Memory Lost Chapter 147

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Chapter 147: Su Mian My Love Part 2 + mini side story

All four of them can see it clearly now: in front of a white colored wall, Zhang Fu Cai is tied against a few steel rods.  Since they're behind him, it was hard to make out in the video. His chubby face is pale and his legs are shaking. From his knees down, they're soaked in the muddy water.  There are places above his head dripping water. He's definitely in a terrible state.

"Fellow officers!  You're finally here!  Thank you so much! Thank you so much!" Zheng Fu Cai is twisting his body as he says anxiously, "I'm the contractor for the Peninsula Group.  I'm responsible for developing this whole peninsula. Hurry and get me out of here. Hurry!"

Su Mian instinctively dislikes the man, but she follows Han Chen and Xu Si Bai to untie him and help him out of the water.

"Oh, oh!" Zheng Fu Cai shows an expression of relief, but to everyone's surprise, he grabs onto Xu Si Bai's arm and starts leaning his chubby body toward him, "Help me a bit.  My legs are numb and can't move much. Fellow officers, hurry and take me out of here!"

Han Chen and the others don't move.  Xu Si Bai frowns. Although he's skinny, he dissects and moves around dead bodies all day, so he's got quite a good body strength.  He gives his hand a push and moves Zhang Fu Cai away from him.

Zhang Fu Cai almost falls over.  He manages to lean against the wall but ends up with more dirt on his body.  His face changes, "You fellow officer, how can you……"

"Shut up," before Xu Si Bai says anything, Han Chen speaks in a cold and indifferent voice while looking at Zhang Fu Cai.  Zhang Fu Cai is naturally someone who's good at reading others; probably feeling the pressure from Han Chen's aura, he moves his mouth but doesn't talk back even though Han Chen is just an officer.  On the other hand, Su Mian's eyebrows are already frowning hard——this first victim whom they're saving really makes one feel uncomfortable.

"Where are the others kept?" Han Chen asks coldly.

Zhang Fu Cai is stunned slightly.  He glances at one of them and then another before showing an expression of fright and lost, "I don't know!  I was staying at the hotel all nice and fine and when I woke up, I was here!"

Han Chen glances at him, turns around and leads Su Mian out of the area holding her hand, "Let's go.  Let's go find the next one."

Xu Si Bai and Ding Jun follow after them.  Zhang Fu Cai is stunned. He quickly follows and says, "Fellow officers, even if you need to save the others, you should at least get me out of here first!  It's very dangerous here!"

Han Chen pauses his footstep, turns around and looks at him, "We'll leave after finding all of the other people."  Su Mian laughs mockingly, "Zhang Fu Cai, everybody else is from your organization. Are you not worried about their lives?"

Zhang Fu Cai's face flushes and doesn't respond.


The five of them leave the construction area and continues toward the mall.  Fifteen minutes have already pa.s.sed.

And after walking ten or so meters, Han Chen, Su Mian, and Xu Si Bai stop their footsteps.

Ding Jun, who's being supported by Xu Si Bai, notices them stopping and raises his head to look.  Zhang Fu Cai, on the other hand, is confused, "Why are we stopping?"

Su Mian stares at the slightly closed door on the right.  She squeezes Han Chen's hand tighter subconsciously. Han Chen's expression turns cold.  They look at each other, release their hands and grab the guns on their waists.

Han Chen gestures her to wait for him to take a look first.  Su Mian nods but follows him closely behind. Xu Si Bai isn't used to holding a gun but due to the situation, he takes it out and follows Su Mian to keep an eye on her back.

"Be careful," he whispers into her ear.

Su Mian doesn't answer.

Ding Jun pulls out his gun as well.  He drags Zhang Fu Cai to the side and stays alert.

There are no signs labeling the room.  It looks like an office for staff members of the mall.  But Su Mian and the others notice it because there is a warm orange-yellow light s.h.i.+ning through the slightly closed door.  And very faintly, they can hear an extremely low sound of music. It actually seems to be playing the cla.s.sic piece, "High Mountains and Flowing Water."

What is the meaning of its appearance?  What is the seven-member organization after?

Han Chen uses the muzzle of his gun to open the door slowly.  He takes a look for a brief moment and then goes in holding up his gun.  Su Mian and Xu Si Bai follow.

There is n.o.body in the room.

Han Chen and Su Mian observe the area quickly out of habit, while Xu Si Bai lowers his gun and looks around.

The tidy black-colored wooden bookshelf is stuffed with many books.  Su Mian scans across them indifferently before something catches her eyes and stuns her.

