Memory Lost Chapter 143

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Chapter 143: Two Worlds Part 2

In the stifling and suffocating darkness, Han Chen has been unconscious for only a short while.

The last image in his head was he and Su Mian falling down quickly and that he was protecting her in his embrace, using his back to s.h.i.+eld her from the falling debris.

Men are strange creatures sometimes, especially when it's someone like Han Chen, who's usually unruly and likes to keep everything inside.  Even though he knew that doing that could cost him his life, hugging her made him felt at ease. And when they fell to the bottom, the tremendous impact finally made him lose his grip and let go of her.  But seeing that she should be okay, he felt relieved and became unconscious.

And then it's the sound of the whistle.

The crisp sound of the whistle like birds chirping.  The whistle that they've heard numerous times in the past when they were playing with each other.  The sound penetrates into his ear quickly. The explosion happened right behind him so his ears are still ringing, making them numb.  But the sound of the whistle; its hazy and tiny sound seem to have woken up every nerve in his body.

He opens his eyes and observes the dark surrounding.  He can tell that the sound of the whistle is not far away.

The corners of his mouth even curve up into a smile.  And then he pushes away the stuff on top of him and starts climbing out of the pile.

Su Mian feels as if her heart is about to jump out of her chest as she watches him stand up covered in dust.  In the dim lighting, his face is still handsome and chisel. His pupils are dark like pebbles from the bottom of the river as they bore into her.

Su Mian dives into his embrace.  There's no need to say anything. He hugs her tightly, lowers his head and kisses her neck softly.

They release each other quickly and start removing more debris from the pile.

The second to be found is Xu Si Bai.  He has been buried under a pile of dirt.  Luckily, he's awake; perhaps he heard Su Mian's whistle as well.  Just as he pushes a brick of dirt away, Han Chen spots him, so he and Su Mian both come and help pull him out of the pile.

Xu Si Bai doesn't have any serious wounds either with only a few scratches here and there.  But just like the two of them, he's also covered in dirt and dust. His usual soft and fluffy short hair is now in a mess.  His fair white face has blood stains on it. But he's a quiet guy, so he doesn't show the slightest bit of fright. He simply says, "Thank you," after being pulled out and then stares directly at Su Mian, "Did you get hurt?"

Han Chen glances at him indifferently.  Su Mian shakes her head, "I'm fine. We're both fine."

"Help m-……" a raspy voice says on the other side.  The three of them turn their heads and see Ding Jun trying to push away a piece of wood to sit up.  But his face shows pain and his legs aren't out yet as if they're trapped by something.

Han Chen and Xu Si Bai rush over and remove the pieces lying on top of his body.  Su Mian follows them quickly. They finally see that Ding Jun's legs are bleeding from all of the debris falling on top of him.  His right leg must have hit something hard as a large piece of skin has been sc.r.a.ped off revealing the bone inside.

"Don't move!" Xu Si Bai takes off his jacket, wearing only a thin sweater and white s.h.i.+rt.  He squats in front of Ding Jun and quickly helps him to wrap his wounds. Han Chen holds onto Ding Jun's arm and asks, "Can you walk?"

Ding Jun grits his teeth, "I'm fine.  I can walk!"

Xu Si Bai finishes wrapping his leg, but it won't help with his injuries much.  Su Mian can imagine how much pain Ding Jun is going through, but in this circ.u.mstance, he can only grit his teeth and continue.

Han Chen gives Ding Jun his support.  Su Mian is standing beside him while Xu Si Bai is guarding beside her.  All four of them look up and a.s.sess this dark and quiet underground shopping center.

They must be in a small unfinished area.  And through the corridor ahead of them, they can see clearly a s.p.a.cious area with s.h.i.+ny marble flooring accompanied by newly painted white walls.  There are many unlit ceiling lamps, store shelves, LCD screens, and advertis.e.m.e.nt billboards, etcetera.

If these were seen under bright glistening lights, it would be highly stylish and beautiful.  But it's completely empty without a single person and the lighting is dim, making everything seem gloomy and unreal, carrying a sense of eerie.

Han Chen looks up again.  The ground above them has been completely sealed.  There are only bare dirt walls around them. They also can't find anywhere that may help them climb back up.  After a moment, he says, "Let's walk over there."

No one objects.  Su Mian knows very well in her heart: the seven-member organization has spent so much effort to lure them here.  Therefore, they must continue walking forward in order to see what they have planned next and so that they can begin their last battle and find a way out.

The four of them pull out their guns and walk slowly through the narrow corridor.  It's still quiet everywhere; not a single voice or footstep can be heard. With Han Chen's and Su Mian's hearing, they are certain that there is no one.

They make it to the other end of the pa.s.sageway very soon and are in a s.p.a.cious hall.  There is still no one around; only a long line of emergency lights are s.h.i.+ning alongside the bottom of the wall.  Therefore, the lighting is much better than where they were just now.

Su Mian holds onto Han Chen's hand and asks lightly, "What should we do now?  Should we continue walking?"

Xu Si Bai and Ding Jun scan the area.  Han Chen doesn't answer. His eyes land on the LCD screen in front of the four of them.

It's because there's a tiny red light under the LCD screen, which is its power indicator.  This means that there's power connected to it.

The other three notices it as well and stares at the screen holding their breaths.

About two to three seconds later.

"Zzzz" the subtle sound of electricity can be heard and the screen turns on.

A man appears.

It's a man wearing a clown mask.

Su Mian's eyes open wide.

With just one look, she knows that this person is not A.  A has soft and fluffy hair with long and narrow eyes.  Even when he's wearing a dark trench coat, you can still sense his liveliness and arrogance.

This man is different.  His hair is very short almost showing his entire forehead.  He's wearing a suit but without a tie. He's sitting in a rather ordinary looking hotel room; he's sitting with his back straight.  Although they can't see his face clearly, they can sense his calm aura. And the pair of eyes behind the mask is dark and hard to read.

He's one of the members of the seven-member organization.

"(Eng) h.e.l.lo," he says softly toward them.  His voice has been filtered with a voice changer device; it's pitchy and awful.

But a hint of mischievousness and a cold smile flash across his eyes in the next moment, "I'm L.  Welcome to……(Eng) The last show."

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Memory Lost Chapter 143

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