Saving 80,000 Gold in an Another World for Retirement Chapter 49

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49 Party

2 days later, at the Count Lanchen residence
Obviously, I wore a proper dress and went to the party hall
The dress that I wear is a contribution as a representative of my 
home country as an example of [reverse tribute of bribery] 
(TN : slap me if I'm right, ドレスは、例の『詐欺同然の逆朝貢』で各国に貢がせたうちの一着だ)
It seems like a luxury goods that cost a lot of money if you see 
it, with the highest materials and technology from the present 
earth were displayed, I don't need to explain how it appears in the 
eyes of people in this world
Somehow... It's a bit unpleasant.

Why is the size perfect you say? Height may be measured with the 
surrounding object by a hidden photograph, but why is the size of 
waist and bust perfect too you say...? 
Awesome! The power of spy! 
(TN : Umm.... is that captain at fault?)

Because you can't put a weapon on the upper body while using a 
dress, my self-defense equipment for today is only Walser PPS at my 
There is no way anyone would turn the women's skirt. Maybe. 
If it found out by chance, "Its impolite to bring a weapon in the 
party"," but this is a "sacred treasure" so it's okay!
Sacred treasure must be worn forever, like an amulet or talisman (TN : 
wut?), you can't complaint.
Say no more.

Actually, I can escape anytime if I am alone, so I don't have to use 

this gun except when forced to use it. If I don't have time to 

escape, at that time it doesn't matter if I have a weapon or not.
So, I have a reason for having a weapon [Just in case there is 
surprise attack to protect others].
Even if everyone have a small group of guards, they can evacuate 
together, but if the number of people is large, its quite 
complicated and afterwards various trouble will come, so in that 
case it would be easier to remove enemies first.

Anyway, those n.o.ble noticed me quickly and approach me while I 
enter the venue and they think I am unarmed. But Earl Boses/Bozes 
immediately ran to me and pulled my hand.

"First, we must say h.e.l.lo to this party organizer!, Count Lanchen"
He directly pulled me
As expected of Earl-sama, he properly escort me.......Oi, this is 
wrong! This is not how you escort someone! It is like a father who 
pulled away his daughter's hand.....
.... Well, whatever.......

And then, before I noticed it, Alexis grabbing my other hand.
W wait, wait, is- is it that isn't it, [A figure of an alien 
while its arm grabbed by 2 CIA staff...] .....

"L-let me go please! I wouldn't run away!"
Eventough I despite what they do, it seems they won't let go of my 
hands. I was pulled by Earl and his son toward the Court Lanchen 
family who is the part's organizer today.
The Count Lanchen himself, the Countess, the eldest son, eldest 
daughter, second daughter and the second son.

"Your Grace, Thank you for your invitation, I am so grateful....."
I had no choice, I release my hand from their grip, somehow my 
greeting was decent enough.
The Count Lanchen family looks surprised. Of course isn't it, what 
kind of performance is that when your hands gripped from both 

" aah-.... Wel-Welcome, my pleasure to meet you...."
Even the stuttered Count Lanchen managed to reply my greeting while 
still surprised, a man around 20's who seems to be Count's son 
rises suddenly, I stretched out my hand.
"Welcome to our humble place, I am the eldest son of Count Lanchen 

..- eh?"

*Pull--- in*

When my streched hand sweeps out and missed the Count son's hand 
while his jaw dropped, because Earl Bozez and Alexis grabbed my 
arms and pulled it back to the where it was right before the 
handshake happened.

"Well then, we are a bit busy, so we will excuse ourself"
Is what the Earl said, Earl and Alexis-sama are walking out while 
lifting me up. No, wait a second, I'm facing backward! Seriously, 
its realy become [The Captured alien!], I am gathering a lot of 
attention here!!

