Hard to Escape Chapter 31 Part2

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Three days later, "Only I Dance" premiered. It was a huge accomplishment.

"Yan Xiao! I really can't believe it! This really is a good film! And to think that the lead actress is right by my side!" Even though I had a small role, in Wu Ke's head, I was the star. She really was happy. "You danced so well! You and Yin Xuan are both wonderful! You guys really dance well together."

Posters of "Only I Dance" blanketed the entire city. People even started to take notice of me. People were discussing the press conference Yin Xuan was to hold tomorrow.

Yet I sat at home packing my luggage. I wanted to run away. I couldn't imagine what expression Yin Li would have once he knew of everything. What would his beautiful face warp into, once filled with hatred? And that hatred would probably be directed toward me.

"Indeed, you don't seem to be in the best mental state lately. Going away may be good for you." Frank approved. "You don't know this, but the sponsor is also very worried about you. He…" Frank was helping me tidy my books. Halfway through speaking, he let out a yelp.

"Ho, you really are a boy magnet no matter where you go. Even when you don't dance, you still receive love letters." His tone was mischievous, and he took out a note from one of my books. Then he made a face and started reading, "'When you dance again, everyone will become your slave.' Too bad he doesn't know you don't know German. The most important part—the "I love you"—was written in German."

"This definitely isn't one of my Frenchmen," he concluded. "Because he used German, he's bound to fail."

I suddenly seemed to have discovered something.

I stared at the piece of paper in his hands, and looked at the German I couldn't read. "Frank, be honest with me. Who's the one sponsoring me?!"

Frank was startled and then started stammering.

I stared at him. "This note was among the DVD recordings that you had given me. I had always a.s.sumed that you wrote it, and randomly tucked it away in another book. Now, Monsieur Too-Proud-to-Tell-Lie, can you tell me who got me these materials? Who is the one sponsoring you?"

Frank was unable to continue the charade, and finally admitted defeat.

"It's Mr. Yin."

However, in the end, I still ripped apart the note that night. I would be taking a flight out of this city tomorrow to travel. Yin Xuan would publicly come clean to everything, and Yin Li would be in pain. Then, he would hate me until he forgot about me.

All would pa.s.s.

That night, it poured. It was as if it was cleansing this mortal world.

In the midst of the thunder, I slept uneasily. The nightmares had returned.

It was the same rainy dreamland. I walked in the streets, hearing the pitter-patter of the rain. In this kind of weather, there were no pedestrians. I felt like I was walking on and on. I didn't know why. I looked at the endless road before me. It seemed dim and full of despair. That feeling felt so real that I doubted I was dreaming.

I had an umbrella in my hand, but didn't use it. The rain wet my hair and face. I turned off the endless quiet road into a familiar alleyway. Then, behind me, bright, blinding headlights flashed and I heard honking.

I sluggishly turned around and saw the headlights coming closer. I saw Yin Xuan's face in the driver's seat. Then, my vision turned into a blur.

In my half-conscious state, my fingers were tightly curled.

These were probably the memories of Yin Xuan running me over. Unexpectedly, it came to me like this on this sort of night.

I clenched my first tightly , but I was still stuck in this dream.

However, the frightful crash didn't happen. In the rain, Yin Xuan purposely used the headlights to blind me. But in the end, she still stopped the car before it reached me.

"Alicia, we need to talk." She stuck her hand out of the fancy sports car. She seemed out of it, and her cheeks were unnaturally red. She had drunk quite a bit of wine.

I hated drunkards who had that smell of alcohol on them. In my dream, I gave her a cold smile. I didn't respond, and just continued walking away.

Yin Xuan yelled at me from behind. Seeing me ignore her, she finally burst into a rage and slammed the car door.

"Stop! Why are you doing this?! Do you look down on me?! Compete with me if you dare! And why did you have to reject Li Jing? Is it because of how high and mighty you are?! He had his family matters. He just walked out of h.e.l.l and now you're pus.h.i.+ng him back in. If you were going to reject him anyways, then why give him false hope?!"

The real me was like a third-person observer. I looked at my dream self turn around. Her cold demeanor was unfamiliar, her back was straight, and she seemed high and lofty.

"Your name is Yin Xuan, right?"

She glared at me furiously.

I spoke calmly. "You like Li Jing, right? Then what rights do you have to question me like this? Since I rejected him, you should be happy."

"But why do you have to reject him so cruelly?! You didn't just turn him down, you said that you would never be with him for your entire life!"

Because of this, I felt a painful burning in my chest. Then, I heard my cold voice again.

"I'm speaking the truth."

Yin Xuan couldn't mask her fury. She screamed at me, "What good is it to dance well if you act like that? You don't have any feelings. All your emotions are fake! One day, everyone will discover what a sham you are. They'll rip you apart and drag you down from the stage!"

My dream self finally became angered. "I've already signed with a ballet troupe as princ.i.p.al. Once I perform publicly for the first time, everyone will know of me. And you'll just be some pitiful person who hates me."

I saw her face darken with fury. Yin Xuan was already heavily intoxicated. She stumbled as she walked. She yelled at me like an old drunkard who lacked logic and dignity.

"You demon! I hate you! I curse you to lose it all!"

I was no longer looking at her. I walked away in the rain, minding my own business. Yin Xuan was left far behind, and slowly her curses faded in the distance.

I didn't feel a strong sense of hatred. I only felt at a loss. This feeling evolved into despair and annoyance under Yin Xuan's curses.

I stopped along sidewalk. The rain blurred the city, and the telephone booth's gla.s.s reflected my profile. I took out my phone and scrolled through my contacts. There was no one I could call.

In this dream, the darkness was pervasive. One wrong step, and it felt like I would fall into an abyss.

Yin Xuan finally stopped cursing me. She had probably climbed back into her car. I could hear the starting of the engine. She then slammed the gas in anger and rushed forward.

This was to be the crash. I felt myself flying out. My legs had probably shattered. In that moment, I thought I could hear the cracking of my bones. It was an intense pain.

Blood flew everywhere.

I finally awoke from the nightmare.

At this time, the sky was still dark and it was still raining outside. I curled into a ball and hugged myself.

The abrupt memories put me at a loss. And my unfamiliar, foreign dream self made me very afraid.

I clearly remembered the last moment. Yin Xuan only wanted to quickly speed away. It was me who had jumped out in front of her car from the sidewalk.

Yin Xuan never wanted to kill me. It was I who wanted to die.

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Hard to Escape Chapter 31 Part2

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