There are books on astronomy, mathematics, physics, and philosophy.  And the majority are literature in the original Europe and America version.  But there are also ten or so "Criminal Psychology" and "Abnormal Psychology" books placed at the lowest level in the corner.

Who's been……reading these books?

There's a pear wood sofa beside the bookshelf.  With just one look at it, it's easy to tell that its texture and designs are gentle and unadorned.  It's made very well. On the coffee table, there is a set of celadon tea set, a matchbox, and a box of cigars.

The decorations in the room are very simple.  The only other thing in the room is a wooden desk.  Since they are underground, there are no lights, but a window has been drawn on the wall.  As if it's out of instinct, Su Mian lowers her gun and walks toward the desk.

And then she feels her body freeze.

There is a note on the table.

It's a very simple white piece of paper; a small square-shaped memo with a black paperweight on it.  Because of the subtle breeze from her coming over, the edge of the paper curls up slightly.

There are four words written on it.  It's written in someone's handwriting that she is not familiar with.  It's elegant yet forcefully written almost piercing through the back of the paper: "Su Mian my love".

Su Mian picks up the piece of paper and stares at it without a word.  Han Chen and Xu Si Bai notices her and goes to her on both her left and right sides.  Both of their expressions change seeing the writing. Han Chen takes the piece of paper from her and stares down at it with his face cold as ice.

Su Mian lifts her head and looks around this strange yet familiar looking room.  A clear and frightening thought rushes into her mind without warning——

This room has been decorated to look just like the room that S once lived in.

He's here.  He's right here.

He's in this underground maze with them.


Chatterbox and Cold Face dashes into the subway station.  Probably due to the fact that it's the weekend and that it's one of the main subway lines, the station is filled with people everywhere.  They hop over the gates without having the time to buy tickets; they flash their badges at the staff and rush down the stairs.

Not far away, they can see the subway that's heading in the direction of the Han River at the platform.  The subway is already carrying a lot of people. The red lights above its sliding doors are blinking quickly signaling that it's about to close its doors.

"Wait!" Chatterbox shouts as he and Cold Face sprint toward the subway.  But there is no use shouting. Chatterbox thinks in his heart that they most likely won't make it, but they're in luck.  The doors are still open when they reach it. It's just making its final warning sound to close its doors!

"What's going on?  The subway seemed to have stopped a bit longer at this station," someone murmurs by the doorway.

Chatterbox steps into the subway, squeezes through the people, turns his head and looks at Cold Face saying anxiously, "Hurry!  Hop on!"

Cold Face freezes for a split second.  He looks up and glances at the subway and then at Chatterbox.  Chatterbox stares back at him with a puzzled look.

And right before the door closes, he hops on quickly.


"L, why do you think that those cops still entered even when they know that the subway is a trap?"

"It's very simple.  This is why police officers are the most respected yet the most laughable at the same time.  They always have to sacrifice their own lives for people who don't matter. A, you're holding several thousands of people hostage at the square.  Han Chen and the others most likely know; with a subway full of people, how could Cold Face and Chatterbox not hop on?"

"Hmph……my big sister is just as stupid as them, sigh……"

"There's also another reason," another voice says unhurriedly, "The reason why they went in is that they know very well that they are the ones whom we're looking for.  They probably believe strongly that they can take us down. Therefore, don't let your guard down. We don't know who will win and who will lose in this battle yet."


Mini Side Story: Heartless Cold Face Part 4

Xia Zi Qi is quite early.  She enters the venue which is large enough to hold a couple of hundred people, but only ten or so people are here right now.  She glances around quickly and is pleased: she came early just so that she can find a spot with the best view. But the moment she takes two steps forward toward the seating section, she feels a very familiar and strong gaze at her.


She raises her head slowly and sees Cold Face.

He's sitting in the resting place at the very side.  He's wearing……just a tight fitted white tank top with a pair of long dark gray pants.  He's drinking from a water bottle right now. But his eyes are looking in her direction.

Xia Zi Qi isn't someone who blushes easily.  But it's hard to look at him directly when he's like this.  Xia Zi Qi lowers her burning face and walks toward the sitting area quickly.  Why is he here so early?

Xia Zi Qi feels as if she has no place to hide suddenly.  She's done for. There's still an hour before the show starts.  She lifts her head to look around and sees many blus.h.i.+ng faces glancing at Cold Face every now and then.

Those who have arrived early are mostly people who are obsessed……

Why is Cold Face so early today?

