Legend of Fu Yao Chapter 285

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Chapter 285: Unt.i.tled

Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

Meng Fuyao did not bother to look back. “We aren't going to wait for you!”

“I'll give you a fancy residences and beautiful ladies. Just send me to the capital!”

“Not interested!”

“I, I'm familiar with Xuanji. Name all the roads and the people! There's nothing I don't know!”

When the man said that, Meng Fuyao stopped walking. She folded her arms and looked down at him. “Oh? Then may I ask, do you know who your female Empress is?”

She asked this question so that she would chase him away when he had no answer. Unexpectedly, the pretty nerd smiled mischievously. “Of course, I know that.”


“It's complicated, and it can't be explained in a few sentences.” The man displayed his histrionics by shaking his head and sighing. “I'll tell you when I'm in the capital.”

After staring at him for a while, Meng Fuyao smirked. “You want to follow us? Alright, as you said, you will be our guide, servant and bodyguard. If there's no path you will have to find one; if there's no food you will have to beg for some and if there's no place to live you will have to tidy out a s.p.a.ce for us. When we're back in the capital, pay me 10,000 taels of silver, one fancy residence and 10 pairs of beautiful ladies. Then I'll agree.”

Tie Cheng forced a smile… only a pig would agree to such shameless requests.

“Alright,” a certain pig said and agreed. He ran over joyously as the shattered pieces of cloth on his b.u.t.t fluttered against the wind. “Sigh, everything's fine as long as you bring me along. I'm most afraid of being left alone, but my dad forcefully chased me out so I could experience life in the wilderness. G.o.d knows how I'm afraid of being alone. I'm scared of the dark, wind, rain, thunder, empty streets, packed places, and most importantly, furry things… Ah!”

Lord Yuan Bao appeared before him with a creepy expression…

“Save me!” That man jumped on Tie Cheng's back and stuck on Tie Cheng like glue. “Fur, ah, ah, ah-”

Tie Cheng pulled him down and barked, “Weak chicken! Don't stick yourself on me!”

“How aggressive.” That man shook his head and sighed. “Please call my name, Zhong Yi.”

“Alright, servant Zhong Yi.” Meng Fuyao stared at him from the corner of her eye as schemes ran through her mind. ‘You must stay behind? Alright, whoever you are, if you dare to stay, you have to be careful of me, King Meng. Recently, I'm having my menopause!”

“We have no place to sleep tonight, so the rest of the things will be settled by you. I request for a s.p.a.ce that I can lie down.”

An hour later, in front of a worn temple at the bottom of the hill, Zhong Yi beamed at the door after carrying out the instructions. “We can lie down now!”

Meng Fuyao stepped in with doubts in mind. But when she entered, she saw a fire, clean floors, an area covered with clean rice straws, and a broken pot that was hanged above the fire. She had no idea where the pot came from, but it was already scrubbed clean, and the fire inside was coming to a boil.

Zhong Yi may have looked nerdy, and resembled a lunatic and fool, but he performed his tasks very well. Tie Cheng, who only liked to fight and was not strong in handling detailed tasks, just couldn't be compared with him.

Satisfied, Meng Fuyao gave a nod of approval. Seeing that Zhong Yi was actually perspiring from doing all this work even in a breezy spring day, she raised her eyebrows and gave Tie Cheng instructions. “There is not enough firewood. Find some more and remember to feed the horse.”

Tie Cheng acknowledged and walked out. At the same time, Tie Cheng smiled as he neared. He found a mug in the backpack, filled it with water, and presented it to Meng Fuyao with both hands. “Please enjoy the tea.”

Meng Fuyao casually took the mug from his hands. She was used to being waited upon and did not think much, but did not notice Zhangsun Wuji looking over towards her. Frowning, Meng Fuyao told Zhong Yi, “Please grab one of Tie Cheng's robes and wear it. Do you think you look very presentable like that?”

Obediently, Zhong Yi said, “Okay.” He covered his b.u.t.t and walked away to find the clothes, while Meng Fuyao slowly drank the water from the cup. She felt that it was slightly sweet, and under a closer look, she realized that honey was added. With an eyebrow raised, Meng Fuyao smiled at the sight, and she slightly zoned out as she recalled some events from the previous universe. Then, she felt that the man was solicitous to the point of being shameless, and her smile was about to widen, but it suddenly stopped.

She felt a pair of eyes glued onto her back, and it was so sticky that it made her heart feel uncomfortable. Those eyes did not search into her, trouble her or ask her; they merely looked at her back calmly. However, even if Meng Fuyao was back-facing those eyes, she could almost imagine the kind of expression and emotions in them—those eyes may seem expressionless, but actually, all the emotions were contained in them.

Although Meng Fuyao made up her mind to ignore it, she felt even more uncomfortable after persevering for a while. She looked down at the clear water surface, and that person's figure was reflected in it. Tonight, he seemed extremely silent. Even with such a noisy person like Zhong Yi, he did not speak a word at all. On any other occasion, he would probably have stopped her from taking in Zhong Yi, but his silence today made her heart wrench.

Her heart wrenched painfully, but she did not know what kind of happiness in her life could make up for her pain.

In the Five Regions Continent, where situations changed every day unpredictably, every happy moment was a luxury. Who knew what kind of change would appear in the next moment?

They were the most capable and proud people, but they never lived a sweet, simple life; people beckoned at their calls, but they were also surrounded by enemies from all sides. In their whole lives, they had to be very careful in what they said and did, and plan every scheme detailedly. Indulgence spelled disaster and laziness meant destruction. If they tried to pamper themselves, even if it was once a while, they might accidentally lose to their enemies and injure themselves.

Meng Fuyao lowered her eyelids. She walked up to dispose of the water, refilled the mug with water from the river outside the temple and hang it above the fire.

