Strongest Counterattack Chapter 346 - The Old House

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Chapter 346 The Old House

At this moment, Qin Sheng’s mentality had completely changed.

From the very beginning, he was shocked and lost at this new-found information as well as Qin Ran and Zhuang Zhou’s appearance. He then started to overthink. He felt that these were all impossible. Afterward, he calmed down and understood that this was indeed the fact, no matter he believed it or not. He started to face it instead of running away and rejecting it. He then reorganized his thoughts and connected the dots in between everything.

Now, Qin Sheng wanted to know the whole story and find out what the truth was.

Since there were many things that Qin Ran did not know, then he shall find the one who knew everything. Hence, this was why he requested to go back to Beijing without hesitation. He did not want to waste a second more.

Qin Ran initially wanted Qin Sheng to stay in Tsingtao for a few more days for him to get back into condition and also spend time to buffer and accept what happened today. However, she did not expect him to initiate going back to Beijing. She was a little worried and happy.

After careful consideration, she still agreed to his request. She immediately stood up and called Gongsun to contact Air China to make arrangements. Usually, flying on a business jet domestically have to be arranged one day in advance, but for the Qin family, this was not anything difficult. They only needed to make a call to Air China and inform the Air Traffic Management Bureau. After all, this was a sudden decision and they would not trouble them usually.

After making the call, Qin Ran looked at the freshly-served spread and said helplessly, “No matter what, we should fill up our stomach first. It would take some time for the arrangements to be made.”

Qin Sheng did not reject her. He was already way too famished. He lowered his head and started slurping on his noodles without giving a d.a.m.n about how Qin Ran would judge him.

Qin Ran was not surprised at how he ate his food. He was still the same as when he was young. She herself would not believe it if he was not her younger brother. She remembered that their parents and maternal grandparents often picked on him for the way he ate. However, he still insisted on doing things his own way and showed no intention of changing. Qin Ran did not have any opinions about this. Their lives were too structured and constrained, always limiting them in the things they do, making their lives making tiring and difficult. Hence, she felt that they should care less about others’ opinions and just live freely.

Take that Eldest Uncle that was suddenly enlightened for example. Everyone thought that he had a bright future ahead and he would definitely be a leader in the future. However, he suddenly retreated and chose to stay in the mountains to train and cultivate. It shocked everyone.

In the hotel room, after ending Qin Ran’s call, Gongsun had to call the person-in-charge of Air China’s business jets as well as the leader of the Air Traffic Management Bureau. Otherwise, their request at Air China’s side would not go through as quickly.

“What happened?” Nan Gong asked in confusion as he saw Gongsun in a daze.

Gongsun shook his head and smiled bitterly, “Prepare to go back to Beijing.”

Nan Gong and Zhuang Zhou looked at each other. This Young Master was really torturing them. Couldn’t he wait until tomorrow?

On the way from the hotel to Tsingtao Liuting International Airport, Qin Sheng, Qin Ran and Gongsun rode the same car while Nan Gong and Zhuang Zhou rode in the one behind. This time around, the drivers were all employees arranged by the company in Tsingtao.

Qin Sheng enjoyed looking outside of the car window at night and admiring the city’s night view. However, he had to leave before he had the chance to admire Tsingtao city.

One city after another. After leaving Xi’an, Qin Sheng never stopped. He had always been drifting. He had never stayed in a city for more than a year. The city that he had stayed the longest in was just Xiamen. It was also the quietest period for the past few years.

Next stop, Beijing.

Qin Sheng did not know how long he would stay in that city after he figured out the truth of his ident.i.ty.

At the business jet tarmac in Tsingtao Liuting International Airport. After pa.s.sing through security checks, the Qin family’s cars drove straight to the tarmac. This surprised Qin Sheng more or less. He thought that he could just reach Beijing on a normal commercial flight. He did not expect Qin Ran to arrange for a private jet. However, he did not know if this was the Qin family’s private jet or the airline company’s business jet.

