British Committees, Commissions, and Councils of Trade and Plantations , 1622-1675 Part 19

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Mr. Lock sworne. (_Journal_; _Cal._, ---- 1162, 1163.)

"To Council, and swore in Mr. Locke, secretary, Dr. Worsley being dead."

(Evelyn's _Diary_, II, 95. This statement regarding Dr. Worsley cannot be true.)

_October 21_ (committee).

Charter parties for transporting to Barbadoes stores and provisions read. (_Cal._, -- 1058.)

Letters from Sir Peter Colleton & others read. (_Cal._, ---- 1101, 1104, 1131, 1133.)

Regarding capture of New York. (_Cal._, ---- 1138, 1157.)

_October 27_ (committee).

About Sir J. Atkins, Barbadoes. (_Journal._)

Regarding New York; Mr. Dyer's project for reducing that town.

(_Journal_; _Cal._, -- 1157.)

"To Council about sending succours to recover New York; and then we read the commission and instructions to Sir Jonathan Atkins, the new Governor of Barbadoes." (Evelyn's _Diary_, II, 95.)

_November 3._

About New York, Albany, etc.; consideration of the retaking of these places from the Dutch. (_Journal_; _Cal._, ---- 1160, 1165.)

_November 7_ (committee).

William Dervell's statement regarding the loss of New York.

(_Cal._, -- 1143.)

_November 8._

Barbadoes and Sir J. Atkins. (_Journal._) Probably the question of Atkins's commission as Governor of Barbadoes was here under consideration.

_November 19_ (committee).

Letters from Gov. Lynch read. (_Cal._, -- 1115.)

_November 24._

Pet.i.tions of Steed, provost marshal of Barbadoes, read.

(_Cal._, -- 1167.)

_December 1._

Letter from Sir Jonathan Atkins received and (probably) read.

(_Cal._, -- 1173.)

_December 5._

Deposition of William Carpenter in favor of Steed. (_Cal._, -- 1177.)

_December 19._

Report to the King, presenting draft of commission and instructions for Sir Jonathan Atkins, governor of Barbadoes. (_Cal._, ---- 1182, 1185.)


_January 7._

Received order from Privy Council committee on grievances regarding the Rodney pet.i.tion. (_Cal._, -- 1194.)

_January 10_ (committee).

Pet.i.tion of William Dyer of New York to the King read. (_Cal._, -- 1108.)

_January 16._

Report of the Council on this pet.i.tion. (_Cal._, -- 1108.)

_January 23._

Order from the Privy Council instructing the Council to transmit a true state of the case between Rodney and others. (_Cal._, -- 1207.)

_February 10._

"Ordered, That a Copy of M^{r}. Rodneys Peti[~c]on and his Ma^{ties}.

Reference thereupon, and the Report of this Councill should bee delivered by M^{r}. Lock to M^{r}. Secret^{ry}. Coventry to bee by him p^{e}sented to his Ma^{ty}.

The Earle of Arlingtons L[~re] to this Councill of the 23^{d}. of January last signifying his Ma^{ties}. pleasure, That this Councill should consider of a Com^{n}. & Instru[~cc]ons for the Earle of Carlisle, appointed to bee Governo^{r}. of Jamaica, and Col: Morgan appointed to bee Deputy Governo'{r}. was read.

A Draught of Instru[~cc]ons for my Lord Carlisle was read and debated, and the further debate thereof adjourned till next meeting.

My Lord Culpeper having acquainted this Councill, that my Lord Carlisle had something to offer to this Councill. The Councill desired my Lord Culpeper to acquaint his Lord[~sp], That if hee pleased to come to the Councill on Fryday next in the Afternoone, they shall bee ready to receive what [~ev] his Lord[~sp] shall bee pleas'd to offer to them.

Ordered that M^{r}. Lock gett some Presses made wherein the papers belong to this Councill may bee conveniently layd up.

Two Addiconall Instru[~cc]ons for S^{r}. Jonathan Atkins Ordered to bee drawne, one to p^{e}vent his making of Judges & Justices by Com^{ns}.

limited in tyme, becaus some former Governo^{rs}. by co[~m]issionating these Officers only for a yeare, kept them at their devo[~c]on for feare they should bee left out of the next, thereby eluding their Instru[~cc]ons, which forbid the turning out of any of these Officers, but for good caus. Another to prevent the perpetuity of Laws in the Planta[~c]ons w^{th}out his Ma^{ties} confirma[~c]on. Ordered also that the Addres to his Ma^{ty} ab^{t}. Jonathan Atkins and others Governo^{rs}. taking the Oath's here, to be drawne w^{th}out Preamble."

(_Shaftesbury Papers_, Div. X, 8 (8).)

_February 17._

"M^{r}. Locke Reported to the Councill, That attending M^{r}. Secretary Coventry w^{th} the papers concerning Rodney's Case ordered by this Council the 10^{th} of this Instant February, M^{r}. Secretary Coventry told him, That the Order of the Privy Councill being to transmitt the said papers, to his Ma^{ty} in Councill, that itt was not proper to do itt by his hands, b.u.t.t that they should bee sent to one of the Clerks of the Councill to bee by him delivered.

Ordered thereupon, That the said papers bee delivered to one of the Clerks of the Councill, to bee by him p^{e}sented to his Ma^{ty} in Councill.

Ordered That the Address of this Councill to his Ma^{ty} concerning S^{r}. Jonathan Atkins and other Governo^{rs}. and Deputy Governo^{rs}.

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