Strongest Counterattack Chapter 466 - Here Begins the Second Half Show

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Chapter 466 Here Begins the Second Half Show

As the saying goes, he, who is unafraid that the thief will come to his house, fears that the thief will bear him in mind.

In the past, as long as Qin Sheng hadn’t taken the initiative to provoke anyone, he wouldn’t have gotten into any trouble most of the time. That was because he only represented himself and refrained from getting involved in grudges and enmities with others. But then, after he returned to the Qin Family, he represented more than himself. He was the son of Qin Changan and the heir of the Qin Family, making him the enemy of many people without himself realizing it. Qin Sheng probably hadn’t known about that so far.

What happened to Qin Sheng that day was an example. He accompanied Han Xu’s group to drink because of his bad mood and ended up running into someone who knew him and had a grudge with the Qin Family. So he was inexplicably targeted. If Qin Sheng knew about the ins and outs of the situation, he would have been quite gloomy in secret. Even so, that was not something he could control.

At that time, almost everyone had finished drinking. They were going to keep playing for a while and then go to Ghost Street to enjoy a midnight snack. The beautiful woman next to Han Xu received a phone call and left. The others didn’t pay attention to it. After all, they had seen this kind of situation often.

A while later, the beautiful woman came back. The look on her face changed slightly, her eyes somewhat wavering. But no one noticed that. the beautiful girl looked like a playful master. The red lipstick on her lips was particularly conspicuous. The halter dress she wore showed off her busts, which weren’t quite eye-catching. There was a tattooed flower on her arm. Qin Sheng could not figure out what kind of flower it was. Almost all girls in the current society had tattoos. No wonder tattoo artists were said to be the happiest people on earth.

Soon after the girl sat down, a slightly drunken man walked to Qin Sheng’s booth and said irritably, “Fanfan, I wondered why I couldn’t find you tonight. It turns out you’re here.”

Fanfan was the woman who accompanied Han Xu. She felt very embarra.s.sed and said, “Brother Dong, you have drunk too much.”

All the people on the scene were displeased, feeling disturbed by an uninvited guest. Moreover, they had almost finished drinking. Someone stood up and said politely, “Brother, you’ve had more than a few drinks.”

The man called Brother Dong directly got rid of Qin Sheng’s cla.s.smate and said angrily, “Don’t touch me. Don’t you know who I am?”

Han Xu did not expect that the daytime soap opera would be f**king played again in the bar at night, which made him so angry that he almost lost control of his temper. He stood up and stared at Brother Dong as he said, “I don’t care who you are, I’ll count down to three. Leave us alone, or you’ll have to bear the consequences.”

Brother Dong was not angry. Instead, he smiled and said, “Yo, I haven’t provoked you yet, but you dare to jump on me first. It’s you who have chosen Fanfan, right? Don’t you know that she belongs to me? You want to die, right?”

Han Xu had been pampered since he was a child, who was also fond of fooling around. Seeing a lot of things in Tian Jin, which was so close to Beijing, he was especially familiar with the city. Never having met such an arrogant guy before, he picked up a wine bottle directly and started to fight without saying anything at all.

Qin Sheng quickly stopped Han Xu and said, “Hold on. If there is anything between you, go out and solve it. Don’t make trouble here. You will only leave a bad impression here. Moreover, it will be somewhat troublesome.”

At that time, Brother Dong’s friend also arrived. So did the bar’s security guard, who had noticed the situation. If they fought there, they would surely be stopped from doing so at the first moment.

Brother Dong’s friend stopped him and smiled apologetically as he said, “Buddies, I’m sorry. My buddy drank too much. Please forgive him. I apologize to you on his behalf.”

After that, the man directly picked up a gla.s.s of whiskey and drank it up while raising his head, which was sort of an apology to Qin Sheng’s group.

Those who could enter the advanced of the School of Economics and Management at the college were all from powerful families. They had encountered this kind of situation many times. Although they didn’t intend to make trouble, they weren’t afraid of making trouble at all. So they had been holding themselves back. If they couldn’t bear it anymore, once the alcohol took hold of them, their counterparts would have to bear the consequences.

Back when Han Xu had planned to fight a moment before, so had the others. Since they had gone out together to have fun, they would have to help and take care of each other more frequently in the future. Of course, at times like this, they wouldn’t shrink back. Fortunately, Qin Sheng had held Han Xu back. Otherwise, they would have had started fighting.

Although Brother Dong’s friend had apologized to them by drinking, no one bought it. In the end, Qin Sheng waved his hands and signaled them to leave their booth quickly. If they kept being an eyesore there, the fighting would inevitably start later.

When Brother Dong saw the att.i.tude of Han Xu’s group, he said, “Wait.”

Han Xu couldn’t bear it anymore. He stood up again and rushed at Brother Dong. Qin Sheng had no choice but to hold his hand again and persuade, “You are a man at your 30s, who surely is open-minded. If you’re still angry about him after sleeping, you can locate him out to vent your anger on him.”

Han Xu thought about Qin Sheng’s words carefully and thought that in the future, he would inherit billions of properties and be a super-rich second generation master. He surely didn’t need to argue with a small potato like Brother Dong. In the end, he just sat down while swearing incessantly.

How Qin Sheng had appeased the situation made people think of him differently. Some people thought that he was low-key, while some others thought of him as a coward. Qin Sheng didn’t bother to care about other people’s opinions. As long as he knew what he was doing, it would be fine.