As I pulled out, Earl Bozes whispered to me and say.
"That is the oldest son's bad habit, although he already has a 
fiancée, he is quite good at handling a lot of girls too, do not 
approach him, do not speak to him, also do not make him your 

Oh, so that is why you do that?
But, please let me say something to you Earl-sama.
.....My ear! it's ticklis.h.!.+

"Next is, we will greet the Earl Pasteur house/family. They are the 
organizer of the party from the other day that Mitsuha missed. 
While you are too focused on your goods stock, you just missed 
their second daughter debut, so you must behave friendly in order 
to solve everyone misunderstanding of you, I am particularly 
concerned about that second daughter who expected you to debuted 
her party."
Aw man~, I did a bad thing to the second daughter-san. 
Well then, I must do something...

This time, I pull my arms to let go off from their grip.
You two didn't realize it huh? Of course they didn't, you just 
forcibly drag me here pridefully.
(TN: I changed the line here, forgive me if i am wrong)

"Pleased to meet you, My name is Viscount Mitsuha Von Yamano, 
please treat me well."
Greeting cleanly and courtesy.

"My apologies for the other day. I do not know if there is a report 
for staying in the capital, and it seems the invitation letter was 
not delivered because they think I was "absent" at that time...."

Since the party of the other day, Earl Pasteur thought something 
was not right and it seems a lot of bad rumor surrounding them, and 
finally, the misunderstanding has cleared, his eyes opened widely. 

I mean, seriously, I am sorry.

The Wive and her children next to them also surprised.
Ah, the second daughter's face is....
Oh no, it looks like she is going to cry!

Coming of age party debut, also the social debut by invite [The 
Thunder Princess Shrine Maiden], she(2nd dghtr) would be pleased 
that she can be closer to her(mitsuha), and now she(2nd dghtr) 
disappointed when being told that "I haven't arrived at the Royal 
Capital at that time", if someone keep trying and trying and trying 
her best, then you are told that actually I am already in the Royal 
Capital, who wouldn't cry because of that?....
What to do, shall I apol- No that's not it, I must do something....

"ah, right, t-this, p-please take it, I apologize that I could 
not go to your debut party, and a friends.h.i.+p gift..."

I handed out the ring that I had from my finger, yup, like my dress 
too, sometimes ago, a bribe from a German agent, I received it as 
the contribution. I don't know how many carats in there, but I 
think this ring has a reasonable value as a diamond ring.

I am not in trouble with money right now, so as long I can get 
through of this place well, this is fine. Its just a gift anyway.
Even in this world, large diamonds and the high quality diamonds 
are present as it is. However, the value of the diamond in this 
ring compared to the one in this world is not big, it's a technique 
of cutting and polis.h.i.+ng.

The value of a diamond is determined by a combination of cutting technique, 
color, carat(weight), and the purity And also the difference in technical power.

The light that enters the diamond becomes a more radiant diamond by 
the excellent refractive index of diamond and the ideal proportion 
determined from its refractive index (ideal proportion). This 
cutting technology is different in level from this world and the 
earth. Therefore, even if the original is the same rough stone, it 
becomes a difference of comparison which can not be compared.
In other words, this ring is a thing beyond the common sense of 
this world in its cut technology. 

In Western Europe of the Earth, even for diamonds of an 
engagement ring price, depending on the cut 
it will be a considerable value in this world.
It's a bit tiring if I go to western Europe, so I make a comparison 
in j.a.pan there are many cases of selling high ranked items at a 
high price with a ranking 1-2 grade in j.a.pan. Because the appraiser 
who made the expert opinion may be a subsidiary of the jewelry 
shop. Even if it sells at 80 to 90% of the amount bought overseas 
then in Zara that selling price is less than 20% in j.a.pan.

""" Eeeeh--"""

The second daughter-san opened her eyes widely in surprise after 

received my ring reflexively.
Count Pasteur and his wife seems more surprised than her.
Well, it seems that couple knows my ring's value. Of course they 
know it I thought.
Eh? Earl Bozes looks like he is upset about something.