Qin Sheng had never been on a private jet. He had only seen them on television or on the Internet. Those loaded businessmen in China all had private jets. Their favorites were the Gulfstream and Challenger series. This one looked like a Gulfstream, but Qin Sheng did not know the specific model.

After getting off the car, Qin Sheng and the rest were led onboard by two beautiful air stewardess. Qin Sheng followed Qin Ran to the cabin. Silently, he examined this private jet while keeping his face straight. The cabin was extremely s.p.a.cious, the interior design and facilities looked very luxurious and also high-tech. The seats were all sofas made of real leather; there were single and double seating as well as a big one for more people. They were distributed unevenly in the cabin. They could fit more than 10 people easily. Qin Sheng guessed that if this was not a Gulfstream G550, then it would be the Gulfstream G650. Otherwise, there would not be so much s.p.a.ce.

Qin Ran picked a random seat and sat down. Qin Sheng sat opposite her while Gongsun, Zhuang Zhou and Nan Gong all sat nearer to the front. They did not want to disturb the siblings and wanted to give them personal s.p.a.ce for interaction. The two air stewardess started their regular service and asked the guests what they needed.

“I didn’t expect my first experience on a private jet to be in such a situation. This is interesting,” Qin Sheng joked bitterly. “Rich people’s word is indeed different.”

Qin Ran did not like him to say things like that. It caused her to feel bad for him as she knew that his life had not been easy all these years. Living in Sijiu city, she was given everything and she never had to worry about her livelihood. However, since young, Qin Sheng had been following Grandfather around and suffered a lot. In the past few years, he had experienced too many setbacks and injustice.

“Gulfstream G650, the most advanced big-scale business jet in the world at this moment. Our obnoxious Father just bought it last year. If you’re willing, this will be yours in the future. I’ll get it for you once we go back to Beijing,” Qin Ran said very generously, as if for everything that Qin Sheng said, she would do them to her best ability.

It was indeed the Gulfstream G650. Qin Sheng saw its introduction before. The cruising speed could reach as high as Mach 0.925, it could travel as fast as 13,000 kilometers, there are 19 seats, etc. Of course, the price was not just ordinary expensive. Four billion. This was not something that a regular wealthy person could own. Qin Sheng was full of curiosity towards the Father whom he had yet to meet.

Also, he did not expect that he, as a loser that was dictated around by others, would become a super-rich second-generation in the blink of an eye. What a dark humor.

Qin Sheng did not respond to that topic. The largest amount of money he ever saw was at the illegal boxing match at the underground boxing ring in Hangzhou, and that was won by Chang Baji’s capabilities. Now someone wanted to give him a private jet, wasn’t that insane?

“I’m sleepy, I’m going to take a nap. Wake me up when we’re there,” Qin Sheng said calmly to Qin Ran. He then closed his eyes and tried to fall asleep.

Qin Ran smiled and nodded, “Okay, have some rest. I’ll wake you up when we’re there.”

After Qin Sheng fell asleep, Qin Ran then ordered an air stewardess to bring her a blanket and she covered Qin Sheng personally…

More than an hour later, the Gulfstream G650 landed in Capital International Airport. Gongsun had already made the necessary arrangements. Two of the Qin family’s Mercedes were already waiting at the tarmac.

When Qin Sheng woke up, he found a grey blanket on his body. He naturally knew who put it on for him. She was probably the one who covered him in the hotel as well. Hence, Qin Sheng looked towards Qin Ran and said a heartfelt ‘thanks’.

Until now, Qin Sheng was still not used to his new ident.i.ty, so he felt a little distant from Qin Ran. There was a complete lack of a close relations.h.i.+p between siblings. But he knew that his older sister really wanted to treat him well. He remembered all these in his heart.

