Saving 80,000 Gold in an Another World for Retirement Chapter 83

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Kuro Kurori ssu~

Chapter 83 is done! ( `・ω・´)

Would it be okay if I take turns translating Mitsuha and Kaoru each day?

83 Contact

My weeping finally stopped Sabine-chan and Colette-chan from playing the game and came to the driver’s seat. If you didn’t care for me, I will really gonna cry, you know!

The two seem to have talked various things while playing the game and are getting along well now.

Alright, just as planned!

……Getting along well is good but please don’t left me out.

Ah, it looks like Sabine-chan is writing down the resurrection spell earnestly.

In the meantime, I should see if she made any mistakes.

(Mitsuha) 「It’s about time for the second noon chime (15:00), let’s make a call.」

(TL Note: Evening in j.a.pan is apparently from 15:00-18:00)

Having said that, I operated the HF transmitter.

Since there won’t be a problem with the electricity power while driving, the communicator had already been turned on from the beginning. Therefore, I could know immediately if there’s a call from the King or the delegation party. It can’t be helped if we weren’t in the car at some point of time, though. I can just call them again later.

Well, there was no urgent business to begin with. I won’t make any calls until I reach home if It’s just a casual talk. So let’s endure it.

Even if I say it’s a regular contact, I won’t call every single day.

However, if there’s something that needs to be conveyed to them, I will call at around this point of time. Therefore, they don’t have to wait for it every time and we also won’t choose this time to take a shower or exercise outside the car.

This time, it’s the first communication after we left the capital.

(Mitsuha) 「Checkmate King One, Checkmate King One. This is White Rook, over」

(King) 『Ooh, this is King One. Signal is good!』

A reply came in a flash. It seems like the King had been waiting in front of the communicator for a long time.

(King) 『How is King Seven doing?』

We just separated yesterday, she won’t get sick so soon, you know!

Oh, We carefully kept in mind to use callsigns to prevent someone or even spies knowing whom the King is currently contacting to. I had already changed the frequency to the one I had in my territory, hence I’m not worried about being tapped by the delegation’s carriage too.

The communicator that I used right now to contact the Royal Palace was from my home, so that’s also not a problem.

In addition, The delegation’s communicator was instructed to be always turned off except needed. The small solar panel on the carriage’s roof alone won’t have enough power and it will be unlikely for them to contact the royal palace or me while on the move.

If they really need to contact me and are in a hurry, they could call the Royal Palace several times with considerable intervals. There will probably be someone in the Royal Palace who will always be in charge if there’s something going on and they will forward it to me via the communicator. I also have  already reported that we will always be in the car and monitor as much as possible around the second noon chime.

If we are the one who is in a hurry, we could move to a town close to the carriage’s expected position, then confirm whether the delegation has pa.s.sed or not by searching via transfer continuously.

It will be easy to find them because they are definitely on the main road.

The delegation will always get in touch with the Royal Palace, hence, they will get used to put in a status report from time to time.

(Mitsuha) 「King Seven is fine…. or rather, too fine. We left the main force yesterday and went independently as planned. There are no other matters to report.」

(King) 『Understood. There’s nothing from this side either. Well then, I’ll entrust S…King Seven to you!』

(Mitsuha) 「Roger, then, that’s it for now.」

(King) 『Umu.』

The communication ended successfully.

In this period of time, 7 MHz could go well.

Ah, of course, we have the King’s permission in advance to take action separately from the delegation. As expected, I cannot take Sabine-chan with me without the king’s consent. That’s common sense, right?

(Mitsuha) 「Okay, for tonight, How about we stay at an inn-….」

(Sabine and Colette) 「「Objection!」」

(TL Note: *Phoenix Wright theme song plays*)

……If we stay at an inn, you guys can’t play the game, huh? Is that so?

Even if it gets dark, I can still continue moving if I turn on the headlights.

However, there is no need to rush. The main party is still far back and we could enjoy our travel leisurely.

Besides, if I turn on the headlights while on the move, they will literally be lanterns in the dark night. It will stand out even from dozens of kilometers away. Most of the thieves won’t think of meddling with this kind of weird moving light, but that doesn’t mean they won’t pull any weird stunts.

It’s getting dark right now, so I got off the road and stopped to rest.

For dinner, I just simply warmed some retort foods in the kitchen.

(TL Note: In case you don’t know retort foods.)

The fuel for the stove is a 5kg LPG tank. Because this car uses a lot of electricity, I used a gas stove instead of an induction one. The shower and the heater are also gas powered. Otherwise, I will still be anxious about the car’s engine, even if there’s a separated generator mounted inside. If it’s gas, it will be easy because I only need to replace the tank.

