I’m Not Going to Be Bullied By a Girl Chapter 257

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On Tuesday, after the fist cla.s.s ended, I found Shu Zhe sitting under the shade of a tree while chewing gum and playing on his phone.

He occupied a great spot by himself. Two upper-year students were eyeing him like a tiger, but didn't make the step forward. When they saw me walking over, they immediately turned and ran.

What? Was Shu Zhe using my name to intimidate others? Since I helped him take care of Li ErLeng and we also met multiple times on the fields, does everyone treat Shu Zhe as my little brother?

When Shu Zhe saw me coming, he greeted me and hid his phone in his pockets.

“What's there to hide?” I asked in a bad mood, “Are you still in contact with the dog kidnapping group?”

“Brother Ye Lin, how could that be!” Shu Zhe looked at me while feigning a lovable gaze and explained, “I was flipping through messages from my girlfriend in the past couple of days! I feel like her tone isn't normal, I might have forgotten something… I finally remembered that my girlfriend's birthday is next week! It's a good thing I remembered! It would be terrible if I forgot to get a present!”

Hmph, that's why women are a pain. They won't say it directly if they want something but always try to take an indirect route to make you remember.

But if he needs to prepare a present, doesn't it mean he's in need of money? Then I should be able to complete my goal for today.

I tapped the computer textbook I was holding (the strawberries panties was wedged inside) and said to Shu Zhe: “I'm getting straight to the point, I came here to talk business!”

Shu Zhe's eyebrows spiraled into a knot, “Are you that in a rush for my sister's swimsuit photos? Bro Ye Lin, you're such a lolicon, I can't believe you get so excited when you heard she used to be in a swim cla.s.s…”

“Shut up! So, have you got the photos… NO! That's not why I came!”

I opened the textbook and showed him what was inside.

Shu Zhe had a puzzled expression when he saw the panties.

“Isn't this panties? Are you telling me to help you give it to my sister? She definitely wouldn't accept, and strawberries don't even suit her!”

“It's not for your sister.” I increased the severity of my tone, “It's for you!”

Shu Zhe's eyes widened and his back pressed against the trunk of the tree. He almost swallowed the gum that was in his mouth.

“Are you kidding me! It's for women!”

I stared silently at his face.

“It was already embarra.s.sing enough being a rope model and taking nurse pictures. How can I wear panties in front of a camera!”

When my att.i.tude did not loosen, he said with hesitance: “Is… this also the store's products? I can give it a try if you're not showing the front, but I have to be satisfied with the remuneration!”

Huh? I thought he would resist, I never expected us to reach a compromise this quickly! As expected, the focus is still money. Is he taking a risk out of desperation because he needs money to buy his girlfriend a present?

“Brother Ye Lin, why are you looking at me strangely? I don't have anything on my face.”

Shu Zhe began to chew his gum loudly.

“There's actually not much difference between men's and women's underwear. You might not be used to it since you're part of the boxers faction, but I've always been in the briefs faction!”

“Also, since females have smoother skin, the material they use are softer, so it feels much more comfortable than men's underwear!”

I scrunched my brows, “Huh? It sounds like you've worn panties before?”

I'm not sure if it was because I already knew all of Shu Zhe's secrets, but he admitted without any embarra.s.sment:

“That's right! I've worn my sister's panties before, what about it?”

“You… you pervert! Didn't you say you had no interest in your sister! Go to your girlfriend if you want to wear panties!”

Shu Zhe waved his hand to prevent me from getting so heated.

“I didn't wear it in secret, I wore it out in the open! Once when I made my sister mad, she wouldn't wash my underwear as punishment. I quickly ran out of clean underwear… so I took her underwear off the drying rack and wore it! She started was.h.i.+ng my underwear again two days later!”

What a terrible method! Also, so lazy! If it was me, I would rather wear nothing than wear women's underwear! It's about the dignity of a Spartan!

“Ha.” I laughed in a mocking tone, “So that means you already have experience! That's good, later, go to the washroom and put it on…”

“Wait! What did you say?” Shu Zhe paused, “Aren't we using it in a photo? Why do I have to wear it in school?”