After getting onto the car, the two Mercedes left the airport. Gongsun had just made a call and he turned around to ask, “Your Father has a business gathering tonight, he’s having dinner and tea with the Minister of Commerce and the leader of SAFE, so he isn’t back yet. It’s already late, should we go back to the siheyuan first or?”

This was a typical daily conversation between Gongsun and Qin Ran, he did not try to hide anything because of Qin Sheng. But when Qin Sheng heard it, he was shocked, which was followed by many doubts.

The doubts from the very beginning, then the Song family’s fear, and right after that, the four-billion most-advanced Gulfstream private jet, followed by the chit-chat session with leaders from the Ministry of Commerce and SAFE. Qin Sheng was increasingly curious about this father. His ident.i.ty was really mysterious.

Qin Ran thought for a moment before replying, “Then let’s go back to the old house first.”

This was Qin Ran’s original plan, but it was already too late by the time they returned. Qin Sheng obviously wanted to visit Qin Changan first, so she did not plan to bring him to the old house directly. But now that Qin Changan had yet to return, she thought she should bring him there first.

Because that was the real home to her. There were shared memories of Qin Sheng and Mother in the house. There was nothing in the siheyuan that belonged to them.

“Okay,” Gongsun nodded silently. This was expected. He then ordered the driver to head straight to West Chang’an Avenue.

The Qin family’s old house was located at Muxidi, along West Chang’an Avenue. It was very close to Yu Yuan Tan and the Diaoyutai State Guest House. That area was called Sanli River. It was surrounded by Ministries, Commissions, and their committees. That small area used to be called the Big Yard of Planning Committee. Those who are familiar with Beijing’s history all knew that that was a magical place. The most famous Red Tower Auditorium of the Planning Committee in office was ranked the top of the four big Auditoriums in olden-days Beijing. The other three were found in China University of Geosciences, Beijing Wuzi University and the CPPCC.

Of course, this was not the most magical part about the Big Yard of Planning Committee. It was the fact that as of today, this place had served as an office for 21 Vice Premiers and Members of State Council, more than 200 Ministers and Deputy Ministers, as well as countless well-known individuals excelling in all walks of life. This was the magical part about this place.

But after the label of Planning Committee was taken off, the legend came to an end. Today, this place was already in ruins. The majority of the places were already revamped. The run-down backyard housed some retired elderly or those who were not willing to move on. Majority of the younger generation had already left. They would only come here during the weekends to take a look.

Back then, the Qin family lived here as a family of four. Of course, this did not include Old Master Qin. He was a mysterious master of the family. However, a number of the Qin family’s friends also lived here. This was where Qin Changan started building his legacy. Without those legendary stories back then, there would not be today’s Qin Changan.

After the two cars drove into the big yard, they took many turns before pulling to a stop in front of a building in yard No.3.Back then, the Big Yard of Planning Committee was very big. It was a solidarity world on its own. It had everything that you would need, so it was divided into several small yards.

It was a late winter night. Under the illumination of the yellow street lamps, these old houses gave off an eerie vibe.

After the group got off their cars, Qin Ran lifted her head to take a glance at this six-story small building. The corners of her lips curled subconsciously. Her memories of her childhood were all here.

“You guys can just wait downstairs,” Qin Ran ordered the rest. This was a personal s.p.a.ce between her and the Qin family members, she did not want to be disturbed by outsiders.

Qin Sheng frowned slightly. He knew that this was definitely not the Qin family’s residence. That mysterious father of his definitely would not be living here. After all, this place was already very run-down. Hence, he asked, “Where are we?”

Qin Ran squinted her eyes and said with a smile, “This is our home, it’s where you lived when you were young.”

“Home?” Qin Sheng muttered to himself. This word was both familiar yet foreign to him, as he never had a true home.

“Yup,” Qin Ran nodded and turned around to look up at the familiar building. She smiled faintly. “Mom, I brought my younger brother back.”

Strongest Counterattack Chapter 346 - The Old House

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