House Dad's Literary Life Chapter 44

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Chapter 44 - Valued By The Editor-In-Chief

In fact, the most famous military literature website in China belongs to Iron Blood Website! This is a military forum founded by a magazine with a special background, a military magazine. It has gathered a large number of veterans and military enthusiasts since its inception ten years ago!

Today, however, the fans of Iron Blood were a little stirred up by a novel published by their friend Amway who published a novel under the military section of the Qiyue Literature Website, which they disdain reading at. (TN: The fans are disdain to read the novels under the military section because of the reasons below, and not the novel that was published.) (TN: No idea who is Amway)

The novels in the military section of Qiyue Literature Website are more on fictional, and are not realistic anymore. Those best-selling novels are often mixed with various loopholes, and all kinds of wrong logic.

This makes the military fans who like to study the real data of military and weapons feel disdainful. It is as absurd as a specialized professor of history, who has studied the history of the Spring and Autumn Warring States period for decades, seeing a novel that wrote papermaking was invented by Confucius.

But this book "Soldier a.s.sault" was different. They were so fascinated by it, and many weapons and data were accurately described. Yang Yi has revised the names of some weapons and tanks that appeared in the past, base the memory of the previous Yang Yi.

"The author must have been a soldier and had a similar experience!" Many veterans from rural areas burst into tears when they read the first few chapters and turned to Amway for more.

However, the comments below the novel are not so friendly!

After all, the audience of online novels was too wide. From the "old boys" in their 30s and 40s to the primary school students who have just started reading novels, the successful people in the business world and the rich second generation. There are also migrant workers who earn hard-earned money and read novels just to get rid of loneliness.

The slow rhythm and deep storyline of "Soldier a.s.sault" made some readers who were accustomed to fast paced literature unable to adapt!

What sticks in the minds of some pleasure-seeking readers is the protagonist's "cowardice"!

"How can there be such a cowardly protagonist? I really can't stand it!"

"I have read a lot of thing in my life, but this is the first time I saw that one had to be pitied before becoming the protagonist in the army! I dropped it after reading two chapters."

"Surrendering at the sight of a tank's barrel? Is Xu Sanduo still going to stay in the military camp? How can the author write such a rubbish protagonist?"

Yes, everyone is used to the online novel protagonist that has an air of arrogance and is crazy good. Now, seeing a worthless protagonist, they really feel that their three views have been washed away. (TN: Air of arrogance - view oneself as better than everyone else. Three views: world outlook, values and outlook on life.)

Of course, it is not that there are no readers who like this novel. The readers who are patient and like this style of writing like Mu Yucheng are not in the minority. They are also arguing according to reason. What's unexpected is that those who don't give much reward at ordinary times are now willing to pay the author and encourage the author to write well.

But under the feedback of many disgusted readers, the reader rating of "Soldier a.s.sault" have been consistently low, and there was no way to pa.s.s the middle mark!

Seeing such an evaluation, seeing such a score, netizens from Iron Blood Website were angry.

How can they slander a good work like this?

"This is the most realistic military work I have ever seen! I am also a soldier of rural origin, and I can responsibly tell you that the author has written very truthfully. Many rural soldiers are forced to join the army by their parents because their families are poor, and they all start from the very gra.s.s-roots units! Different from the children in a city, where their family conditions are good, no one is willing to be a soldier at all. Even if they have signed up, they are trying to use the military as a springboard to seek qualification!"

Many veterans showed up and preached: "Enlistment is not as simple as military training. You think that the protagonist is a coward, because you have not experienced the situation where you have to suddenly leave your hometown and follow the military, leaving your parents, and going to a completely strange place. The author describes this process very well, yes, even if they are all men, who does not shed tears when bleeding, but in that atmosphere, as long as a companion cries, the whole carriage will cry as one! I think naive people should stop, they're just recruits, they haven't honed a strong will yet!"

