A Guide To Raising Your Natural Enemy Chapter 60

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Unedited chapter

60. The Crown Princess is Coming

Hearing Jones' words, Shu Shu promptly moved closer to look at the device. The device showed the situation inside his body clearly, and there was simply no trace of said tumor.   
Shu Shu suddenly remembered that when he used the medical treatment device to examine himself before, he seemed to not come up with anything as well . . . . What exactly was going on? Why the heck couldn't the device see the tumor? It was obviously there . . . .
"What is this tumor you spoke of?" Jones asked.
Shu Shu immediately explained the circ.u.mstances of this tumor, putting emphasis to mention the fact that this tumor had grown bigger after absorbing his spiritual power.
“Could this have something to do with your cultivation method?” Jones asked.
"I also don't know." Shu Shu was a little depressed. He opened his mouth to say that this was something that happened after he ate Edgar's beast bead, but now he was actually not sure whether this thing was really related to the beast bead or not.
After the beast bead in his mouth disappeared, it took a while for this thing to appear . . . . The red bead in his body, which would help him cultivate, had no reaction at all to this tumor. Furthermore, this thing could absorb spiritual power . . . . Maybe this tumor really had nothing to do with the beast bead, and it was purely him having a problem with his cultivation?
The beast bead was red, but this tumor was gray-colored from the start and really didn't resemble Edgar's beast bead one bit.
Maybe it was what he had originally thought of; he just added one more dāntián, that's all. But if it was a second dāntián, it didn't make sense that this thing could only absorb spiritual power and could not release spiritual power, right?
"Since you can feel it with the spiritual power, then you continue to observe its condition, and I'll also pay attention to your physical condition." Jones finally said.
Shu Shu nodded. With how the matter was so far, they could only do this much.
After Edgar returned in the evening, he asked about what Shu Shu and Jones had learned. Shu Shu did not hide anything at all about this matter, and he also talked about the tumor since he now firmly believed that the tumor had nothing to do with Edgar's beast bead.
"Not long after I cultivated into a human, a tumor appeared inside my body. This tumor will absorb my spiritual power and has grown bigger in the past few days. I don't know what the heck is going on." Shu Shu looked at Edgar with a gloomy face.
"Have you checked it? Do you know what exactly it is?" Edgar anxiously asked.
"It didn't appear on the examination." Shu Shu said. "I checked with the examination device, but I simply couldn't find the tumor in my body."
Frowning, Edgar suddenly thought of one thing. "Shu Shu, do you still remember the situation when I captured those pirates? At that time, my body was covered with the spiritual power, and the various detectors on the pirate s.h.i.+p were unable to find my existence. It should be the same case with this tumor."
After Edgar said so, Shu Shu also remembered this matter and nodded right away. "There's indeed such a thing . . . . Then this tumor didn't appear on the examination because it's protected by the spiritual power?"
"That's right. It should be like this. Also, I think it shouldn't be a tumor. Maybe it's an energy crystal the same as the beast core." Edgar said.
It did not hurt at all when the tumor grew inside his body, so Shu Shu was able to completely forget its existence. But now that it had become bigger . . . Shu Shu was somewhat worried. Hearing Edgar's words, he immediately said, "You help me check it then?" Edgar was a mythical animal and had more spiritual power than him, so he should be able to find out what exactly was going on, right?
Shu Shu thought of this and began to teach Edgar at once, letting Edgar use the spiritual power to check the situation inside his body.
Edgar used his spiritual power to look into Shu Shu's body according to Shu Shu's instruction and really found a tumor in Shu Shu's abdomen. The tumor had the size of an egg, and when his spiritual power came across it, some of the power was absorbed by it straightway.
How could such a thing grow inside Shu Shu's body? Was there a problem with Shu Shu? Edgar was quite worried, but strangely, although it was a tumor, he actually felt that the tumor was very warm and friendly.
"Would you like to have an operation to take it out?" Edgar asked after he was done checking. So far, this tumor had not harmed Shu Shu, but in any case, it could not be allowed to keep growing inside Shu Shu.
"No need!" Hearing a suggestion of having an operation, Shu Shu immediately refused. "Let's put off this discussion until later. I'll observe the tumor first. I totally haven't had any different feelings since it grew. It shouldn't be a bad thing." He didn't want to be disemboweled, so he had better keep the tumor first . . . .
Shu Shu's body was different from the average beastman and sub-beastman. Edgar did not even dare to let Jones know about this. Naturally, he also didn't wish for Shu Shu to have an operation, so he immediately agreed with Shu Shu's decision.
However, after several days of their planned observation, the tumor was unexpectedly getting bigger every day, and it grew very fast.
