng blow would be a seed of trouble. No matter what she did, she was an undead monster now. The future was unclear; I couldn't afford to burden her with the label of『Hero Killer』.

“This…is my job.” (Majima)

I brandished my sword.

……My sword felt heavy since the one in front of me was a human.

Through and through, Juumonji hadn't seen us as humans. But, how I saw him was another story.

I had killed Juumonji.

Carrying that fact, I would live in this world after this.

A sharp blade went through flesh and blood spurted out.

The dull sound of a life being severed echoed lowly in the pa.s.sage.

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Monster no Goshujin-sama Volume 2 Chapter 33

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