British Committees, Commissions, and Councils of Trade and Plantations , 1622-1675 Part 12

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[Sidenote: To consider which of the said Collonyes are not fully Planted.]

38. You are to informe yourselves which of our said Collonyes and Plantations are not fully Planted or Inhabited, and to consider how such of them may most conveniently be supplyed from others that are overstored with people.

[Sidenote: How the s^{d} Collonyes may be serviceable to one another and useful to these Kingdomes.]

39. You are to consider how our said Collonyes, and Plantations may be serviceable unto one another in relation to their mutuall Sustenance and Defence, and how they may be Governed to be of use and advantage likewise to these Our Kingdomes.

[Sidenote: To Correspond by Letters with forreigne Governours.]

40. You are to take care in Keeping frequent Correspondency by Letters with the severall Governours of Our said Collonyes, and Plantations.

[Sidenote: To Charge them to preserve peace with their Neighbo^{rs} and to protect y^{e} Indians.]

41. You are hereby required in Our Name strictly to charge all and every the Governours of Our said Collonyes and Plantations respectively. That they doe not Give any just Provocation unto any of their Neighbours Indians or others that are at Peace & Amity with Us. But that they doe by all just wayes and Meanes endeavours to preserve such Peace and Amity and keep a good and fayre Correspondencye with them.

And if any of the said Indians shall desire to putt themselves under the Protection of the Governours, or Governments of our said Collonyes or Plantations, That they doe receive them with respect and Kindnesse, and Give them due Protection, and Defence in their Persons, Goods, and Possessions according to Lawe. And in case any Persons shall contrary thereunto offer any Affronts or Injuryes unto them, That the said Governours doe severly punish such offenders according to Justice and Right.

[Sidenote: To procure Coppyes of all Grants concerning the said Collonyes &c.]

42. You are to endeavour the procuring Coppyes of all Letters Patents, Charters, or Grants of any of Our said Collonyes or Plantations, or of any Part of them, pa.s.sed by Us or any of Our Predecessors under the Great Seale of England, to any Person, Socyety, or Corporation of Men Whatsoever. And to informe yourselves whether they have been duely putt in Execution according to the Severall Grants, Clauses and Conditions, conteyned in them respectively.

[Sidenote: To procure Exact Mapps of the said Collonyes.]

43. You are likewise to endeavour the procuring of Exact Mapps, Platts, or Charts of all Our said Collonyes and Plantations with the Descriptions of their respective Rivers, Forts, Harbours, Bayes, and Roads.

[Sidenote: To consider of the improoving of their Trade and Commerce.]

44. And when you shall have received due Information concerning the perticulars in the foregoing Instructions. You are to consider of the best wayes, and Meanes for the encourageing settling, and Improoving the Trade, and Commerce of Our sayd Collonyes, and Plantations. And accordingly to offer unto Us your Opinions, and Advice thereupon.

[Sidenote: To Examine if the Articles of Peace and Commerce with forreigne Princes have been performed.]

45. You are to consider the severall Articles of Peace and Commerce that have been heretofore made between Us or any of our Royal Predecessors, and all forreigne Princes, and States, and to Examine whether the Priviledges and Immunityes by them Granted or agreed for the Benefitt and advantage of Our Merchants, have from tyme to tyme been carefully upheld and performed, And in case you shall find any Manifest Breach of them, or any Injuryes done to Our Merchants, or any Obstructions to Our Trade thereby, You are to represent the same to Us for Our Consideration.

[Sidenote: To enquire what Councills of Trade &c. are settled in forreigne Parts and w^{t} Commiss^{ns} Instructions and Allowances they have.]

46. You are to informe yourselves the best that may be, What Councills, or Courts of Indicature are Established in any forreigne Kingdomes or States for the well Government of their Trade and Navigation, and for the Improovement Settlement, and Defence of their Collonyes and Plantations. As also What Commissions, Powers, Authorityes, Instructions, and allowances they have Given and Granted unto them for the better carrying on of those Services.

[Sidenote: To observe such other Instructions &c as shall be sent und^{r} his Ma^{ts} Signe Manuall and to addresse to his Ma^{ty} for further Instructions &c. if need be.]

47. And Lastly you are required and authorized to observe and putt in Execution all such other Powers, Authorityes and Instructions (relating unto Our said Collonyes or Plantations, or unto the Trade, Commerce or Navigation of them, or of these our Kingdomes) as shall from tyme to tyme be sent unto you by Us under Our Signe Manuall.

And where you shall judge it necessary to have any further Powers, Authorityes, or Instructions for the better Carrying on of Our Service therein. You are to Addresse yourselves unto Us for Our further Pleasure and Direction.


Heads of Business of Councils, 1670-1674.


_August 3, 1670._

Commission and instructions for a Council for Foreign Plantations read.

(From the Index mentioned on p. 101, note 6, here cited as _Journal_.)

_August 9._

Letter to Trinity House. (_Journal._)

_August 12._

Oath of Secrecy to the Officers. (_Journal._)

_August 16._

Pet.i.tion of St. Christopher read. (_Journal_; Cal. State Papers, Col.

1669-1674, -- 232, here cited as _Cal._)

_August 19._

Commissioners for St. Christopher agreed on. (_Journal_; _Cal._, -- 232.)

_August 22._

Report on St. Christopher's case. (_Cal._, ---- 232, 850.)

_September 22._

Pet.i.tion for a chief governor of the Leeward Is. (_Journal_; _Cal._, -- 268.)

_September 24._

Beginning of consideration of Surinam question. (_Journal_; _Cal._, ---- 60, 291, 486, 524, and _pa.s.sim._)

_September 26._

Col. Lynch to be a committee at St. Christopher and afterwards to goe to Jamaica as his Maj. Lieutenant. (_Journal_; _Cal._, -- 287.)

_September 27._

Leeward Is. pet.i.tion again read. (_Cal._, -- 269.)

_September 29._

Drafting of queries to Gov. Berkeley of Virginia. (_Cal._, -- 565.)

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