"The most emotional thing is when Xu Sanduo just entered the military camp, those little episodes that made a fool of himself during training were full of memories! Like in those days, I was also scolded by the platoon leader, kicked by him, and knock over by teammates in the drill ground… your grandmother, I want to cry when I read this book. I, Zhao Tiezhu, miss the army!" (TN: It was NND in the raw which is an abbr. for "grandmother", which is a swear word)

After an emotional one, the following group of fellow soldiers cried bitterly.

The appearance of the netizen of Iron Blood Website has changed the confrontation in the book review area. The new force is very large, and coupled with the netizens who originally supported Yang Yi, they have unexpectedly had a certain degree of victory!

But they are not satisfied, they still feel that Yang Yi was aggrieved on this website!

As a result, someone began to promote having Yang Yi's next book be published on the Iron Blood Website.

"The readers of Qiyue Website look down on you, but it doesn't matter. The author should just go to Iron Blood Website! We will favor you to heaven! There are a lot of fans who like your work!"

"Will the author still be writing about military literature in his next book? Come to Iron Blood, this is where you belong."

Promoting other compet.i.tors' websites in other people's websites, although Yang Yi, the moderator, did not take care of them, the Qiyue Literature Website staff soon noticed this and they began to delete comments and banned some readers who repeatedly promote!

However, Iron Blooded netizens are hot temper - otherwise they will not advocate military novels. The more they are suppressed, the angrier they are, and the harder they promote!

So, that afternoon, Qiang Zi was called to the office by the Chief Editor. (TN: Or Editor-in-Chief)

"Hu Da, are you looking for me?" Qiang Zi is a little nervous.

Chief Editor Hu nodded, and the light of the computer somewhat obscured his expression: "Soldier a.s.sault", is this the book you dug up?"

"Mm-hmm." Qiang Zi nodded uneasily.

"This book has caused a lot of controversy lately…" The tone of Chief Editor Hu is still relatively calm.

But Qiang Zi is a little frightened, he hurriedly explained: "I know that this has brought bad influence to the website, but Hu Da, this book is really good."

However, Chief Editor Hu laughed and said, "Qiang Zi, you misunderstood, I'm not blaming you. On the contrary, I'd like to praise you for digging out such an excellent work for the website."

"Ah?" Qiang Zi is a little dumbfounded.

"Look at this data!" Chief Editor Hu handed out a printed sheet of paper to Qiang Zi and said, "In recent days, the number of new users to our website has suddenly increased significantly. Our technicians have studied it, and most of this growth of readers have come for "Soldier a.s.sault"!"

Qiang Zi has been concerned about the book review area. He asked somewhat puzzled: "But won't their comments affect our website? And this part of the readers are not loyal users. After reading the book, they will return to Iron Blood Website…"

"They spent, so they are our users. What matter is not where they came from but whether we can keep their hearts!" Chief Editor Hu said categorically, "To keep their hearts, we have to make sure that the author of "Soldier a.s.sault" will not be poached by Iron Blood's people and that his next book will still be published on our website!"

To make his compet.i.tors unhappy and attract their readers, Chief Editor Hu was keenly aware that this was a very good opportunity!

"Qiang Zi, did you get in touch with the author? Please ask him to talk to our company!" Chief Editor Hu looked eagerly at Qiang Zi.

Qiang Zi wanted to cry: Brother, I also want to get in touch with him too!

"Not yet… I've been waiting for him for days, and he hasn't been online." Qiang Zi smiled bitterly.

Of course, as subordinates, he can't push the problem to the leaders. Qiangzi hurriedly added: "But I think he should be online today, because his stock is running out!"

"Good! Keep an eye on this matter today. You have to get in touch with the author." Chief Editor Hu clenched his fist and encouraged Qiang Zi. "This is important, Qiangzi. You're shouldering our hope!"

However, while Qiang Zi was eagerly looking forward to Yang Yi, what was Yang Yi doing?

He was chatting with a beautiful single mother!

House Dad's Literary Life Chapter 44

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