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101 Ruin

(Mitsuha) 「Her Highness Princess! This is bad!」

(Remia) 「E-Ehhh? Viscount Yamano?」

All of the people present including Her Highness Princess were astonished because we had suddenly appeared in the conference room of the royal palace.

No, of course, I didn't use transfer to suddenly appear in the conference room.

I got a proper permission from the Earl first, then transferred a bit with Big Lorry and put it at home. From then, I transferred near the royal capital together with Sabine-chan and Colette-chan, and walked from there.

When I said 『The delegation had been attacked, we need to report to Her Highness Princess quickly!』 to the gatekeepers who had remembered our face, he then quickly guided us.

(Mitsuha) 「The delegation was attacked by bandits and is now in catastrophe! Please dispatch medical units right away!」

No, I'm not telling a lie. We were attacked by bandits and destroyed.

……the bandits, that is.

The conference room was already in a fuss.

Well that's as expected.

Even though it's the work of bandits, it is still a big problem if the delegations of another kingdom were attacked around their kingdom. To put it simply, this is an international problem.

Moreover, if a delegation that made a favorable promise to one's own kingdom was destroyed without reporting it to their home kingdom, the national interest would be greatly diminished. …no, there is even a possibility of a war breaks out if it's handled poorly.

(Remia) 「The 1st Imperial Guard company! Prepare for an emergency dispatch! I will go as well!」

There was no one who can object to the immediate dispatch of Her Highness Princess who is now acting as the king.

They have long been in a friendly relations.h.i.+p with us, so the odds of becoming a war are low. However, it's never zero. And even if it does not reach to that point yet, they won't know what would happen after, such as the deterioration of the relations.h.i.+p or backing out from the treaty. Hence, it is necessary for them to show their utmost sincerity here, and it is certain that it will be greatly useful for Her Highness Princess to rush over personally.

(Remia) 「Where is the place!?」

(Mitsuha) 「Ah, it's a two-day travel from here.」

(Remia) 「Eh…………?」

Her Highness Princess stopped moving due to my reply. Ah, the others too.

Ah yeah, we left this place two days ago… If we were attacked at a location two days from here, then the a.s.sault would have just been not too long ago.

So how come we are here now? Even though we don't have any carriages…

Her Highness Princess stared at us.

……this is a problem. What should I say to explain this….

When I was at a loss, Colette-chan inserted herself from the side and opened her mouth.

(Colette) 「……it's two days away.」

And Sabine-chan too.

(Sabine) 「It's two days away.」

(Everyone) 「「「「「…………」」」」」

(Remia) 「……is that so…?」

Her Highness Princess answered so with a resigned voice after everyone kept being silent for quite a while in the conference room.

(Remia) 「Two platoons will escort and return the delegations. The other two platoons will take charge on subjugating the bandits. Prepare enough supplies, carriages and also medicines for the delegation. Our kingdom's honor is ours to sustain, I won't forgive any mistakes! Sortie immediately as soon as it's ready!」

Everyone rushed out of the conference room under Her Highness Princess command. The honor of their motherland is now in their hands and everyone has a desperate look on their face.

Even if she said to prepare immediately, it's not the same kind of present-day response unit. It will take some time to prepare for military movement at this current level of civilization and although it's a two-day distance, that is considered to be a short distance for everyone here, it will still take several hours as well to prepare all of the supplies and call the required medical personnel. In that meantime…….

(Mitsuha) 「Her Highness, we would like to have some consultation for this planned matter. It would be better if we can discuss it in Her Highness's room…」

This could not be a good story. However, in order to protect the honor of her kingdom and avoid any disadvantage, Her Highness Princess had a gloomy face and guided us to her room.

Thirty minutes later, the messengers from Her Highness Princess Remia ran to each department. It's a notification to confirm the prepared materials and also speed up the preparation for the members who will go to the scene alongside Her Highness Princess.

Eventually, everything was ready in around three hours or more.

No, we could not blame them.

As it was a sudden story, excluding the two platoons who need to return quickly as escorts, the other two platoons will have to take more days for searching the bandits which they might not know how long it could last. Therefore, it took quite some time.

Moreover, the horses and carriages are also not like a truck which you can just put gasoline in, turn the key and go.

And above all, this is close to a 『military expedition』.

This is a bandit subjugation that is being led by Her Highness Princess who is acting as the kingdom's agent instead of the King.

No, although perhaps Her Highness Princess is going to 『return quickly』, the outward appearance will still be 『she lead the sortie of the expeditionary force to aid the delegations as well as subjugating the bandits』. This fact is already very significant as a sincerity appeal to the partner kingdom.

And if Her Highness Princess will also go together, there needs to be a variety of things, such as a carriage with bed canopy and escorts. Yes, let's honestly praise them for being ready in just three hours.

The carriages, cavalries and foot soldiers are now marching towards the attack site.

Including the 1st Imperial Guard company that consists of elites who have an absolute loyalty to the royalty and the kingdom. It's a small force of 200 soldiers, consisting of four platoons with an amount of 40 soldiers each, squadron administrators, and dozens of other support personnel.

Their expression was relentless as they are fully aware of the seriousness from the situation and their responsibilities.

We pardoned our intrusion and went inside Her Highness Princess carriage, that is, a luxurious, cus.h.i.+oned, and comfortable carriage that was created with a lots of money.

The maids were moved to another carriage, hence there's only the princess and three of us left in the carriage.

(Mitsuha) 「So, everyone here is the planned personnel?」

(Remia) 「Yes, black, gray, those who support me, neutrals, all of them…」

(Mitsuha) 「Okay, the rest should be going as planned. Now then, we still have some time before the arrival so why don't we play a game?」

(Remia) 「Game?」

And I took out the cards.

Well, it's called Trump in j.a.pan, but I always call it 『Cards』 in my head as it's cooler and international-like. That's why, I also told Sabine-chan and Colette-chan the same. Yup, let's make it popular as 『Cards』 in this world!

Unfortunately, we still cannot make a paper that is h.o.m.ogeneous and durable for now, so it will still take a long way to go to produce, sell and spread it.

The one I just took out is made in j.a.pan and from 『what looks like a paper, but actually a PET instead』. PVC was used in the old days, but now it has changed to PET to cope with environmental issues. Yup, I want to take care of the environment in this world, you see…


(Remia) 「T-three pairs, desuwa!」

(Mitsuha Gang) 「「「Ah~…」」」

Her Highness Princess got addicted.

And she's strong.

She learned the rules in an instant, and took away all the j.a.panese-made sweets that I had brought for the two-days trip with transfer.

(Sabine) 「Neesama, what should we do…?」

Sabine-chan complained to me with a low voice and troubled face.

(Mitsuha) 「I will try to find a gap durin the next break and bring some more!」

Yeah, we need to replenish the sweets.

(Sabine) 「That's not it! Well, we also need some sweets, but that's not it! It's about that!」

Having said that, Sabine-chan secretly pointed at Her Highness Princess Remia.

(Remia) 「Ehe. Ehehehehe. Kufufu!」

For some reason, I spotted a half-broken princess.

Ah, I see… she was starving for entertainment that much, huh….?

No wait, what she is starving for are friends who treat her equally, I guess?

So what should I do now….

(Remia) 「Kukekekekekeke!」

Really, what should I do………….

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Saving 80,000 Gold in an Another World for Retirement Chapter 101

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