Hard to Escape Chapter 3.1

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Chapter 3.1

After several minutes, his mood seemed to have finally eased: "You dislike Yan Ge that much? Wasn't it you who said that you wanted to invite all my girlfriends and boyfriends over to play mahjong?" With his taunting tone, it was clear that he regarded me as a discarded outsider and a jealous woman of empty words.

"Truthfully speaking, I can still be considered to be fond of Yan Ge." I tilted my head to ponder a while. "After all, in the hospital, I depended on watching her gossip to pa.s.s my days. Furthermore, so long as I listened to her song, I could reignite my hope for life. I would brim with energy and be in a mood to progress and try new things. Un. How should I put it? It was just like that type of floating feeling where you think you could control the world like an immortal."

Yin Li's reaction to my answer was evidently unexpected. With very kind intentions, I continued to explain to him. "Have you listened to Yan Ge's song before? It's the kind that uses a soft and silky voice to give a perception of whining. The background music was much stronger than her humming every time, but under the sound effects, the special quality of her tone of voice still couldn't be covered up. It was similar to the whisper produced when the upper part of a body that has been chopped in half was crawling forward while struggling at death's door. It made me itch to fill her with another knife." Discussing up to here, I looked at the expression in Yin Li's eyes. He appeared to be horrified by me description. At present, fear or something else flashed through his eyes as his deep eyes looked at me.

"It's unexpected that the music you're interested in is this unique."

I swallowed a mouthful of saliva: "I still haven't finished talking. Although I've lost my memories, have no skills to earn a living as of now, and to top it all off, my leg is still unusable, every time I hear Yan Ge's song and call to mind that even this kind of voice could be packaged into a tender little Empress of Heaven and have thousands upon thousands of fans, I just think how good it is to be alive. Everything is possible." Then I patted the empty s.p.a.ce to my side and called out: "Sit. No formalities, please. Aren't you tired after standing for such a long time? Oh! First pour me a gla.s.s of water will you?"

A blue vein faintly rose on Yin Li's forehead. Deeply concerned, I asked: "If there's anything you're not happy about, just listen to Yan Ge." Then I recalled something and added a few sentences: "Even if Yan Ge is very encouraging, the smell of her perfume is just too pungent. What's more, that voice of hers&h.e.l.lip;I reckon that you won't enjoy anything in bed. Besides, I see that you don't seem to particularly like her. Aren't I helping you drive her away?"

I took the water that Yin Li handed over. While gulping the water noisily, I said to him with a spirit of loyalty and self-sacrifice: "In the future, if you have anything you can't deal with, you can come find me to settle them for you. This could be considered as repayment for your kindness in providing treatment for my leg."

Yin Li was apparently not moved by my pa.s.sion and instead he pursed his brows. Then he looked at me with a type of expression that made one's blood run cold. It was obviously a peaceful expression in his eyes, but I couldn't help but think that a perilous mood of sorts was brewing within it. Yet when I carefully examined them again, it seemed as if everything a moment ago had been a misconception. There was nothing within his beautiful eyes.

There was a thump in my heart and I thought that this major turn of events was far from good. Yin Li was indeed an incomprehensible person. Since the beginning at the hospital, I've used the most extreme manner to express my annoyingness in an attempt to explore his limit. I'd touched upon his hidden trump, but now at this moment, there wasn't a single look of anger in Yin Li's face. He was simply quiet and graceful and moreover, hadn't bat an eye.

Hard to Escape Chapter 3.1

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