When we finally had eaten our dinner, Sabine-chan and Colette-chan all together to the game console-….Like I said! Pay attention to me!!

The next morning, we departed immediately after we had a simple breakfast with only apples, breads and coffee.

Looks like Sabine-chan and Colette-chan are still sleepy. Well.., they were playing the game until late night, even though they don’t have a habit of staying up late. It’s obvious.

…..Do I need to limit their gaming time for this..

I can now pretty much understand the feelings of a mother who has an elementary or junior high school child.

No.., really.

Today, we are going to cross the border.

Well, even though it’s crossing a border, there’s no wall nor a guard that separates it, it’s just a signboard.

Confirming any suspicious person and collecting tax will be done when you are entering the city. Hence, there won’t be any purpose to have guards standing in a large area like this.

As expected from spending the night in a car day after day, especially with 『that』 thing. We will stay at an inn today. No matter how many objections!

Well, sleeping in the car is also comfortable, you know. You could also use the air conditioner if you don’t care about the sound from the generator. There are also various meals, such as retort foods and instant noodles too….

But! staying in the car every day just to play the game is different! That’s fatally wrong! There’s no charm from the journey at all!!

If it’s a game, you can play it at……home-…no good! They will just become NEETs!

(TL Note: And then they will hate humanity, thus summoned to a game world.)

Oh no.., I have given them something outrageous…… .

While I was thinking about the horrible outcome that might happen, we had pa.s.sed the border’s sign.

From here on will be another kingdom. My social status as a Viscount and Sabine-chan’s status as the third princess will be no more than just a 『lower-cla.s.s n.o.ble from another kingdom』 and a 『low-ranking royal successor from another kingdom』 from the people’s perspective. We won’t have strong authority to order the n.o.bles and royalties of that kingdom.

No, of course, it would be a big problem if they harmed the n.o.bles and royalties of other kingdoms and it would be quite bad for diplomacy. So they generally decided to be courteous and welcoming instead of being suspicious. Well.., 『generally』… .

However, there’s a possibility that the 『we should approach the little girl who has new type of amazing weapons so we will absolutely accept a military alliance, and what’s more, she brought a princess with her too.』 kind of people will exist, such as 『a person who holds an authority』 or 『a person who wants to hold an authority』.

Besides, I don’t intend to show my status that much, except when I am joining the delegation.

If I do such things, I would be targeted by kidnappers or invited by feudal lords wherever I go. It will be troublesome and I won’t be able to enjoy the journey.

Well, apart from me, Sabine-chan is also a princess, right..

For villains, it will be a great benefit to capture her for negotiation and demand ransom. And for the n.o.bles, it will be a great opportunity to connect with other royalties, so they won’t miss it. Therefore, let’s hide our ident.i.ty and travel normally.

Eh? It’s not normal to travel in such a car you said?

That is that and this is this! That’s why I had made a shelf in my heart and kept that there.

But when it’s needed, I will use Sabine-chan’s status without hesitation, naturally.

There are still times where power, connection or money is needed, you know. Because those are our weapons.

Even if it’s thanks to your parents, having such parents is also a weapon that you can have.

When you fight against the enemy and you were told, 『It’s because you have a powerful weapon that were inherited from your parents, using it is shameful.』

Are large diameter guns inhumane? Using them is shameful?

Then, would it be more generous to shoot dozens of bullets and kill people with .22 caliber small arms? For example, a 12.7mm caliber machine gun, its caliber is bigger than a gun though, but is it still okay to use that?

(TL Note: Oh wow, Mitsuha goes deep..)

In the first place, something that is stronger than the opponent is what we called as a weapon. Preparing a lot of weapons when facing an opponent is already an ironclad rule in wars. There are no such things as weapons that aren’t unfair nor inhumane. A war is not a knight’s duel.

Weapons are to injure people or even take someone’s life.

In other words, inhumane.

The Hague Ground War Pact only prohibits 『the use of weapons, projectiles and such that can cause unnecessary pain』 and did not decide the weapon’s caliber.

So, what can I use to give necessary pain?

Well, It’s fine I guess. You use a weapon because you want to kill.

……not good, the conversation got off track.

(TL Note: Tell me about it. (" ´・ω・`) )

Well, for that reason, I will be a dark hero who says, 『For justice and my own sake, I will not forgive any evil deeds!』


(Colette) 「…..This is the face when Mitsuha is immersed in her delusion. At this time, she can’t hear you when you talk, so it’s good to grab her shoulder and shake it or just wait for a while.」

(Sabine) 「Okay, I got it.」

Colette-chan is currently giving a lecture to Sabine-chan.

S-shut up! (U-urusaiwa!)

TL Note:

So many explanations! (  `; ω ;´)

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Saving 80,000 Gold in an Another World for Retirement Chapter 83

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