Hard to Escape Chapter 32 Part2

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Candle: Hhgngh sorry that this update is a bit short guys!! Nevertheless we get some solid plot development :^)

After he left, I turned on the television and waited anxiously in the room. Time slowly ticked by. I still hadn't received Yin Li's call telling me that everything would be all right. The entertainment channels that were planning on livestreaming Yin Xuan's press conference still hadn't released any news about a change in programming. The screen still showed that the press conference programming was continuing as scheduled.

I nervously paced the room. Once Yin Xuan appeared on screen, my heart leapt out of my chest. I felt like I had been struck by a bolt of lighting and stood locked in place, motionless. I could only stare at Yin Xuan's face on the television.

Though she had makeup on, it couldn't hide her numbness and weariness. She went through the motions, mechanically answering a few questions regarding the movie. 

"Today, this press conference isn't to promote the film. I have something to confess."

She paused and surveyed the room. Then, she stared at the camera. Her gaze seemed to pierce through the screen. It struck fear into my heart. 

"Yan Xiao, sorry. Right now I…" A disruption suddenly occurred on scene. I saw Yin Li rush in. He used his jacket to cover Yin Xuan's face and had someone immediately escort her out. Then he approached the camera.

"Yan Xiao, everything is fine. Don't be afraid." When he said that, I could hear the quick-witted reporters frantically clicking the shutters and see the rapid-fire flash of the cameras.

I didn't know how the situation would progress. But in that moment, looking at Yin Li's face, I felt unusually calm.

It wasn't long before Yin Li brought Yin Xuan home.

Yin Xuan's eyes were red. She had cried. She looked at me, and then ran to hide in her room. Soon, I heard the sound of suppressed sobs. She had been prepared to lose it all. To her, today was the equivalent of coming back from death's door. After Yin Li came to comfort me with a few words, his phone began to ring off the hook. It seemed that he would be busy cleaning up the mess.

What I didn't expect was that once Yin Li left, Yin Xuan would soon after stop crying and come knock on my door.

She leaned against the doorframe, her eyes swollen. "Do you know why my brother found me so late?"

"You didn't hit me. I was the one who jumped in front. Sorry." I calmly lifted my head and looked at her.

Yin Xuan didn't seem to care about that. She only smiled and said. "It was Li Jing. Li Jing was the one who stopped my brother. I had planned to have some solitude after the press conference. I had only told Li Jing about this. He apologized to my brother. Li Jing told me that even if I came clean, he wouldn't hate me."

"Li Jing wasn't in the country. Once my brother knew the truth and wanted to find me, it was Li Jing who intercepted." Yin Xuan lowered her head. "Li Jing even took all measures to protect and separate me in hopes that it would be easier for me to confess everything in the conference."

She sounded miserable and self-mocking. "When I confessed to him, he clearly emphasized that I would forever be his friend. But instead of helping shelter a friend in their time of need, he hoped that I would confess. Haha, even after knowing the truth, he preferred to ruin me like this. With a huge public scandal, he gave me no way out and hoped to forever sever the relations.h.i.+p between you and my brother."

Yin Xuan was going through an emotional breakdown, and I didn't know how to comfort her. I too was shocked by Li Jing's actions and didn't know what to say.

"I'm not a good person. It's true. I used to like him, appreciate him, and admire him. But I also have a vengeful heart. Because of the way he treated me, I also want to return the 'gift' in kind." Yin Xuan fixed her gaze on me, and her eyes were so gentle and warm that my blood ran cold. "My brother wouldn't tell you all this, so I will instead. Alicia, do you see it now? Li Jing isn't the kind gentleman that he appears to be. He is also incredibly selfish. See clearly for yourself whether he truly loves you. I don't know why you rejected my brother before, but I can tell you that my brother definitely loves you more than he does. I've never seen Li Jing do anything for anyone."

"I'm sorry, I really only recovered my memories at the last minute. All of this is my fault." My voice was hoa.r.s.e.

"You don't need to explain anything to me. My brother already told me everything. This was heaven's divine punishment. If I wasn't so stupid and if I didn't hate you so viciously at that time, this all wouldn't have happened. Moreover, how could my brother allow me to blame you? My future sister-in-law," Yin Xuan joked in a mocking tone.

"I'm really laughable. After I admitted everything to Li Jing and planned to surrender myself, I cried and confessed my love to him." Yin Xuan lifted her head with difficulty. She wanted to hide her tears. "Such a hopeless love."

"You've always managed to come out on top. I've been handed a crus.h.i.+ng defeat." She wiped away her tears and concluded our conversation with that.

I sat in my room in a daze. I felt lonely and even a bit grim. I was starting to miss Yin Li a little.

Hard to Escape Chapter 32 Part2

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