Zhong Yi ran over joyously wearing Tie Cheng's robes which looked slightly oversized. He was about to add honey again into Meng Fuyao's mug, but Meng Fuyao coldly rejected him. “No need,” she said and added, “Who knows if you're putting in honey or poison.”

However, Zhong Yi was not angry. He smiled like a Ches.h.i.+re cat. “Which fool will try to use poison in front of you all?”

“A real fool is one who pretends to be a fool in front of us.” Meng Fuyao ignored him and continued adding firewood. At the same time, Zhong Yi sat beside her, placed his cheeks in his hand, and stared at her curiously. Moments later, he asked, “Do you wear a mask? Take it off and let me see? I feel that you and my elder sister really look alike.”

Meng Fuyao shook her head and smiled at him. “I feel that you and my family's Three really look alike.”

“Who's Three? Your younger brother?” Zhong Yi was very happy to hear.

“My family's cat.” Meng Fuyao stood up, poured the boiled water into Zhangsun Wuji's special mug, and asked Lord Yuan Bao to bring it over.

Lord Yuan Bao looked miserably at the mug that was as tall as himself. He felt that it was a very difficult task, but he was also very guilty that he could not console his master because of his size when he finally had the opportunity to do so. As such, he walked to the corner of the wall and drew circles.

Meng Fuyao did not speak and pursed her lips. She placed the mug on the floor between the two of them, and after a while, she used a finger to nudge the mug away from her. Seconds later, she pushed again, and moments later, she pushed once more, and once more…

She looked at neither the cup nor Zhangsun Wuji. Focusing on the fire in front of her, her eyes were expressionless…

Quietly, the mug slowly moved along in the dark shadows…

The distance was only half a meter long, but it was a journey as difficult as conquering 100,000 miles…

When Meng Fuyao pushed for the sixth time, her hand suddenly came into contact with a warm finger.

That finger held the mug, and it seemed to have been extending towards her direction. It slightly stopped when it touched her hand, and he instinctively s.h.i.+fted away, but at the next second, his hand reached over and held both her hand and the mug together.

Meng Fuyao's hand was gently wrapped in his. The warm mug in her palm resembled a ball of fire, and its warmth reached the bottom of her heart.

Silently, she sat cross-legged beside the fire. Her eyes were clear and bright like a water body, and her tears rippled noiselessly in her sockets.

On the other side, Zhangsun Wuji did not speak as well, but he continued to hold her hand. The combined heat from both their palms seemed to significantly slow down the cooling of the water in the mug. The temperature of the mug continued to drop, but her heart started to warm up bit by bit.

At that moment, time pa.s.sed so slowly.

That was until Tie Cheng walked in through the door with a slightly cold breeze.

As the moonlight shone behind him, when he opened the door, his figure looked slightly blurry. There was also the smell of gra.s.s and flowers on his body, which seemed to be the effects of feeding the horses. He strode in confidently and so quickly that the fire swayed to one side. He headed towards Meng Fuyao and Zhangsun Wuji, who released their hands and shun away. M

eng Fuyao laughed and lectured him. “Aggressive lad, you can't even walk properly.”

Tie Cheng smiled and reached into his bag for some dried food. Zhong Yi, who sat in the corner quietly just now, suddenly ran over and displayed the robes in front of Tie Cheng. “Do I look good in this?”

Impatiently, Tie Cheng swatted him away. “You look ugly in whatever you wear!”

Just then, Meng Fuyao suddenly looked up.

Tie Cheng did not recognize his own clothes?

Tie Cheng? Tie Cheng!


A purple figure flew by, and the fire flickered—Zhangsun Wuji had already shot up from his spot.

He had always been as nimble and quick as a rabbit when he moved, and today, he leaped at a speed unattainable by any other human. Even with Meng Fuyao's superior eyesight, she could not completely catch his trace of movement. With just a skip of her heart and a flick of the flames, he landed in front of “Tie Cheng” and an exquisite Ruyi rolled out of his sleeves. Pinching the Ruyi with his fingers, he flung it towards the enemy's eyebrows!

By that moment, Meng Fuyao was able to reach his spot. Destiny Rebellion was taken out so quickly that its black shadow could not even be seen, and she slashed it down on the enemy's forehead. Meng Fuyao closed her eyes to not look at the face, which was the same as Tie Cheng's to prevent being distracted, so her strike was so forceful that the brain juices could be smashed apart!

Meng Fuyao could spare anyone else but this person!

The b.a.s.t.a.r.d who insulted both her and Zhangsun Wuji!

The Ruyi was as white as snow, and Destiny Rebellion was as dark as a black stream. The bright and dark gleams were clearly in contrast, but they intertwined and rolled together like spinning tops, forming a huge double-colored web. It surged violently like a huge wave and was as silent as a fine drizzle as the web towered above the enemy.

When Meng Fuyao and Zhangsun Wuji combined forces, their martial arts style were completely different but also extremely compatible, as though it was a natural match. She was so forceful that she was slightly unstable, but this flaw was well covered by his delicate and encompa.s.sing inner energy.

But that man still laughed. It was a sharp voice, and the tone was more of complacency than shock.

And then, he retreated.

He retreated weirdly, almost as though a coc.o.o.n breaking out of his sh.e.l.l. As he stepped back, he detached himself from Tie Cheng's robes, which seemed to be mobile on their own. The sleeves raised themselves to fend off Meng Fuyao's and Zhangsun Wuji's attack, as though they were a real person. Then, the purse, belt, and all other items started to drop. Wearing only his undergarments, he retreated amongst the mess of the flying objects and disappeared with just a twist of his body.

Legend of Fu Yao Chapter 285

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