“Tsk, when did I say it was for a photo? Let me tell you, a rope model has many different responsibilities and tasks. Your current task is to wear this pair of strawberry panties for 3 days, then return it to me in the Ziploc bag!”

“W…What?” Shu Zhe was shocked, “Is it for original panties? You even sell that kind of stuff?”

“Heh, I never thought you would have some knowledge about this special product that originated from j.a.pan. Normally, our store doesn't accept these orders, but an annoying customer was hara.s.sing me, so I made a special exception!”

“You can't sell me out for a special exception!” Shu Zhe frowned, “I'm not doing it! What happens if I get discovered by a cla.s.smate or a teacher? It's not like those dumb customers could tell who wore it, so you might as well wear it yourself!”

He wanted to walk away in a fit of anger and embarra.s.sment, but I grabbed him by the collar and dragged him back.

Shu Zhe couldn't break free, so he turned around and said angrily:

“Are you going to force me to wear it even if I don't agree? Even if I do wear it, can't I just take it off immediately when you can't see me!”

I held my chin in a thinking pose, “Hm, that would be a problem. Since you don't really listen, I have no choice but to undergo spot checks! Listen closely! Head to a booth in the boy's washroom at the end of every cla.s.s! If I'm also there, then you have to take off your pants and show me what you're wearing! If I find out you're missing, or if you removed the panties without approval…”

“… I'll send a picture of last time when you were wearing women's clothing without a wig to your girlfriend!”

Shu Zhe's face turned pale when I mentioned his ‘shota trap' pictures.

“Mwhahahaha. Xiao Li definitely won't expect those photos as her birthday present!”

Shu Zhe's face now turned green.

“It's time to test your love! Will Xiao Li accept your ‘special hobby'?”

Now his face gradually turned black.

“Or should we reach a compromise? If you wear this underwear for three days, then you'll be rewarded for your hard work with your salary! Then, you can use your hard earned money to buy your girlfriend a present!”

“Should you take a bit of a punishment to let your girlfriend have a happy birthday? Or will you rather die than submit and shock your girlfriend with those photos? Young people should make their decisions carefully!”

Shu Zhe clenched his hands into fists and trembled for a bit before he finally surrendered to my threats and also promises.

“Brother Ye Lin, … you're a villain!”

His face was flushed red, partly due to anger and partly because he has to wear panties at school.

When he saw no one was around, he took the strawberries out of the package. He stuffed the soft piece of cloth in his pockets and left the packaging for me to deal with.

“If there's not even time before cla.s.s, then put it on at the end of cla.s.s.” I instructed him, “Remember to put the panties in a Ziploc bag and I'll give you the money afterward.”

Shu Zhe reached out his hands, “Money first! As long as you pay me first, I'll change immediately even if I will be late for the next cla.s.s!”

Eh? You want money before you even do the work?

“What? Do you not trust me?” Shu Zhe said, “Why would I lie? You have your fists and have photos on me, do you think I have a death wish?”

That's true, there's only a small possibility Shu Zhe would not fufill this task.

“That's right! Pay me first so I could pick out a gift for Xiao Li, also wearing these awkward panties… it'll at least rea.s.sure me slightly…”

Isn't pretty awkward to buy a gift for your girlfriend with a pair of panties in your pocket!

Shu Zhe didn't hold back and asked me for ¥300. I told him the selling price was only ¥100 – ¥160 online, but he wouldn't budge.

“I'll be on the lookout every day while wearing this, do you still think ¥300 is a lot?”

The break would end if I dawdled any longer and it's not like I would continue with this business, so I satisfied his greed.

He checked authenticity of the bills with the sunlight after receiving it and put it in his wallet.

Well, he's the one who will provide the original panties, so I'll just make the profit off the actual underwear itself.

After a period of math cla.s.s, I saw Shu Zhe walking unnaturally to the snack kiosks. I guess he already put on the underwear.

When he realized I was looking at him, he looked at me with grievances as if he was regretting he didn't ask for more money.

I’m Not Going to Be Bullied By a Girl Chapter 257

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