When Shu Shu had Edgar help him with the examination, it was only the size of an egg. After a week, it was actually the size of a fist! As big as Edgar's fist to be exact, so Shu Shu's belly bulged a little.
Shu Shu was able to run and jump and eat and drink. His physical condition was no different from before. It could be said that this tumor did not affected his normal life at all, but . . . .
A fist-sized tumor was growing inside his body. Even if Shu Shu had always been carefree, but he still felt very uneasy. Unfortunately, no matter what he did, he couldn't figure out what exactly the tumor was all about.
Constantly thinking about this matter, Shu Shu was not in the mood to get intimate with Edgar.
Edgar was also the same; he had no mood to get intimate. Shu Shu had been reading medical books these days, and he followed Shu Shu to read them as well. However, although they had read many books, they still couldn't find any similar case.
Jones had been trying to cultivate this past week, but unfortunately, he had not been successful. And he also couldn't find the cause of Shu Shu growing a tumor—a malignant tumor did not grow this fast and was certainly not benign either!
"Speaking of Shu Shu's condition, he should not be pregnant, should he?" Jones, staring at Shu Shu's slightly convex belly, could not help but say.
"If he's pregnant, we can hear the fetal heartbeat. Also, it won't grow so fast." Edgar's brows wrinkled tightly. Different races of sub-beastmen had different pregnancy period, but it was at least six months. How was it possible for a fetus to grow up so much in just a week?
He and Shu Shu had been married for less than a month. Even if Shu Shu could truly get pregnant, the fetus should only be as big as a fingernail now.
But this one was as big as a fist . . . . You had to know that all beastmen were born from eggs, and the laid eggs were usually only as big as his two fists.
Jones also thought that it was impossible. Although he mainly treated ill beastmen and had never paid attention to sub-beastmen nor experienced giving birth himself, but he still knew the symptoms of a pregnant sub-beastman.
If a sub-beastman was pregnant, it was impossible for the examination device to not come up with anything. This thing grew so fast, yet there was no fetal heartbeat.
"If this tumor continues to grow, we'll have surgery right away." Jones said.
Edgar often checked the tumor inside Shu Shu's body with his spiritual power these days, and every time he carried out the examination, he would feel that the tumor was very warm and friendly. For some inexplicable reason, he also felt reluctant to part with this tumor. However, it was precisely because of this that he was all the more afraid of the consequences of this tumor.
Shu Shu was about the same as Edgar. He didn't know why he was very fond of the tumor in his belly, and he started to worry after realizing this point.
It should be unlikely that this tumor was actually a demon that could confuse people, right?
Now, hearing Jones' suggestion, Shu Shu and Edgar looked at each other quickly and then, clenching their teeth, nodded. Afterwards, they felt an indescribable sense of loss.
In the evening, Shu Shu looked internally as usual and then found that quite a lot of his spiritual power was once again absorbed by the tumor.
"Edgar, it seems to be a little bigger." Shu Shu looked at Edgar, deeply worried and sick at heart. What the heck was this tumor? A monster would not appear from the inside of it, right? He guessed it should be improbable for him to be parasitized by something like in those horror movies.
"There'll be no problem." Edgar held Shu Shu in his arms and kissed him. "There'll definitely be no problem."
Having been occupied by this matter over these past few days, Shu Shu had not been in the mood to do anything with Edgar and so had held back for a good several days. Now that he was being kissed like this by Edgar, he immediately had a reaction.
In any case, the tumor was already like this. It's useless to keep thinking about it. He was better off ignoring it from the first! Shu Shu pulled Edgar close and stood on tiptoe to kiss Edgar's face.
Edgar fervently responded, and the two men quickly rolled onto the bed . . . .
The consequence of holding back for several days was being somewhat too intense this night, which made Shu Shu dead tired and no longer had time to think about the tumor.
The next day, Shu Shu naturally overslept and was finally awakened by the noise from his communication device.
Edgar was no longer there and should have gone to work. The one who would contact him in this world . . . . Shu Shu grabbed the communication device with his eyes closed, not willing to open his eyes. "Teacher Jones, I'll come later . . ."
"Shu Shu . . ." A tiny voice choked with sobs came through the communication device, and that voice did not belong to Jones.
"Synthia?" Shu Shu called. This voice should be Synthia's.
"Shu Shu . . ." Synthia at once started to cry this time.
"What happened to you?" Hearing Synthia cry, Shu Shu promptly asked. He did not know many people after he came to the capital star and already considered Synthia as his only friend.
"Shu Shu, my father wants me to get married, and the beastman . . ." Synthia cried, practically lost for words.
"What the heck is going on? You tell me clearly." Shu Shu immediately said.
