Hard to Escape Chapter 7.3

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I surely wasn't the first to try and take advantage of the VIP policy. Upon realizing the truth of the matter, the attendant walked towards Yin Li, pointed to me as I lay sprawled on the ground, and asked with an embarra.s.sed expression: "Mr. Yin, how shall I handle this situation?"

Yin Li looked at me and said: "Bring her to the office." He then said something to Liu Nian, who gave a beautiful smile and then was led away by the attendant to a VIP box.

I could only crawl back up and follow Yin Li to his office. My cla.s.smates all looked on with worry. Only Wei Yan had an amused expression. I silently swore that once I survived the ordeal with Yin Li, I would throttle Wei Yan to death.

But for now, I had to worry about the current pressing matter: Yin Li. Though he didn't look angry, I was ready for battle.

After I entered the office, he closed the door.

I decided to take a preemptive strike.

"There was no general a.s.sembly today. I just came to watch a movie with my cla.s.smates! You can't limit my social circle. I also want to make friends. You can't control my every moment. I'm a person too!"

Yin Li smiled. "Such a fervent speech. You're actually pretty nervous, am I right?"

I retorted: "Why would I be nervous! I only fell from my wheelchair because of shock! The one who should be nervous is you. Have you even told me anything about this? I've only lied about going to meet up with my cla.s.smates yet you went behind my back to rendezvous with Liu Nian! And you dare question me now! Do you even see me as your fiancée?!" I then dramatically clutched my heart. "Do you know how heart wrenching it was to see you and Liu Nian together!"

"Yan Xiao, you remember nothing and you've tried your hardest to escape from me. What are you hurting for?" Yin Li shot me a glance. "Moreover, this cinema recently transferred owners.h.i.+p to the Yin family. Liu Nian contacted the general manager, saying that she would attend the premiere. Since I was present, shouldn't I show some courtesy and be her host?"

I muttered, "Had I known it was your property, I wouldn't have come on a wheelchair and faked a disability."

Yin Li took a medicine box from the drawer and gestured for me to draw closer. He then took out a bottle of rubbing alcohol and said, "This is a disinfectant. It might hurt a bit."

It definitely hurt more than a bit. I grimaced in pain.

As Yin Li wiped my wound, he asked, "Now do you know what you did wrong?"

He stared at me in a suffocating manner and I averted my gaze, silent.

Yin Li threw away the cotton swab. "You don't think you're in the wrong, do you?" He forced my head up and enunciated, "Yan Xiao, I hope that whatever misgivings you have, you communicate them to me directly. I don't want a repeat of today. I might have been too overprotective, but I respect you. You can make your friends, but I don't want you to deceive me. Do you understand?"

Yin Li's beautiful eyes fixed their gaze on me. He had this sort of strength: when he looked at you, his eyes were pure and clear and seemed to hold a character of their own. When you met his gaze, it was almost as if you were looking into his soul.

It was a gaze one couldn't deny. Yet I somehow felt panicked. My past was a th.o.r.n.y overgrown maze, but under his gaze something within me wanted to break through from the thicket.

I covered his eyes with a hand and then mustered up, "I know."

Yin Li removed my hand and lightly kissed the ring finger of my left hand. There wasn't an engagement ring there. Because I was a student, I was afraid of unwanted attention and strung the ring on a chain around my neck. Yet Yin Li's touch still caused me to tremble.

I really didn't know whether he actually liked me or disliked me.

"I've arranged for your cla.s.smates to sit in the VIP box directly across from Liu Nian, it's the second one on the left after you turn the corner." He paused, "Also, after watching the movie wait for me to leave together."

Under Yin Li's watchful gaze, I fearfully escaped the room. Once I returned to the VIP box, Wu Mei and the others gathered around. "How was it? There were no problems right? After you left, the attendant told us to wait in the VIP box."

I feigned self-confidence and tossed my hair. "No problem, I just told them that seeing Liu Nian made me so moved I was able to stand up." Then I pointed at the corner of my mouth, "Look guys, they even treated my cut."

Only after pacifying Wu Mei and the others did I sit down with slight feeling of exhaustion. I also paid no mind to the unhidden investigative look in Wei Yan's eyes. The movie started, the screen displaying extremely grand imagery. But I nevertheless felt a little absent minded, and the whole movie pa.s.sed without me being able to summon any interest.

After the movie I refused my cla.s.smates' invitations to go eat dinner together. I just wanted to dodge anymore surprises for the day. Instead, I waited for Yin Li in the theater's parking lot. I loitered there for around an hour before he finally appeared. At his side was actually Liu Nian, who gazed at him with a sweet smile.

I loudly called out, "Yin Li!" This shout wasn't lacking in strength, so Liu Nian and Yi Li both turned to look at me. Thinking of what had happened earlier today, I felt a bit embarra.s.sed, so with a quieter voice I said again, "If you have more things to do with Miss Liu Nian, I'll call a taxi to leave first."

Liu Nian gave me a look, then as if feeling that I wasn't worth looking at she wrinkled her pretty eyebrows.

"Can you wait another half an hour for me?" Yin Li glanced at his watch.

I rallied my troops1 and cried, "I'm hungry."

1 err so in Chinese Yan Xiao says this line like it's her war cry

Actually the real meaning of my words was that I didn't even want to wait a single second. I wanted Yin Li to feel impatient and let me leave first. However long he wanted to chat with Liu Nian, he could chat with Liu Nian. However I didn't expect that Yin Li would be so utterly unromantic. He thought a little and then declined Liu Nian.

"Miss Liu, we'll talk next time."

Liu Nian very considerately smiled. "Of course."

It was only after I'd sat down in his car, that I felt that Yin Li's decision was a bit inconceivable.

But what was more inconceivable, was that that evening I got a call from Wei Yan.

He quietly laughed. "Yan Xiao, you're a pretty interesting person. Tomorrow night at eight o'clock I'll pick you up at Polaris." Then he added, "This time I booked the VIP room, you don't need to bring your wheelchair." After saying all he'd wanted to say, he hung up the phone.

I stared at the phone, unable to make heads or tails of this. At the moment Yin Li was sitting at the table across from me, drinking coffee. I raised my head and asked, "Yin Li, say a woman did something along the lines of what I did today. Would you think it's pretty interesting?"

Yin Li replied without even looking up. "No."

After receiving this answer, and confirming that Wei Yan really wanted to make a fool out of me, I yawned and ran off to bed.

Author's Note:

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Hard to Escape Chapter 7.3

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