I’m Not Going to Be Bullied By a Girl Chapter 273

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According to the law, you're not a criminal if you possess less than 50g of marijuana. There are no punishments and you can only be detained for 2 to 10 days.

Obviously, Constable Ma's sense of righteousness was not satisfied with me getting a light punishment. Plus there was also Auntie Ren to vouch for me, so he could only helplessly shake his head and release me.

Of course, the marijuana was all confiscated along with my shabby backpack and the bottle of sports drink. They were all kept as evidence to be a.n.a.lyzed and will be returned when it's deemed harmless.

“It's fine, you don't need to return it.” I waved my hands, “The drink doesn't have poison, if you don't believe me, I can drink it right now. Also, the bag was bought from a street stall, it was less than ¥10…”

Auntie Ren immediately covered my mouth from behind and rebuked me with her eyes. Then, I just remembered I claimed the bag belonged to Kyle, so wouldn't it be a false testimony.

Constable Ma didn't really mind who the bag belonged to. He returned my cellphone, but before I left, he pressed down on my shoulder and warned me:

“Ye Lin, don't get too pleased, I'll be watching you. Once you choose to go down the path of crime, you'll fall into my hands sooner or later.”

Who will choose a life of crime, don't decide my future for me.

After I left the police station, the night air was a bit cold, but my mind was also cleared.

“Auntie Ren, how did you know I was arrested. Did someone from the crew see?”

“No one saw.” Auntie Ren said, “I received an anonymous call from a public phone. It was from a woman, but she pinched her nose so I couldn't tell who it was. She said you were in trouble for possession of marijuana and you need my help. I contacted a female police officer I found out it was true, so I left Xiao Qin with a friend and rushed over here.”

I saw Auntie Ren's yellow b.u.mblebee parked across from the police station. It seems the left headlight was cracked like she hit something on her way here because she was in a rush. The car was perfectly fine today morning.

A warm feeling rose inside and I didn't think too deeply about the anonymous female caller.

Anyway, the only reason I was arrested was because someone made an anonymous phone call to the counter-narcotics police. I a.s.sume it was Kyle's friend who was pranking me together with Kyle.

“Oh, right.” I asked, “How's Xiao Qin's stomach, does she know I was arrested?”

Auntie Ren glared at me, “If she knew, she would have tried to break you out of jail.”

I stuck my tongue out and laughed: “That's true. then her stomachache…”

“She's much better, but the doctor advised her to rest for a whole day. I already decided to forbid her from going outside tomorrow. You better not tempt her to leave, understand?”

I accepted and Auntie Ren drove me home in her damaged b.u.mblebee.

We never said a word on the way back. The Auntie Ren who had defended and exonerated me seemed to have disappeared into the night.

But I knew if I was actually in crisis, as long as I was innocent, Auntie Ren would never leave me hanging.

I felt a miraculous sense of security and I dozed off in the backseats of the car.

When we arrived at my place, Auntie Ren called me up and told me to scram.

But I wasn't angry, I actually felt a bit lonely.

I unwillingly returned to the empty home and sent my dad a text while laying on the bed. I completely ignored the fact I was almost detained and only reminded him to pay attention to his body and not stay up too late.

I didn't manage the store this night, nor did I hit the sandbag, I fell asleep without even changing my clothes.

It seems I had a dream. In the dream, I had many family members. Even though I couldn't clearly see their faces, but I knew I was looking at them and I had a faint smile on my face.

The night really could make someone sentimental. On the next day when the sun rose, I felt much better.

I brushed my teeth, washed my face, and changed my clothes. I had something important to take care of today.

At this time, I received a text from Xiao Qin:

“≧︿≦ I got detained by my mom and can't meet Ye Lin cla.s.smate (u_u#). I'm so pitiful (>﹏<)”

She used a ton of emoticons. Does she have to act cute even when she can't meet me.

I responded: “Have a good rest, we'll meet on Monday.” Then I ran towards Dong Shan Lake in high spirits to practice Yin Yang Sanshou with gramps.

Other than guiding me on the essentials of Hua Jin, gramps complained about his grandson nonstop. Apparently, because he got too addicted to League of Legends (a.k.a: LOL), he failed a lot of his university courses and has to retake them.

“Hmph, he's an embarra.s.sment to his father, and he has no talent in martial arts either. He's worse than his cousin (female).”

Because of the dream I had, I urged gramps to communicate better with his family. There shouldn't be an unsolvable conflict (unless it was like the conflict between me and Ai ShuQiao). Gramps was preoccupied with his anger and cursed at the developers of the game.

“The people who made this digital heroin should be dragged out and shot.”

Ah, what era is the term digital heroin from? Science has proven games can work your brain and prevent dementia. I'm not cursing you, but you should also play a bit to prepare for the future.

As for young people being addicted to games, it might be because they don't have any other hobbies, or other hobbies are too expensive. In the end, it's because China is still a developing country. The revolution is not yet over and our comrades still need to work harder.

I got on the subway towards Film City to take care of an important matter.

Which is to give Kyle a beating as payback for framing me.

Even if he's 18 or 19 and might be in University. Even if he trained his body and had protruding muscles, I was not afraid. The anger I felt was enough to use Berserker Mode twice. Also, he's a celebrity who lives off his appearance, unlike me who has nothing holding me back, so it will be my win for sure.

I’m Not Going to Be Bullied By a Girl Chapter 273

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