Hearing Shu Shu say so, Synthia finally calmed down a bit. Intermittently but also rapidly, he explained the ins and outs of the matter clearly. It turned out that Synthia's father wanted to marry him off to a beastman from a remote planet.
Although the beastman came from a remote planet, but the planet had one kind of scarce minerals, and the control of those minerals was in that man's hands. Therefore, that man was very, very rich. Seeing that he was so rich, Synthia's stepfather at once planned to marry Synthia off to him. However, Synthia was not willing because that man's age was already quite old.
"You wait there. I'm going to find you." Shu Shu said.
"Shu Shu, wait, you don't need to come over personally. Just help me find a lawyer. I . . ." Sobbing, Synthia spoke very carefully for fear that he would trouble Shu Shu and finally said, "Shu Shu, thank you."
The communication device was hung up. Staring at the communication device, Shu Shu thought for a moment. In the end, he got onto the aircraft and went to find Ian.
He had always been timid, and he also didn't understand many things. He didn't know what to do if he directly went to find Synthia, so he had better go ask Ian first.
When Shu Shu arrived at Ian's place, Ian was talking to Jonathan.
Jonathan grew up in the Imperial palace. This time, after he came to the capital star, he simply went to live in the Imperial palace. Instead of attending a banquet every day, he and Ian as well as other friends just had some small gatherings. His days were very leisurely. Seeing Shu Shu coming, he immediately smiled and said, "Shu Shu, long time no see."
"Long time no see." Shu Shu greeted him back and then turned toward Ian anxiously, "Mother, I have something that needs your help!"
"What?" Ian asked.
Shu Shu quickly told Synthia's story and then looked at Ian impatiently. "Mother, can you help him?"
"Of course I can." Ian agreed at once. He always felt very guilty towards Shu Shu because Edgar did not have the beast bead, so he would definitely agree to such a small request from Shu Shu.
"Synthia? Of Viscount Morton's family?" Jonathan suddenly said.
"Yeah!" Shu Shu nodded. Synthia's stepfather was surnamed Morton.
"I know a little about his family situation. Viscount Morton had originally been heavily in debt. After marrying a sub-beastman with a child, he's suddenly rich. This person isn't honest." When Jonathan mentioned Morton, his face was rather unsightly.
Ian was also shocked. "There's also this matter?" He always thought that Morton would marry Synthia's mother because he liked Synthia's mother. Who knew that it also involved property?
"It was exactly like this." Jonathan said. "This Morton isn't a good person. You should give him a little lesson! Shu Shu, you bring a group of guards to go with you. When I came to the capital star, I also brought a lawyer who works exclusively for the duchy. I'll give him the information, and he'll also go with you."
"All right." Having heard what was said, Shu Shu immediately nodded.
On the other side, after Synthia hung up the communication device, he turned off the outmoded communication device on his hand and stuffed it into a small crack on the wall.
He had just finished doing all these things when he heard some jumbled voices from the outside. "Where is he? How could he disappear?"
"He's here."
"He's hiding in the storage room!"
"Guard the window, and don't let him run out!"
The voice just fell, and the door of the storage room was pushed open.  Synthia's stepfather and his wife as well as their two beastman sons entered the room, and two robots followed after them.
"Synthia, what're you doing running to the storage room?" Looking at Synthia who was shrinking in the corner, Synthia's stepfather asked with a good-natured expression.
"I . . ." Synthia wanted to say something, but fear made him not know what to say.
"You're going to get married soon, so stay put in your own room until you marry. Don't worry about other things." Viscount Morton said.
"I don't want to." Seeing Viscount Morton's pretense, Synthia involuntarily shook.
"The marriage has already been decided. You must marry him." Viscount Morton frowned at Synthia and then ordered the robots behind him, "Bring him back to his room!"
The two robots quickly grabbed Synthia. He wanted to struggle, but how could a sub-beastman struggle past two robots? He practically had no strength to resist and was taken back to his room.
Synthia's room was quite big, and there were also many things inside. However, the room now did not have a single high-tech product and was even installed with a network blocking device. As long as he stayed in this room, he completely had no way to contact the outside.
He was lucky before. He was able to deceive the robot and made it leave. Then he ran to the storage room to find his late mother's communication device, that he had hidden away previously, to contact Shu Shu. But now, wanting to get another opportunity like this might no longer possible.
Shu Shu would come to save him, right? He could only count on Shu Shu now . . . . Hugging his knees, Synthia started to cry.
In fact, he was always eager to get married. After all, as long as he married someone, he would be able to leave this house . . . . But this time, he really couldn't stand the man he was going to be married off to.
That local rich owner of the mineral veins who came from a remote planet had been married before and had children too, and he was old enough to be his father. If he married such a beastman, he would not be able to have his own children in the future!
