Zhanxian Chapter 384 Part1

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When the four people were all lying on the ground and could not move, the figure of Gongsun Ling appeared on the side. The sword in her hand swayed, the guy who had just been speaking to them, his head directly fell to the ground clean and neat, she was not soft.

Another guy who said something that was unpleasant was not able to speak at the moment. As for the master who was dealing with Yang Chen at the beginning, he was feeling as bad as it was.

When Yang Chen talked with them with politeness, they did not know how to cherish it and the two companions also made threatening statements. They even wanted to make Yang Chen and Gongsun Ling stay behind as slaves. This kind of thing couldn't be placed on anyone who could endure it. The other party only let Gongsun Ling make a move and she defeated them. The situation in front of them was not good.

Scoffs, Gongsun Ling, under Yang Chen's training, didn't have the soft feelings of her previous life. Even if these opponents have fallen to the ground, each of them has added a sword, completely letting them ruin any luck.

“I am a bit curious now, who is your master?” Yang Chen was sitting there, still holding a gla.s.s of wine and didn't even seemed concerned. He just looked at them on the ground where they were thrown by Gongsun Ling. Not far from the three living guys, he slowly asked “Since he has a liking for my wife, I want to know his name.”

When Yang Chen was asking, Gongsun Ling had already picked up the Qiankun bags from the four people and began to check the spoils. With Yang Chen, Gongsun Ling did these things in the demonic sect domain. Every time, he was very excited and happy.

The three people lying down were basically gone. They were still alive, it was because of Gongsun Ling holding back. You must know that Gongsun Ling's sword array was powered by the top grade spirit stones that Yang Chen gave, not to mention the four peak Jiedan stage masters, even if they were four Yuanying stage masters, they could fight for dozens of months without it being consumed. When they met Gongsun Ling, they were unlucky from then on.

“Killing you will depend on yourself!” At this point, where would the three people still have the arrogance from before, the guy who spoke knew that there was no fortune, and could only throw a swear word.

Of course, the swear words here, but their mind has already told the dead guy how many times he cursed. People were polite because they have the confidence, but he still had to scream that he would make his wife a cauldron, he rushed to court death and also implicate his companions.

“I am a reasonable person.” Yang Chen slowly took a drink of the jade dragon wine and then continued to speak “In fact, I do not like means to make people talk.”

The slow voice, at this moment, there was a pressure behind it that couldn't be described, so that the three people lying down couldn't fight back.

“Which person is your master, I just need to go to the place where you don't want me to go and I will know, so your insistence doesn't mean anything.” Yang Chen was holding an unknown monster meat and drinking another small cup of jade dragon wine, and he said this “For me, it is actually a matter of not knowing for a while longer.”

“Of course, if you can not say, I am not in a hurry.” Yang Chen then said slowly: “I admire your loyalty to your master, but since your Lord is still retreating, he must be afraid of people coming to bother him.”

“Now, you can tell me, is there anyone inside?” After all these things were finished, Yang Chen did not care what the three people thought and directly said his request.

“My master is the alchemist master Gao Jing.” Finally the middle guy opened his mouth: ” Master is refining a furnace of important medicinal pills there and can not be disturbed. We were wrong and have offended you, I ask for your excellency to forgive us!”

“Alchemy?, in this place where even birds don't defecate?” Yang Chen sighed and asked strangely when he heard the reply “What is he making? There is no spiritual pulse here, how many spirit stones would be needed to compensate?”

Since the other party opened up, Gongsun Ling also stopped the action in her hand and returned to Yang Chen's side. She was also obviously attracted by this issue.

“Because the alchemy here has a higher success rate than other places.” The three ground guys have not answered yet and a strange voice said. Then, the figure appeared opposite to Yang Chen and Gongsun Ling, standing on the ground three steps behind.

The appearance of a Yuanying stage master, standing on the opposite side with his hands behind his back, proudly standing opposite Yang Chen and Gongsun Ling, seems to not care answering Yang Chen's questions, he just looked down at the three guys lying there and turned around and looked at the one who had lost his head in the distance and frowned and said “useless thing!”

“It turns out that you are their Lord.” Yang Chen still didn't mean to stand up. He looked up at the sudden appearance of the Yuanying stage master and shook his head. “I get the chance to lay my eyes on you.”

“They certainly don't dare to say the ident.i.ty of this old man to you.” After the emergence of the Yuanying stage master, he seemed to have decided to kill Yang Chen and Gongsun Ling, he slowly said: ” they did not let you in, it was good for you. But since If you toast and don't eat and drink fine wine, then don't blame the old man for being ruthless.”

“You killed the third child, indicating that your cultivation base is not bad. If you like, you can replace the position of the third child and be a slave to this old man.” The Yuanying stage master stared at Yang Chen, he seems to be talking about trivial matters, then he turned to Gongsun Ling: “This girl is not bad, this old man still lacks a cauldron, this wilderness can also be more fun with her here.”

The Yuanying stage master did not give Yang Chen and Gongsun Ling the opportunity to speak again. When these words were spoken, it was as if they were justified. Yang Chen and Gongsun Ling had been left by him at the mercy of the general tone.

“Is it finished?” Yang Chen sat in the chair and did not move his a.s.s, staring at the Yuanying stage master.

“I have!” The Yuanying stage master sneered and said: “This old man usually does not give people a chance, don't miss it!”

“Sure enough, what kind of slaves do you want!” Yang Chen also sneered, this guy appeared arrogant and told Yang Chen that alchemy here could increase the success rate, obviously he had no intention of letting Yang Chen and Gongsun Ling leave.

However, Yang Chen had long discovered the existence of this guy, has been waiting until now, he just wanted to know why. Since he knew that alchemy here was weird, it was obviously related to the medicine nouris.h.i.+ng gourd. At this point, this guy has no effect at all.

Raising his hand, Yang Chen made a gesture of goodbye. The other party glanced at it, and then a gray light, thunder and lightning from the bottom to the top of the Yuanying stage master.

Translator: Don Stagy


Zhanxian Chapter 384 Part1

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