I’m Not Going to Be Bullied By a Girl Chapter 171

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I asked even though I knew the answer: “What do you mean by point of no return?”

“… Did you know you almost killed someone?”

“Hmph, who cares if I kill sc.u.m like them?”

I gazed at her through the gla.s.s of beer to let the cla.s.s leader know I was not joking around.

Behind the orange-yellow liquid, her seriousness was warped into a ridiculous shape as if it was a distorting mirror. I could not help but laugh strangely a couple of times.

Without warning, the cla.s.s leader stood up with a woosh and slapped me on the face!

I was dumbstruck and I completely forget about how I should respond. I could only see the resentment written on her face for failing to meet her expectations.

The few customers who were in the shop all turned around to look at us, and they started to whisper in quiet voices, so the cla.s.s leader bashfully sat down.

“Are you awake now?” She still used a teacher or an elder's tone of voice to speak to me.

I covered my left cheek that was slapped. I felt more humiliation compared to physical pain. I narrowly was not able to control myself, and I was almost going to splash all my beer at her.

But if I thought about it carefully, the cla.s.s leader also received quite a bit of shock tonight. She could be forcing herself to maintain a calm appearance right now, and she might have slapped me in hysteria to release some of her fear. I'm a generous person, so I'll let her off for the time being…

“Do you know why I hit you?” She asked.

“Cause you're scared!” I said, “You were almost taken for turns. If I were you, I would also act a bit crazy to release some…”

“Don't say vulgar words in front of me!”

I laughed and tossed a peanut in my mouth, “Vulgar? I already toned it down! In our circle…”

The cla.s.s leader interrupted me again, “This is where the problem lies! You always unconsciously a.s.sociate yourself with the local hoodlums and use their logic to think about things. You feel honor instead of shame —— it's dangerous if this goes on!”

Dangerous? Where would I get fighting strength if it wasn't dangerous? If I didn't come to save you from the danger today, were you expecting Chi from to help you fight off the bad guys?

“Cla.s.s leader, don't be so childish.” I said sincerely with a desire to educate, “Society isn't as simple as our cla.s.s, your childish sense of justice won't work in society!”

“I know… I know.” The cla.s.s leader's eyes darkened, “I know that what we experienced today was only the tip of the iceberg of the dark side of society, but…”

“But, it's because all kinds of evil exist in society, that's why we need police, right?”

Eh? Why did the topic of our conversation s.h.i.+ft to your future profession? Are you intending to sweep all of the criminals of DongShan city into the trash after you become a captain in the criminal police division?

“Hey hey hey, cla.s.s leader, being a cop isn't as easy as you think it is. Especially criminal police, they have to put their lives on the line!”

In the beginning, the cla.s.s leader was persuading me to not be a hooligan, but now I was persuading the cla.s.s leader to not become a police officer. This development was a bit baffling.

The cla.s.s leader looked as if she was hurt, “What? You think a female can't be a cop?”

That's not the reason. It's just that you have great grades and great organizational skills. You can easily get into a good high school and university. Then after you graduate, you could be a successful female white-collar worker, what would you have against that? Why bother doing something dangerous like becoming a police officer?

“I'm not interested in becoming a regular police officer. If I was joining the police, I would become a criminal police officer who handles large cases!” The cla.s.s leader supplemented with sparkling eyes.

“Why? Are you not afraid of criminals even worse than the ones you met today?”

The corners of the cla.s.s leader's raised into a slight smile, “Criminal police get guns! If something happens, I can legally use a gun! Let's not even mention those two, even if it was you who wanted to do something to me, I could shoot both your legs and make you kneel and beg!”

We don't even have to wait until that day, since you already illegally own a gun. If you wanted to, you can blow off someone's head at any time.

Also, isn't your imagination too rich? Why would I act like that in the future? Do you think I would throw myself towards any female police officer with long hair? Then, after being shot two times, I would beg for my life while bawling?

Stop dreaming! Even if you have amazing senses, even tigers have to sleep! I only have to quietly sneak near you and mount a sneak attack from behind…

“You're thinking about how to mount a sneak attack on the future me, right?” The cla.s.s leader drank a mouthful of clear water and said emotionlessly.


“You're already treating yourself like a criminal. Even if your initial desires are good, if you keep putting importance on violence and carrying out vigilantism, one day, you'll become an actual criminal!”


“If at that time you land in my hands, don't say I never warned you!”

After she finished her sentence, her hawk-like black pupils released an imposing aura. It was as if I could see the awe-inspiring future female police officer who commanded numerous subordinates.

But I was still unwilling to accept it, “What you say sounds good in theory, but today you were almost… Almost been done in, how come no brave police officers came to save you?”

“That only shows that the current system is not perfect, but you can't use this one incident to dismiss police as a whole! I would say the main problem is that there are too few young people nowadays who are willing to devote themselves to public security!”

That's natural. Nowadays, most young people are an only child, and they are treated like treasure by their parents. Since being a criminal police officer is so dangerous, how many parents would want their children to join? Even if they did become a police officer, it would be a traffic police officer, or a civil police officer. You wouldn't even find a single person out of a group of a hundred people who has as much excess sense of justice as you!

“I have an excess sense of justice?” The cla.s.s leader was unconvinced and asked in response, “Do you have the right to say that about me? Let's use today as an example, didn't you rush forward to prevent a crime in progress? It's just that your method of dealing with the situation was a bit extreme…”

Nonsense! Can I just look on helplessly as Ai Mi's dog get stolen? Can I just look on helplessly as you get messed up by those sc.u.m?

At this point, the cla.s.s leader hesitated for a bit. But, she gathered up her courage, stared into my eyes, and asked:

“Since we both have an excess sense of justice, and we can't watch evil acts without lifting a finger, why don't you join the police academy with me?”

I almost spat out the mouthful of beer I just drank.

Why would I want to attend police academy with you! Are you still planning to push me around in the academy, then once we graduate, you still want to continue to be my superior?

Stop joking around! Who wants to work under you? You would probably boss me around and tell me to help you go buy you an-pan when tailing someone! If that was the case, I would rather smuggle drugs. I could be a mafia boss who smokes cigars while wearing a black suit!

But it seems you can meet a lot of police dogs in the academy. You could also bring them along on missions, so it seems pretty interesting… Wait, was getting in contact with police dogs one of the reasons why the cla.s.s leader wants to join the academy?

No! There's still more disadvantages than advantages! I don't want the cla.s.s leader to be always above me! I don't want to lose my freedom!

The cla.s.s leader began to mutter to herself:

“Among our cla.s.smates in cla.s.s 2-3, you're the only one who's balanced at the most dangerous intersection of life. You're the only one who would be easily led astray, that's why I need to focus more time on taking care of you!”

I was discontent with her sense of justice, “Hey, don't get too conceited! It was coincidental that we were a.s.signed to the same cla.s.s, and it was also coincidental you're the cla.s.s leader for the year. What's your relations.h.i.+p with me? It sounds as if you want to take care of me for the rest of my life…”

The cla.s.s leader was immediately at a loss for words, then after a while, she began to stammer: “I… I can't bare to stand watching someone beside me fall onto the wrong path, so that's why I'm offering my help… Don't misunderstand, I treat you like you're my younger brother.”

Bulls.h.i.+t! There's no way you slapped Shu Zhe before! Also, who wants a sister who nags as much as you! If I had a sister like you, I would have made sure you were married off to a place at least a million kilometers away!

I was ashamed. That day, I only drank one bottle of beer, yet I got drunk.

I’m Not Going to Be Bullied By a Girl Chapter 171

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