Saving 80,000 Gold in an Another World for Retirement Chapter 201

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Published at 1st of April 2020 02:20:42 PM
Chapter 201

201 . Society 6

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“My! Caelisama, even such a thing… I’ve heard rumors that you helped a troubled commoner’s child, but I see that you did a lot of other things, too . How gentle…” (?)

Behind today’s capture target, the eldest son of Count Sylvain, three young ladies, talked in a position and in a volume that has been calculated to reach his ears properly . The contents, of course, are compliments for the daughter of Count Sylvette, Caelia de Sylvette .

And the other three are doing the same thing around Count Sylvain and his wife as a separate squad .

Right, they’re disseminating deceit information .

However, such episodes have actually happened so that those stories wouldn’t be able to be declared as lies . There were some preparations, such as setting the scene or arranging the situation or hiring the s.h.i.+lls, but those stories are true, so there is no problem .

“Not only beautiful, but she is also a gentle, wise, and virtuous young lady, but there are also mischievous and rashness side of her, one would never be tired of watching her… . No, there’s nothing to worry” (?)

“But everyone is fond of such a lady . The others would try to show only their good side in front of men, but to think that she is liked by the ladies too, how wonderful…” (?)

Right, it is rare for a lady to be praised by other ladies in an event where they would compete with each other like a birthday party . Despite that, being praised by many beautiful ladies shows how much everyone fond of that particular lady and how praiseworthy she is .

…and she’s cute like an angel…

The six supporters themselves applied their own makeup with the help of the maids, but the beauty staff oneesan retouched their works, taking them to an even higher level . However, the oneesan who knew the circ.u.mstances to a certain extent calculated her work so that Caelichan would still be the most prominent .

The boy who is today’s capture target rushed to the heroine, Caelia, before the other men started talking to her .

“…thank you for coming to my birthday party . By all means, let me be your first dance partner tonight…” (the boi)

Following that, a group of boys offering for dance came to the six other girls one after another .

( ( ( ( ( (…we won…) ) ) ) ) )

Achievement points and prizes obtained! And the men too…

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Thinking so, the six girls and the count’s daughter, Caelia de Sylvette, broadly smiles .

And a large number of n.o.ble daughters and their mothers, who knew the seven girls well, were stunned by their transformation because even though they were beautiful, they should have been in the category of [ordinarily beautiful] .

Everyone was wondering what exactly happened to those seven girls .

Gradually, everyone realized about the matter that those seven girls have in common…

( ( ( ( ( (Society…) ) ) ) ) )

The girls who refused the invitation weakly sunk to the floor .

The girls who forced to decline by their father because their houses belong to different factions were crying .

The girls who rejected from joining were stabbing the fork in their hands onto the plate .

 …although some of the fathers were rus.h.i.+ng to look after their daughters, most people didn’t even look at those girls and kept their eyes on the seven angels at the center of the party venue .

And not only the girls, but their mothers, who had heard the rumors of the Society, were also twitching in their faces .

Those seven girls, and the others who have joined the [Society], as well as all the women in their house who will benefit from it, have a way to make themselves as beautiful as that girl .

But the other women will not be able to get it .

…it is h.e.l.l .

It is without a doubt that the h.e.l.l itself has appeared in this world .

(Mitsuha’s POV)

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[The enemies have been completely destroyed! The secondary attack will not necessary]

Alright, we got a message!

…yeah, as a precautionary measure, I told the supporters to let me know if anything happened by giving a note to the maid who was waiting near the restroom . So that I could give them instructions if there is any discrepancy in the plan due to an unforeseen accident…

But it looks like that there’s nothing to worry about .

…how overwhelming, my army!!

Let’s proceed leisurely for the rest of the party!

Well, just in case, I followed the girls to the party . … . I’m waiting outside in the carriage though .

Because the carriage was packed with nine people inside, we came with the escorts in tow in another carriage .

Since we were bringing seven daughters of another house, it would be terrible if there’s something happens . So, of course, we had to bring escorts .

Of course, Mitchan isn’t included in Caelichan’s supporters .

It would be unreasonable to have a Marquis’ daughter to directly support a Count’s daughter . Besides, it would be bad if the capture target drawn towards Mitchan instead .

Mitchan is super cute, and there’s a big difference in terms of status between a Marquis and a Count…

Ah, of course, along with the other girls, Mitchan was also observing the oneesan putting makeup on Caelichan, she also had her makeup retouched .

I told her that she should be acting alone apart from the other girls at the party venue .

And since I’m bored waiting alone, let’s have a chat with the escorts that are waiting in the other carriage .

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It seems that the escorts may also get inside the mansion and have some snacks in a separate room, but since this is a birthday party, there are too many guests . Besides, some guards have strict policies like that they should never eat or drink while escorting or that they should never leave the carriage to prevent it from being tampered…

Well, anyway, all of our escorts are waiting in the carriage .

That’s why when I got into the escort carriage… they were surprised .

Well, of course, if they thought that all of the girls would go to the party venue, they would be surprised if only one remained and went onto their carriage instead .

But I don’t wear a party dress, right? They should’ve guessed that much…

Well, at first, they used stiff honorific words, but they quickly became familiar, and the way they address me changed from [lady] to [missy] .

…yeah, it’s always the case .

And I heard Mitchan’s hards.h.i.+p from the guards .

Of course, it’s not the story that Mitchan went through hards.h.i.+ps, but it’s the story that [Mitchan giving hards.h.i.+ps] instead . Well, I guess it’s natural .

The party finally over, and Caelichan and her supporters waiting for the carriage at the entrance with a broad smile on their faces .

…I see, so it’s a victory for my army .

Mitchan seems a little upset at an overwhelming force .

Well, Mitchan was always being targeted by the boys here and there . If it is getting worse because of makeup, I guess it would be unbearable .

But it would also be unbearable for her if the other members keep raising their makeup skills and become more beautiful, but only herself that hasn’t progressed .

What do you do? Fuhahahaha!!

Three days after the party .

I ordered a large number of cosmetics from the beauty staff oneesan .

The oneesan had a soothing smile .

And at that time, the oneesan asked me .

“Say . What’s the name of that room? Suite? Or is it the Presidential Suite?” (the oneesan)

Ah~ . I guess she is planning to stay with her boyfriend on Christmas or Birthday or something like that…

“Ah~, that room is special, so ordinary guests won’t be able to stay there . Unless you’re a member…” (Mitsuha)

Yeah, there really is such a thing in the world . They would display it in the pamphlet to show the hotel’s status, but when commoners try to make a reservation, they’re always coldly refuse by saying [It is fully booked on that day] .

In fact, it is vacant, but only celebrities and certain groups of people can stay there .

Of course, I’m talking about j.a.panese hotel in the present times . Even today, such a thing is normal .

Well, things such as members.h.i.+p system or refusing non-regulars are normal .

“Eh…” (the oneesan)

In response to my answer, the oneesan looks disappointed .


But there is a hotel with such a room in j.a.pan, but it costs 300,000 or 400,000 for a single night . I think it’s better to eat 20 full-course dishes with that money .

Well, I bet she would be pleased with her commission from the cosmetics sales…

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