"Mi-Mitsuha, that is...."
"It is an heirloom from my mother, what is it?"
I answering Earl's question just like that
"N-no matter how much I said to you, *sigh* such an important 

Aah, so that what worries you, Earl Bosez
The art like cuts, the purity, the natural magnet of girl's taste, 
but this is just an jewellery, so I do not know the monetary value 
of this thing. Perhaps it will be a little expensive, just that.

Well, the value of this thing on earth maybe around tens of 
million(Yen or Dollar?), or maybe not that much. It's not that 
great, it's just a pretty girl's pleasure to buy. And the dress is 
from another country. Maybe it's around tens of thousands dollars 
at least. (TN: d.a.m.n you, rich girl!)

....What the h.e.l.l with [Tens of thousands dollars], is there anyone 
have that much money, Of course that's me.
Well, it is a gift. This is not worth the tears of young and cute 
girls. (TN : dayum <>
But, even if she isn't cute that doesn't mean she should cry tho.

"Vi, Viscount Yamano, I will receive this Important thing...."
Earl Paster said while trembling. His wive and eldest daughter 
carefully wathing the ring wich is the second daughter-san held.

"No problem, if I attend your party before, maybe we can become a 
really close friend, because my carelessnes, I lost that chance, so 
this is still nothing...."

After I said that, now the second daughter-san smiling brightly.
"Would you really want me, to become your friend?"(Mitsuha)
The second daughter-san nodding quickly.
I don't have any choice now, right?

After that, I chitchat with the second daughter-san, and before 
leaving them, I said many thanks and sorry to the Count family, 
then I withdrew.

There is no doubt, the rumor will spread out to the other n.o.bles 
who heard and watch our situation like how intimate Viscount Yamano 
and Count Pasteur by giving out my mother's ring. even so, I am a 
bit relieved that my task has been completed.

"... That was Overkill"
And I was scolded by Earl Bozes.

"Oh, that reminds me, where are Iris-sama and Theodore-sama?"
"Only both of us come here today, it's just the birthday party of 

the second son here, we supposed to not partic.i.p.ate here, its 

because of a certain someone's problems, that's why we are here..."
Aah~ I am sorry~

Suddenly my name is called from behind and so I look back,
"Oh, Adelaide-chan, long time no see~!"

The (wild) Adelaide-chan appeared! She is the eldest daughter of 
Viscount Liner who previously her debut party organized by me, and 
now she is surrunded by a few boys and girls.

She is quite popular, isn't it? Could it be, because of her debut 
No way, no way, originaly Adelaide-chan is a good girl, so isn't it 
natural for her to be so popular?......

I talked with Adelaide-chan for a while. The other children who 
stuck to her one by one scattered, and I was able to talk with ease 
to the other men and women that age are close to mine until the end 
of party. That remind me of the past, when around junior high 
school and that was fun.

Maybe because I am with the other n.o.bles children, the Earl left me 
there not a long ago. Well, he must also talk with the other 
n.o.bles, it's not like he must be with me forever.

Alexis-sama always stood beside me though, somehow this is a bit 
unsettling. Alexis-sama is young and popular with mostly girls. 

Thanks to the last incident, he is treated as the Heroes at the 
Defensive Battle in the Kingdom. Besides he is used to always woo-
ing with any girl in the past even the Earl's servant. What's wrong 
with this sudden change of personality?

Suddenly, he said something to me.
"Mitsuha, you are the head/owner of your house name aren't you? at 
least you must talk to the other n.o.bles househead properly because 
the conversation is different from the ordinary n.o.ble's child 
Even though I had a lot of fun here...
But, oh well, I think what he said is true

Even the other n.o.bles children understand it with the disappointed face, 
I feel sorry for them, but I can't help it.
It can't be helped, really, so where do I start from, talking face 
to face?

But, I didn't recognize each of them.....
Oh, by the way, I do not remember the second daughter-san's name of 
Earl Pasteur.
Wait, I haven't heard anyone recall her name from the first place, right?

Maybe next time I have to remember her name before I see her again, 
that would be bad if I don't know her name after all.....

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Saving 80,000 Gold in an Another World for Retirement Chapter 49

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