The interlude disappointed everyone. No matter how amazing the DJ’s music was, they were in no mood for drinking. The beauty named Fanfan by Han Xu’s side smiled nervously and said, “Brother Han. I’m sorry. It’s all my fault.”

Han Xu did want to find a fortune-teller for himself to see whether it was a bad day for him. “How come I keep encountering such terrible things wherever I go today? It’s so annoying.”

“Go away as far as you can with my money before I get angry.” Although Qin Sheng had convinced Han Xu successfully, he was still furious. Since this beautiful girl was not considerate at all, Han Xu could only vent his anger on her.

Looking thoughtful, Wei Li took out his wallet and paid all the tipping for all the beauties accompanying them. Then he asked them to leave quickly. None of the girls fought for the tipping. After all, it was just a small sum of money. They accepted Wei Li’s favor.

After the beauty named Fanfan walked out of the booth with her sisters, she let out a long sigh of relief and smiled proudly. The tipping of several hundred yuan was simply negligible compared to her income that night. After all, she had cooperated to play a good show. However, those guests were still in the dark and her sisters had got involved because of her.

Fanfan didn’t care about which big boss these guests had offended. Recollecting how Han Xu had scolded her moments before, she felt less guilty. As for whether there would be any consequences later, she wouldn’t give a d.a.m.n about it at all.

After all the beauties left, the booth was completely quiet in the end. Wei Li eased the atmosphere and said, “Elder Han, don’t be angry anymore. It was just a petty matter. Come on. Let’s drink.”

Following Wei Li, both Qin Sheng and Hao Lei picked up their They continued to drink. However, it was clear that the atmosphere was not as lively as it had been. They would probably leave soon.

In a booth not far away from Qin Sheng’s group, the initiators of that farce had witnessed the whole process. To their surprise, the fighting hadn’t started. They thought the Qin Sheng’s group members were quite tolerant; they weren’t supposed to act like this. After all, their ident.i.ties and family background were there. How come they were afraid of making trouble?

The man who had arranged the farce reached out and touched the soft chest of his confidante in his arms. He sighed and said, “Tut, tut, tut. They were so low-key that they could even tolerate this kind of situation.”

As the man named Elder Gu drank the Yamazaki Whiskey from j.a.pan, he asked again, “Elder Xue, are you sure he is Qin Changan’s son?”

The warmth of the beautiful woman’s chest made the man called Old Xue be somewhat distracted. He held back the desire in his heart and said slowly, “Elder Gu, I can’t lie to you about that. You may have been kept in the dark. I know it better than anyone else in the world that Qin Changan’s son had been taken away by the Old Master of the Qin Family when he was a child. For many years, there was no news about him. Some time ago, he reunited with the Qin Family. We just found it out.”

Completely ignoring Lao Xue’s behavior, Elder Gu sneered and said, “So that’s how it is.”

“As the senior is playing with Qin Changan, let’s play with his son who is our peer. Don’t worry, the show tonight has yet to end. It was just the first half. Although it didn’t reach the climax, the second half show won’t let you down.” Elder Xue squinted his eyes playfully. It seemed that everything was under his control.

Although Elder Gu and Elder Xue’s family background was unknown, it was clear that they were outstanding since they had sat in the best booth while enjoying their time with beauties. What’s more, four bodyguards were surrounding them, to stop anybody from approaching.

Elder Gu was dressed quite delicately. He looked like a rich playboy in a tailored suit. As he wore a pair of uniquely gold-rimmed and showed off his Lange watch for men casually, it indicated that he was not only rich but also tasteful. So Elder Xue’s confidante frequently glimpsed at Elder Gu in secret. After all, Elder Gu was more handsome than Elder Xue. However, Elder Xue was more masculine, who was especially good at making s.e.x, making her want for more every time.

After hearing Elder Xue’s words, Elder Gu asked tentatively, “Elder Xue, let me get to the bottom of this. Did your family add fuel to the fire on Qin Changan’s issue this time? After all, your family has great influence in the media circle. What’s more, your family is famous for your propaganda.”

Elder Xue stared at Lao Gu with a faint smile on his face. Since what Elder Gu had hit the nail, Elder Xue was not afraid of disclosing anything at all. He smiled and said, “If I deny it, you won’t buy it either.”

As the saying goes, gossips and rumors will only be stopped by the wise. However, if someone with an ulterior motive intended to add fuel to the rumor, then no one would be able to stop it. The false one would eventually come true.

Hearing this, Elder Gu smiled faintly. The Xie Family and the Qin Family were real enemies. They had been fighting for generations. In recent years, the situation of the Qin Family had improved a lot. Even so, the Xue Family had not been idle. Since there was such a good opportunity to kick the Qin Family down, the Xue Family surely would take advantage of it. What’s more, they had many allies.

The reason why the Gu family had been fighting with the Qin Family was that Qin Changan had hounded Elder Gu’s uncle to death previously, the two families ending on bad terms after that. The Gu family had been waiting for an opportunity to make the Qin Family die a terrible death. The opportunity eventually came.

As the saying goes, although the trees want to be quiet, the wind won’t abate. When the sign indicating that the Qin Family was somewhat feeble showed up, more and more opponents popped up. Having no way out at all, Qin Sheng could only face the enemy directly.

Since n.o.body on Qin Sheng’s side was interested, they called a halt to the drinking party in advance and headed for Ghost Street to enjoy the crayfishes. Seeing Qin Sheng’s group members standing up and preparing to leave, Elder Xue smiled at his confidante and said, “Here begins the second half show.”

Strongest Counterattack Chapter 466 - Here Begins the Second Half Show

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