Saving 80,000 Gold in an Another World for Retirement Chapter 139

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139. Business

"Purchase decided, click…" (Mitsuha)

[Colette Sculptures]. I picked some products from the mail-order section of the homepage.

… This is a room on the second floor of the gallery café [Gold Coin]. One of the vacant rooms was cleaned up and arranged as an office. And a computer was installed there. Café these days should be able to put online advertis.e.m.e.nt at minimum otherwise it's out of the question.

…well, that was the pretext. The actual purpose is to buy products from my shop in j.a.pan, [Colette Sculptures], and leave a sufficient proof of the transaction. It to avoid suspicions from the tax audits and the likes and serves as a proof of how a little girl can makes a lot of money.

Under-reporting the taxes aside, No one would ever do something like Over-reporting the tax. Fuhahahaha! …Haaa.

What I purchased this time is the stone sculptures and the wood sculptures that I bought on the other world. And the [Mission Impossible] work that I made using the transfer ability, the intricately intertwined stone artifacts.

(Note: I think it's the stone-chain-ring thing from ch.115, but she doesn't mention any ring in this raw)

No, I'm sure there's other method to make this impossible-looking artifact other than my transfer ability. We're not talking about Hedges' crystal skull here.

(Note: This thing > Crystal Skull)

Wooden sculptures by Lortor, stone sculptures by Tiras. Yes, it is, the young man and the young woman, the artists who rushed to [General store Mitsuha] to seek patronage.

The Purchase prices range from a few small coins to a little less than one gold coins. I planned to sell with the rate of one small coin equal to 10,000 yen. … in the gallery café [Gold Coin] that is.

If you exchange the gold coins for earth money, four small coins will worth around 10,000 yen based on the price of the gold, but that is the [Monetary Value] of gold in this world, if we compare the average income and the cost of living between the two worlds, 4 small gold coins feels worth around 40,000 yen, in other words the [Intuition Value]. Therefore, I decided to match the selling price with the [Intuition Value].

Actually, wheat and vegetables are cheaper on the other side, clothes and luxury goods also more expensive, so you can't compare everything at the same rate. There is an exquisite balance between [Art goods are expensive over there] and [The work of unnamed novice is cheaper over there compared to the earth]. So, I think that it would be appropriate to sell the works of those two at the current market price over there.

Well, even though I looked at the art pieces market, I am but an amateur. So let's not to think too deeply. There is no point in comparing prices between two different worlds.

Right, if anyone wants to buy at this price, just buy it. If it doesn't sell, then I should just reconsider it. It's not like I can't afford living if it doesn't sell immediately. Let's go with leisure pace!

… However, it is the selling price at the gallery café [Gold Coin].

[Sculpture Colette] sells at more than 10 times of the prices, and [Gold Coin] buys it. Otherwise, I have to buy and sell a lot of products to send enough money to j.a.pan, which is bothersome.

Besides, a lot of sculptures would be piled up in [Gold Coin], and then there would be no place to put them.

j.a.panese tax office wouldn't complain by saying something like [Your product is overpriced; thus your tax is overpaid]. And it is fine for [Gold Coin] to buy high and sell cheap because the tax exemption in this country, so I don't need to submit financial report or need to worry about being complained. All of this plan was made with confidence because of the favorable treatment [Tax Exemption], and it is also a major reason that I created a shop in this country.

Flexible small to medium-sized nation is the best!

Well, in return, I properly thanked them. In a way that people in this country can be pleased with…

If you do such insane downturn business in j.a.pan, you will definitely be investigated.

There is no one who does business that makes a big deficit for no apparent reason. If there is someone who does business like that, it is normal to think that there are some secrets and circ.u.mstances. If you think with common sense, naturally you would think that there is something wrong…

A few days later, I brought the sculptures, paintings, and other small items to [Gold Coin].

No, I didn't bother sending them out from j.a.pan. Even if I can pay the s.h.i.+pping expenses, I just don't want to deal with the troublesome things like packing, addressing and s.h.i.+pping procedures. Transfer ability for the win!

And various artworks were placed on the stands at the dedicated s.p.a.ce that were originally prepared for artworks, and the paintings were hung on the walls. In addition to the sculptures sold by [Colette Sculptures], which were suspiciously crafted by using the transfer ability, I also purchased art pieces from around the Earth on the net and interesting things I found on the other world.

Since there is a possibility that it would raise suspicions if [Colette Sculpture] is the only supplier that remains in the record, I purchased a lot of things from other sources so that [Colette Sculpture] could be seen as one of many suppliers. Well, let's just say it was necessary expenses for information disruption…

With this, if some of the art pieces sells by chance, that's more than enough.

The store's maintenance costs, and the salaries of the clerks are covered by the café, and even if it goes into the red, it doesn't matter. Remittances to j.a.pan doesn't have to be large, as long as it can cover the amount I used so far.

It's okay to live by eating away the money your parents have left for a few years, and if you can prove that you're working properly, not unemployed,  then you good to go without being afraid of suspicions.

"Alright, it's perfect! Then, from tomorrow on, please manage with the sales of the art pieces too!" (Mitsuha)

I explained it properly to Rudina the manager. Each piece has a price tag and, just in case, there is a note at the cash register with the price list. …Because there is no guarantee that no one will rewrite the price tag.

Besides, when the art is sold, the cash register has a little more money. For robbers, a good target would be a store with only young girls in charge.

There is no night safe around here, even if there is, it's dangerous for Rudina to walk on the road at night after closing. There are people in this world who can easily kill others to steal only a few amounts of money.

… The world is not as peaceful and secure as j.a.pan. There are so many dangerous places like that even in a developed country like the United States.

(Note: Idk why FUNA sensei specified the US here, maybe personal experience. Not that I can say it's wrong though.)

Therefore, security equipment is properly installed, and notices for opening the store are also properly submitted at the nearby police station. In addition, various arrangements were made.

But the most important thing is [do not be reckless].

Money can be earned again later. It's not worth it to be killed for trying to save some money. So I clearly told Rudina and Silua, [Don't be too resistant to robbers, runaways, or other unreasonable customers. Think only about the safety of yourself and your customers]. Along with the j.a.panese style of customer service, the employee training is perfect with this.

(Note: runaways as in dine-and-dasher)

Alright, I'll leave the rest to them!

"…wait, why [Colette Sculptures] has an email order from an unknown place…" (Mitsuha)

Right, a mail order on the homepage of [Colette Sculptures] which has more than 10 times of the selling price at [Gold Coin]. I didn't even expect that there would be orders from other than [Gold Coin].

…Which Idiot is this?!

d.a.m.n, I have to do troublesome procedures of international s.h.i.+pping.

Should I refuse the order or give an appropriate reason?

No, the order is for the one I made.

… It makes me happy! Can you blame me!?

Since there is no help for it, there is something the so-called guilt, so let's make a great discount as a special service for the store opening. I'll add some bonuses too!

…why did you order more!?

Are you making fun of me? Huh!?

Saving 80,000 Gold in an Another World for Retirement Chapter 139

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