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Candle: aight guys, so the author originally split chapter 7 into two parts when she published it, 7 (I) and 7 (II). What Niang Niang and I decided to do is break chapter 7 into 3 parts as per usual. How we're gonna do it: 7 (1) —> 7.1 and 7.2 7 (II) —> 7.3 cause it's shorter. But since chapter 7 is so ma.s.sive, all three parts are still longer than the usual release lmao… Also, there's gonna be a grand total of 2 author notes in chapter 7!!

Despite Yin Li's supervision, my life became radiant at the prospect of returning to school.

The morning I had to go register, Yin Li had a meeting, so he had Uncle Chen, the driver, send me to school.

"Although you have a brace, the doctors instructed you not to walk for long periods of time. Don't try to be brave, use your crutches. Understand? Once the registration is done, Uncle Chen will pick you up. Don't cause any trouble."

Yin Li gave me a final warning look before closing the car door and sending me off.

The landscape outside the window changed as the car sped along. My mind had already turned to the road. I completely forgot to wave goodbye to Yin Li. I didn't even look in the rear view mirror at Yin Li's expression, instead I focused on looking forwards as the winding road unfurled before me. By the time I thought of Yin Li and turned back, I found him standing at the same spot, posture unchanged, looking in my direction. His figure grew smaller and smaller, and after rounding a curve, he disappeared altogether from my sight.

"Uncle Chen, what's it like outside? Am I dressed appropriately? What's reporting for cla.s.s on the first day like? What's popular on campus? Is the food good at H University?" These months, I only had contact with Yin Li and those doctors. I couldn't wait for my fulfilling life ahead, but Uncle Chen didn't seem to share my excitement. No matter how I tried to strike up a conversation, he always had furrowed brows, a stern gaze, and a mouth clamped shut.

Eventually I a.s.sumed he found me dull and stopped speaking. I could only suppress my excitement and stare outside at the pa.s.sing buildings and streets.

H University was a famous school that never lacked donations from its ill.u.s.trious alumni. Its campus was elegant, its building were magnificent, and the whole place seemed cultured.

Uncle Chen parked and opened my door for me. Turns out he had no intention of letting me tour the school and brought me directly to the department office to register and get my student ID, books, schedule, and student card.

Uncle Chen conducted all these affairs with haste and precision while I stared at the materials, my head in a fog.

Modern French Grammar. Intensive Reading for French. High-level French… I looked at the books stupefied. "I'm here to learn French?"

I asked that with little confidence. The dean shot me a disdainful glance and pushed her gla.s.ses up. With dissatisfaction, she said, "Do you know the French department at H University is the best among the foreign language departments? Usually it's against policy to accept transfer students, moreover one that transfers mid-curriculum. I don't know how but the president asked us to make an exception this time. Our students are the best of the best, so our material is challenging and we go through it quickly. If I may offer a word of advice to your parent or guardian, it's best to start French from the very beginning. We have a full-time cla.s.s led by the very best of our French students who offer one-on-on tutelage." Saying this, the dean went to dig out a flyer for the cla.s.s. "As you can see, the price is reasonable. Moreover, with languages it's important to have a good foundation to learn upon. If you skip, your grades won't look pretty. Even with a degree from H University, you'll still have trouble when looking for work."

Her words seemed sincere and I found myself silently agreeing. But Uncle Chen was unmoved. "No worries. She's mentally strong."

That sentence determined the final verdict. Under the unfriendly gaze of the dean, we finished conducting all the administrative procedures. Afterwards, Uncle Chen went to pay the tuition and had me wait at the school gates.

Today there was no cla.s.s and many of the returning students weren't present. There was a slow, languid atmosphere. I waited and became bored senseless. I took out one of the French books to skim. Only when I was cracking up with laughter did I realize that I really knew how to read French, and fluently on top of that. It seemed to be a normal part of my life.

This realization caused a swelling in my heart. My amnesia and inability to recall anything caused me great distress. Even though I could now stand, a part of me was still crestfallen because I still didn't know what I could do. Today, French seemed to be a missing puzzle piece put back into place. In this strange, unfamiliar world, I was impatient to find a familiar feeling and a community I could belong in.

In my excitement, I gave Yin Li a call. I really wanted to brag and declare that I too, was a useful person and possessed skills that others lacked.

I was feeling hot-headed at the time, so when Yin Li's voice sounded, I immediately blurted, "Yin Li! Yin Li! I know French!!! I know French!! I used to be a French major!"


I blanked and then realized that Yin Li had congratulated me in French. His speech was articulate and his p.r.o.nunciation was accurate. I returned a thank you in French. Then suddenly feeling a little defeated, I asked, "How do you also know French?"

Yin Li's light laugh sounded. "Yan Xiao, we first met at a French restaurant. Your first words to me were 'Your French is beautiful.'"

I had no recollection and felt even more defeated. I could only change the topic. "What are you up to?"

"A meeting."

"Oh," I said. "Then I won't bother you. Go have your meeting."

After hanging up, I felt deflated. French was apparently what linked Yin Li and I. Though I remembered my French, I couldn't remember my past.

After another moment of dejectedly waiting, Uncle Chen finally came back. "Miss Yan, I've finished the procedures. We can go back now."

"We aren't going to put my books in the dorm?"

Uncle Chen looked at me suspiciously. "Did young master not inform you that you aren't living on campus? I will be driving you to and from school every day. It's best that you reside with young master for now."

Hearing this, I couldn't bear it anymore. College relations.h.i.+ps were already fragile as they were. If I didn't dorm at school, then as a transfer student, it would be practically impossible for me to integrate into the already-established groups.

"Yin Li didn't tell me! But he can't do this to me! I'm going to call him!" I took out my phone in a huff but was calmly stopped by Uncle Chen. "Young master never picks up calls during meeting, even Miss Yin Xuan's calls.

But I had already dialed over. While waiting for Yin Li to answer, I shot Uncle Chen a glance. "Don't trick me. I just called Yin Li and he was in a meeting. Yet he still picked up."

Indeed, Yin Li did pick up. But his position was firm. No matter how I shamelessly I begged, he didn't let me move on campus.

"Your leg hasn't completely recovered, I don't feel comfortable letting you live at school. Uncle Chen will pick you up everyday, and then take you to do ma.s.sage therapy on your leg." Then with his tone permitting no further discussion, he hung up the phone.

I angrily threw my phone into my bag, and from the corner of my eye noticed a profound look on Uncle Chen's face. But when I took a closer look, his blank face seemed to have never possessed such an expression.

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Hard to Escape Chapter 7.1

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