Hard to Escape c2.2

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Chapter 2.2

I reclined into Yin Li’s embrace and yawned up towards the sky. With tears dancing in my eyes, I looked towards the ever nearing villa. If I wasn’t mistaken, then in front of that magnificent structure stood a purple figure. I twisted my nose as a burst of wind pa.s.sed and the smell of a perfume that made people tremble filled the air. Yin Li had also clearly taken note of that smear of purple. I caught sight of the almost missable wrinkle of his brows which intensified my curiosity. As if my life depended on it, I raised my neck from Yin Li’s arm wanting to see the face of the sweet smelling little miss. Sadly, the movement was too great and I ultimately pulled a nerve. I grimaced in pain and was solely occupied by it until Yin Li carried me close to the sweet smelling sister. Still hurting from the pain, I rolled my eyes.

Unexpectedly, neither of the two would speak as if it were a to-and-fro tussle. Neither wanted to willingly admit defeat. This sweet smelling sister very calmly ignored me as if it were not a person that Yin Li was holding in his arms but rather a sacrificial pig and lamb. Moreover, they were a dead pig and lamb. She looked as if she wanted to say something, but hesitated and merely looked at Yin Li with br.i.m.m.i.n.g affection.

They didn’t speak. The strong fragrance made me head sway in dizziness, but I could only blankly stare at that woman’s gorgeous purple skirt as it moved to and fro and the white, slender calf showing underneath it.

Ultimately it was still that woman who was unable to endure it. She called Yin Li in a soft voice with a tone of being wronged. It was like water, but it was tender and seductive: “You said you would accompany me to the charity auction.”

As soon as her voice came out, I knew who she was. This time in spite of the strong tearing of the nerve injury on my back, I tenaciously straightened my neck and once again wanted to lift my head. With light emitting from my eyes, I used a feverish kind of voice to yell: “Yan Ge! G.o.ddess Yan Ge! The universe’s most beautiful voice! Ah! Yan Ge! I love you Yan Ge! I love you! I love you! You are my G.o.d!” Then I slapped Yin Li’s chest and loudly shouted: “Yin Li! It’s Yan Ge! It’s Yan Ge ah! My beloved Yan Ge! The most perfect G.o.ddess in our Yan fans’ hearts! Oh G.o.d! Hurry and hit my face! Oh G.o.d! This isn’t an illusion is it? I’m actually seeing Yan Ge!”

Yin Li and Yan Ge were both clearly intimidated by this type of development. In particular Yan Ge, as her face had on a stiff expression, and compared to my dancing in joy, she seemed bewildered. There was a dull and dazed expression in her eyes. There was not even a little modern, gentle feeling in the little heavenly empress’s manners.

Taking advantage of this moment, I pinched myself once and then ecstatically turned my head towards Yin Li’s chest in an embarra.s.sed manner as if to peacefully straighten out my mood and then face my idol once more. When I turned my head around again, two lines of hot tears streamed down from the rims of my eyes. Using a voice choked with emotion, I requested: “Yan Ge. May I ask-May I ask if I could kiss your hand?” Then with both eyes burning, I added: “Just once! I promise I won’t lick! I will only kiss your hand with my lips once.”

Finished speaking, I looked at Yan Ge’s face for a moment. As expected, her face was deathly pale. My situation probably aroused her previous run-ins with stalkers, peeping toms and so on who were fanatical enthusiasts that were not quite right mentally. Finally, in her eyes there was no longer Yin Li and rather, her gaze drifted away absent-mindedly. The voice she spit from her mouth was also no longer beautifully moving, but instead was hoa.r.s.e and harsh: “I suddenly remembered that I still have an announcement this afternoon. I’ll go back first.” As she said this, she quickly walked away in her high heels without turning her head back.

I twisted my head to face her back and shouted: “Yan Ge! Wearing purple makes you look very n.o.ble, but it’s not as s.e.xy as the red skirt you were wearing that day in Yin Li’s car while blowing kisses to him. That one was more pretty. But I still love you! I’ll always support you!”

Finished yelling, I saw that the pace of one of Yan Ge’s feet was unsteady. It was sprained by the eleven centimeter high heeled shoes. I knew that it was most likely that she would not be coming to Yin Li’s residence ever again.

I actually already knew that the one in the red skirt in Yin Li’s car was not Yan Ge. That girl’s stature was taller than average while Yan Ge was a small and well developed type. But in any case, at least the sweet smell that gave me a headache is finally gone. I opened my mouth to breathe in a breath of fresh air as my nose was still a little unwell.

Yin Li watched the entire process of my performance and now with a softly laughing voice: “Yan Xiao, it would be a pity if you didn’t develop your skills in show business.” Then, he opened the door and brought me into the villa. I was finally placed on the sofa, but I wasn’t in the mood to glance at the indoor decorations. I simply wrinkled my eyebrows and continued looking at the floor. What was I mulling over? Beside me, Yin Li was watching me with a complicated expression. Afterwards, he finally opened his mouth.

“Yan Xiao”

“Hold on! Wait a while if you have anything to ask. Don’t talk to me right now.”

After a long and calm ten minutes had pa.s.sed, Yin Li’s mood began to dip and his complexion also sunk. He clearly didn’t understand why I wanted to mysteriously look at the floor for such a long period of time.

Just when he was about to open his mouth from impatience.


Since the moment Yan Ge had appeared, my itchy nose was finally relieved of its burden as it let out a sneeze. I happily sighed and said: “Ah! I finally feel better!”

Although I felt better, in front of me, the look on Yin Li’s face was nevertheless changing from impatience to greatly out of sorts.

He’s probably never come across such a vulgar person like me in his entire life. Of course, I consider it my true nature.

Hard to Escape c2.2

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