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After Chen Xiang obtained the golden needles, he controlled the golden needles to fly out and pierce through the heads of the five elders. At the same time their heads were penetrated, they were also affected by the energy that exploded out from the golden needles, causing them incomparable pain.

Chen Xiang immediately took away the needles in their hands and pierced them fiercely with his needles.

These old men were all from the Late period of World Defying magic realm, but their heads looked like paper in front of the mysterious golden needles. They were pierced through in an instant, and after getting heavily injured in front of the Divine Sense Sea, they were heavily injured by Chen Xiang.

Ling Yong immediately transferred him into the Six Realms mirrors, then let the Mei Jing Sisters come out of the Time array to release a power of regeneration to treat Ling Yong.

After Chen Xiang got rid of the few old men who had tortured Ling Yong, he immediately left the prison.

"Ling Yong has escaped." A person suddenly shouted.

It was unknown how he found out, but Chen Xiang had already successfully saved Ling Yong.

Suddenly, in the pitch black night sky, a large amount of golden powder appeared. After the powder appeared, it suddenly dropped down and landed on Chen Xiang's body, causing his body to s.h.i.+ne with a gold light.

"Over there!" Someone suddenly shouted, "There's someone there. I can't see his appearance."

Chen Xiang never thought that the Wood Mountain Sect would use this kind of method to find him, and he had already reached the side of the giant wall.

"You want to catch laozi? No way!" Chen Xiang snorted and immediately activated the spatial formation. Adding his own power of time, he pierced through the few layers of enchantments.

"He ran out!" Because just now, the Wood Mountain Sect's barrier was moving again.

Chen Xiang's entire body was covered in golden powder, he immediately entered the Six Realms mirrors, otherwise, he would be extremely conspicuous in the dark of the night.

"This Wood Mountain Sect is indeed the great sect of the Tao-creation Mountain." Chen Xiang began to clean up the golden powder. The disciples of the Wood Mountain Sect would not be touched by it, because their sect's clothes could resist it. On the other hand, Chen Xiang was different.

After Chen Xiang finished cleaning up, he was finally relieved. The Six Realms mirrors had already flown out of the city.

Originally, Chen Xiang wanted to go and see Ling Yong, but he suddenly felt a strong suction force that sucked the Six Realms mirrors back.

"What's going on?" Chen Xiang was extremely shocked. He immediately came out from the Six Realms mirrors and felt a wave of extremely terrifying Arrogant Morale.

He was certain that this wave of Arrogant Morale had already surpa.s.sed the World Defying Stage Divine Rank, and was extremely terrifying!

"The super strong warriors of Wood Mountain Sect are making their move, is it over?" Chen Xiang suddenly felt an incomparable despair. In front of such terrifying power, he didn't even have the chance to struggle.

He suddenly thought of Xiao Xianglin, Xiao Xianglin was still waiting for him to save him, but right now, he had no strength to resist!

He immediately thought of Killing evil dragon, he felt that Killing evil dragon might be able to make him stronger, or maybe he could fuse with the Tao-creation's incantation and make him stronger …

In that instant, he thought of many methods, but he felt that they would not work against this kind of power.

"Follow me!"

Originally, his body was being quickly pulled towards the Wood Mountain Sect by the suction force. However, the moment the white shadow appeared, he only felt his body loosen up, and then, a spatial fluctuation came over, causing him to be taken away.

After a while, Chen Xiang came to the side of a river. Lying on the riverbank, he held up the water to wash his face, and in the end, even stuffed his head into the river to let the ice-cold water wash away the fear in his heart.

"Thank you, senior!" Chen Xiang gasped for breath, and said.

The person who saved him was Wandering Old Man, Chen Xiang never expected to meet him here!

"There's no need to be polite, I have long hated Wood Mountain Sect and his people." Wandering Old Man's benevolent face revealed a bright smile.

"I thought I almost died this time. What is that guy's background? "This is too scary!" When Chen Xiang thought back to it, he still felt a lingering fear. In that instant, his life and death seemed to have been dictated by someone.

"Leader of the Wood Mountain Sect, beyond the World Defying Stage Divine Rank, is an arrogant heavenly being!" Wandering Old Man said: "It's a very strong person in Tao-creation Mountain."

"Senior, I never would have thought that I would meet you again. Furthermore, you even saved me. I am truly deeply grateful." When Chen Xiang thought back to it, he also felt that it was very lucky.

"I would appear in the Wood Mountain Sect mainly because I heard about the World Defying G.o.d-becoming Dan you refined, and was very curious, so I came over. It's a pity that I didn't manage to buy the World Defying G.o.d-becoming Dan, but I found out that the person who sold it for you was captured by the Wood Mountain Sect, and then I waited outside the Wood Mountain Sect."

Wandering Old Man sighed: "Brat, you're quite impressive. You created this Wood Mountain Sect and even saved him. This time this Wood Mountain Sect has lost a lot of face."

"Even I find it hard to charge in!"

Chen Xiang took out a World Defying G.o.d-becoming Dan that was refined from a multicolored giant flower and gave it to Wandering Old Man.

"I still have some left. Take them all out!" Chen Xiang took out a few more pills.

"There's no need for that much. I only want one pellet to give it a try." Wandering Old Man chuckled, then quickly revealed a surprised expression after eating that piece of World Defying G.o.d-becoming Dan.

"Very good … It really is a Pill Transformation! " Wandering Old Man praised again and again: "This pill formula was something that many grandmasters in Tao-creation Mountain had been researching all along, but they did not succeed, so this time Wood Mountain Sect is going all out, and wants to get your pill formula."

"Senior, if you want the medicinal formula, I can give it to you as a thank you gift for saving my life." Chen Xiang immediately said, since he didn't have much of a loss even if he were to give the Wandering Old Man.

"That won't be necessary." Wandering Old Man shook his head and laughed: "I am just curious about this kind of pill. Your pellet contains six Fusion spell s and nine Increase spell, these incantations are perfectly compatible with the pellet's overall power, and can be combined together. This kind of control is not bad. "

"Senior, you flatter me!" Chen Xiang snickered.

"Using the Tao-creation's incantation to refine pills is something that many Grandmasters use frequently in the Tao-creation Mountain." The Wandering Old Man said, "But the most powerful thing is still to use World Defying Dan grain to refine pills!"

"World Defying Dan grain? "What is this?" Chen Xiang asked anxiously.

"It's something similar to the Tao-creation's Incantation … Moreover, it was evolved from the Tao-creation Incantation, and was modified out by the Alchemist. Adding World Defying Dan grain s into the process of refining the pill will make it even more powerful, I don't even know the specifics, because I am not the Alchemist. " The Wandering Old Man said.

Chen Xiang was extremely interested in this World Defying Dan grain: "Senior, how do I obtain the World Defying Dan grain?"

"There are two ways. One is to comprehend it yourself from the Tao-creation's incantation and improve it to become a World Defying Dan grain. The other way is to pa.s.s on the knowledge of the World Defying Dan grain to you." The Wandering Old Man said.

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Strongest Counterattack Chapter 78 Evil Intention...

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