I Said Make My Abilities Average! Chapter 314

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Mile Chapter 314: I failed. 〇  ̄ _
(T.N: These symbols are in the raw)

『By the way, Mile. How was the Magical Teaching Dojo? 』 (Maevis)

Maevis talked to Mile to get away from the attack of the young lady.
It wasn't the only reason.

Even though she has learned a lot of new skills through special training, there was no point if everyone also improved a lot.

No, it can't be said that it has no meaning.
Each person's ability increases, and as a result, the party ability increases, not by addition but by multiplication.
That is a wonderful thing to welcome.

…It was just that, Maevis felt trouble…

Maevis wanted to close the distance between her and everyone.
However, what would she do if everyone improved even more than her…?

Maevis asked because she was anxious,
Of course, Mile's trio didn't know about it.
They just thought Mavis was looking forward to how much they had grown.
And they answered with a troubled face.

『About that…』 (Mile)

『How disappointing!』 (Rena)

『Dangerous, I was about to throw away my money!』 (Pauline)

Mile is disappointing, Rena is puffy, and Pauline is ridiculous.
Apparently, they seemed to feel disappointing.

『I was expecting because he was a former court magician…
Up until, I only had a little self-trained at my school and the hunter training school,
I wanted to receive the instruction of a first-cla.s.s magician who once studied and trained…』 (Mile)

In both Ekland School and Hunter Training School, Mile was hiding her ability in magic and couldn't be said to have received real guidance.

『Was it useless?』 (Maevis)

『Yes… we were allowed to tour. He showed us a model demonstration, and a little guidance…』 (Mile)

『His casting magic is much slower than us,
His offense magic is less powerful than us
And instead of penetrating through our barrier, his magic can't even give a dent on it…』 (Rena)

From the side, Rena told so while being p.i.s.sed. Then Pauline…

『And what's with that phrase, “Where is the rotator, come out quickly!” he was yelling so and shattered the sand!
If you ask me, it's just usual salt!
He doesn't even know salty stuff and grind sand? Does he know no shame, or doesn't have it?!』 (Pauline)

s.h.i.+roneko Gif 19

Pauline was biting in a strange place.

Probably, if the consumables used for customs are replaced with something that can be obtained free of charge, the merchant will be able to do business, so that would be unacceptable.

I myself often use subst.i.tutes… “You just have to imitate the shape!” or something…

(… Good,
Mile's group doesn't seem to learn new magic… I mean, what a pity!) (Maevis)

Unintentionally, that idea came to Maevis for a second, but it was a bad idea as a knight aspirant, and Maevis held his head a shallow that idea.
But at that time, another idea came up.

(Eh? But wait. Does that mean the three of them are more than the former court magician and there's nothing to learn from that person …) (Maevis)

Maevis was stunned. Stunned “a salad oil set (EN)”
Mile's favorite phrase. Even Maevis doesn't understand it but she unintentionally as she heard Mile said it many times.

(The Exiled Queen = Young Princess) Eltrea called out to Maevis with a worried face.

(T.N: Saying Young Lady for every sentence is c.u.mbersome, I will use her name instead even the j.a.panese raw is just Young lady)

『Uhm…, Maevis-sama,
When you say the former court magician who is opening the Magic Teaching Dojo in that city,
Are you talking about Master Girardric…』 (Eltrea)

『Yes, that's right? 』 (Mile)

Mile responded on behalf of Maevis, who couldn't respond.
And originally, Maevis didn't know anything about the magical instruction dojo, so she couldn't answer anyway.

『『『『『Eh……』』』』』 (4 Escorts + Eltrea)

Eltrea and the escort trio plus 1 (liaison escort), who tried to become the air but unintentionally had raised the air in a surprise.

『Stronger than Master Girardric? Are you kidding… I don't see you talking…』 (Escort Leader?)

“I want to go home / (I give up)” again.

While thinking so, four escorts who held their heads and took the same posture as Maevis.

And it's time for a night camp.

There's no one says something like “For our young lady, we must rend the best room of the best inn”.

This exile is confidential, and no information can be leaked until the official announcement from the country and the declaration from the lady.

In addition, when staying at the inn, soldiers can't move efficiently in the event of an emergency, and they are vulnerable to a.s.sa.s.sination.
And in the first place, the young lady has already experienced the nighttime operation in a worse environment many times during this flight, and she must continue to do so even now.

In addition, n.o.blewomen don't care if people see their sleeping faces or the bare skin of their underarms.
Even if you can see nakedness in dogs and monkeys, no woman cares about it …

『That's not the case! I care! Metcha (Katakana), I care!!』 (Mile)

Mile said so in the presence of the young lady.
The soldiers must have felt offended even they were grateful with Mile.

『…Even if you are our young lady's benefactor, you can't …』 (Soldier Commander)

Mile pulled “that” out of the item box to the angry soldiers plus 1 liaison escort.

『『『『『『What……』』』』』』 (Soldiers + 1 escort)

Like usual, the soldiers have their eyes opened wide eyes and their voice leaked out.

『『『…………』』』 (3 Escorts)

And three of four escorts have the face that gave up everything.

There were several night camps before they reached the border.
Mile hasn't failed to provide extra beds or meals for the young lady.
… At a separate charge that was sprinkled by Pauline's instructions.

So the three escorts who were accompanying them had already stopped thinking.

『U …, Ugu, Ugu …』(Soldier Commander)

The commander and soldiers of this unit have been given such important missions cannot be stupid.
Of course, everyone knows the information of the hunters is prohibited.

So they desperately endured “I want to hear!“, “I want to ask!“, “I want to talk!“, “I killed the cry of my heart”

Don! Don! Don!! (SFX)

『Orc steak: 1 silver coin. Rock lizard steak: 3 silver coins. Meat vegetable soup: 8 small silver coins! 』 (Pauline)

『『『『『WHAT'S WITH THAT~TTTTTTTTTTT?!』』』』』 (Soldiers)

Soldiers scream unbearably after seeing Mile's group and a pile of food.
And what's driving that way for the moneyman, Pauline…

This number is insignificant compared to the time when the imperial soldiers earned money. Was it so regrettable that Pauline failed to raise the young lady's request fee?

『It's different!』 (Pauline)

Mile didn't say it out loud, but Pauline shouted her reply as if knowing what Mile thought.

『To give a free service without the reason is a blasphemy against the G.o.d of business! And if you serve some people, others will complain “why did you serve them free but not me?!”
So, our service will only for someone if it leads to our interests and we will receive the thank you with grat.i.tude』 (Pauline)

『Oh, I see …』 (Mile)

Mile is honestly convinced.
…… But the soldiers seemed strange.

『Why don't anyone buy it? 』 (Pauline)

Yeah, Rena ignited with fire magic in a kite that was ready from the beginning. The meat was cut in advance and sprinkled with spices. So the first meat is already baked.
The soup, which was in a state that only needed to be warmed, had already boiled as Rena gently submerged an ultrsmall fireball. …… Pauline's molecular vibration heating magic wasn't used for secrecy.

However, no one will buy the soldiers.
Pauline thought it wasn't that they didn't want to buy it. They were looking at the boiled meat or soup pot, and this small unit on duty can't have a lot of food.
If so, why…

『Oh, my bad, Young Miss.
We are moving at mission level 3 now. So, in order to avoid poisoning, food poisoning, and hungry, until the mission is completed, we are not allowed to eat anything other than our own food.
So, no matter how much we want, we can't eat those dishes.
my bad』 (Commander)

『Eh ……?』 (Pauline)

Pauline stood stunned and collapsed on the spot…

〇  ̄ _

I Said Make My Abilities Average! Chapter 314

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