If it was before, he would perhaps accept this misfortune as decreed by fate, but when he thought of what Shu Shu had said, that he had to rely on himself, he truly didn't want to be resigned to his fate.
He didn't want to marry that man. He wanted a beastman who loved him and a few children whom he gave birth himself . . . .
Wiping the tears on his face, Synthia huddled up and began to wait.
Meanwhile, Viscount Morton was shaking the robot that had actually been deceived by Synthia.
This beastman who was already quite old ruthlessly kicked the body of the robot several times, his face very ugly. "What the h.e.l.l is going on with this robot? Couldn't even watch a sub-beastman!"
"There should've been a problem with its program." Viscount Morton's beastman son said.
"When that guy Synthia ran out of the room just now, he didn't contact anyone outside, right? This is a h.e.l.l of a problem. Not to mention that the robot left, why did the alarm system have a problem too?" It was reasonable to say that if Synthia escaped, they should be able to find out about it immediately. As a result, they were not even aware when things went wrong, and it actually took quite a while for them to find out that Synthia had escaped. Fortunately, they had set many restrictions. In addition to not being able to go out, Synthia also couldn't use the various electrical appliances in the house, so he could only run into the storage room in the end.
"Father, I've checked the smart system, and there has been no outbound signal launched." The young beastman said again.
Viscount Morton breathed a sigh of relief. "This is good. Find a few more robots to watch him closely. By all means, don't let him have a chance to run away."
"Father, is this really okay? If it was known by the crown princess . . ." The young beastman suddenly asked, somewhat worried. That guy Synthia was familiar with the crown princess; if the things they did were known by the crown princess . . . .
“The crown princess won't know. After he married the crown prince, he hasn't contacted Synthia again. He'll never know about Synthia's situation. Once Synthia gets married on that remote planet, he's even less likely to contact Synthia. He'll soon forget Synthia." Viscount Morton said while scowling indignantly. "This crown princess, he's indeed troublesome!"
In fact, the main reason why Viscount Morton married Synthia's mother at that time was not because he liked Synthia's mother's good looks, but because he knew that Synthia's mother possessed a large sum of money.
Although Synthia's father was not a n.o.bleman, but he was very rich. After his sudden death, the money all went to Synthia's mother. At the same time, their Morton family happened to have an economic crisis.
He married Synthia's mother, and then the Morton family's economic crisis did not exist anymore. He breathed a sigh of relief and secretly had an affair as well as children with another sub-beastman.
Synthia's mother was a weak and incompetent man who relied heavily on him. After Synthia's father died, he also suffered from clinical depression . . . . Just as expected, this man was desperate enough to commit suicide when he was going to divorce him. In this way, only Synthia was left.
Under Synthia's mother and his deliberate guidance, Synthia's cowardice and timid behavior were even more monstrous, and almost no one wanted to a.s.sociate with him. He flaunted his great fondness toward Synthia and was even willing to keep their relations.h.i.+p and pay a large price to let Synthia attend the bridal cla.s.s. In this way, even if some people knew that he had taken the money left by Synthia's biological father, they also didn't come to him with torches and pitchforks.
Originally, he actually didn't intend to do anything to Synthia, but then Synthia got acquainted with the crown princess.
If that Shu Shu always brought Synthia to attend various banquets, mightn't Synthia stop being timid and self-abasing? Mightn't he be resentful and want to retaliate against their whole family? And also want to take away the property that belonged to him?
The previous Synthia did not have the ability to retaliate against them, but with the addition of the crown princess, he had a chance to retaliate against them!
It was exactly because Viscount Morton was afraid of such retaliation that he would like to marry Synthia, who had no deep friends.h.i.+p with the crown princess, off to someone from a remote planet as soon as possible. Of course, that man was also willing to pay a large sum of money, which suited his plan even more.
However, he didn't know why the robot that guarded Synthia suddenly had a problem.
It's a h.e.l.l of a problem!
Viscount Morton's mood was not very good, but when he thought of the large amount of money promised by the beastman who asked to marry Synthia, his mood got better.
Unexpectedly, right at this moment, the sound of the alarm actually rang out in Viscount Morton's mansion house. Was this someone bursting into the garden of his house?
When Viscount Morton was about to let the robot go out and take a look, he suddenly heard a sharp and clear voice, "Everyone inside, listen, you're already surrounded!"
He was surrounded? What the h.e.l.l was this? Viscount Morton was somewhat dumbfounded and switched on the door monitor, intending to take a look at the situation outside and then call the police.
The monitor showed that there were many people standing at the door of his house. After seeing the sub-beastman standing ahead of those people, Viscount Morton's legs suddenly went soft.
The crown princess was coming!

A Guide To Raising Your Natural Enemy Chapter 60

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