He's really not an energetic type of person, but there are three in the Black s.h.i.+eld Team who definitely are.  Therefore, the Black s.h.i.+eld Team, who is famous for being reserved and wise, has arrived early at the venue along with the fangirls……

Cold Face stares at Xia Zi Qi who's rather far away at a corner, transmitting his strong radio waves at her.  Han Chen has his head down reading the news on his phone. Su Mian and the others haven't noticed Xia Zi Qi's arrival.  What are they busy with? They're busy with provoking others! Since they have a champion of kickboxing on the team, how could they not be proud?

A few other officers who are partic.i.p.ating in the compet.i.tion have also arrived.  The three of them provokes one over here and another over there.

Xiao Zhuan says, "Yo, Old Zhou, you're partic.i.p.ating in the compet.i.tion too?  Do you want to compete with our Cold Face?"

Su Mian says, "Handsome Chen!  What are you doing here?….." she lowers her voice and continues, "I know you've signed up, but Cold Face says you can't win against him."

Chatterbox hums a melody, "Cold Face, oh, Cold Face.  The great Cold Face. The most handsome Cold Face……Claiming victory all over the world."


Han Chen glances at these three disgraceful individuals, especially the woman with a bright face.  He rubs his forehead with his fingers——he always thought that it was the rough city life that caused her to become casual and likes fooling around.  But from the way it looks now, she hasn't become more delicate and proud after returning to his side……

But……he smiles slightly.

His taste sure is becoming weirder and weirder.  He actually thinks she's cuter like this and……s.e.xier too.

Officers are all pa.s.sionate individuals.  After being provoked by these three, someone finally can't stand it and walks up to Cold Face, "Cold Face, why don't we have a practice fight?"

The three of them become excited immediately.  The young girls in the area also turn to look at them.

Just like a wild wolf, Cold Face a.s.sesses his meal quietly and isn't even looking at the officer who has come up to provoke him.  He frowns slightly; the compet.i.tion hasn't started yet, so he doesn't have the appet.i.te to practice. Just when he is about to turn him down, he spots Xia Zi Qi stretching her neck and looking this way.

Cold Face realizes a big problem suddenly.

Who is she watching for at the compet.i.tion today?

Is she here to watch him?

Or is she here for somebody else?


After a brief moment, he makes a decision just to be on the safe side.

He has decided that he will knock out every opponent he faces until they cannot be recognized.

The other male partic.i.p.ants of the night don't know that the G.o.d of Fighting Cold Face has made such a cruel decision, especially this young officer who has been provoked by Xiao Zhuan and the others.  The young officer is waiting anxiously for Cold Face to go for a practice round with him. He thinks in his heart that even if he loses, it would be quite cool if he can withstand Cold Face for a while.  And he hears that even though Big Brother Cold Face is a cold person, he's actually very friendly and thoughtful, so he definitely won't beat him up too hard.

At this time, Cold Face stands up and nods toward him, "Come."

The audience including the three-member Black s.h.i.+eld Team are getting worked up: so handsome, so handsome, just so f–king handsome!  Xia Zi Qi is a little nervous and excited at the same time. She's also a little……worried about him. Didn't he get injured recently? She hopes that he won't injure himself again.

One minute later…..

The whole crowd is quiet.

The young officer is lying on the ground.  Wuwuwu…He really wants to cry. He was put down five times in a minute.  This is so embarra.s.sing! His left eye also got hit and now he looks like a panda!  He's been fooled by the rumors; Big Brother Cold Face is not gentle at all!

And everybody except Han Chen are all struck dumb.  Cold Face pats his hands without noticing everybody's reaction.  He pulls his opponent up, pats him on the shoulder, turns around and returns to his seat.  His figure is too unconstrained and too manly. All the girls in the venue screams, "Ahhhhhh!"

Xia Zi Qi almost can't help but scream as well.  She stares at that cold, handsome, and eye-catching figure and feels as if her heart is about to jump out of her chest.

She likes him too much.

She likes this person so much.  What should she do?

When did she start to like him?  And when did she like him so much that she doesn't know what to do?

Cold Face hears the girls screaming behind him and his ears turn red slightly.

But his expression is still cold and indifferent.

Cold Face's plan has been going well up to this point.  But like this saying goes, in this world, a dumb teammate can do you more harm than the most formidable opponent.  Right after he sits down, Chatterbox starts whispering to Su Mian. Of course, Cold Face doesn't notice it since he's been s.p.a.ced out the whole time.

After a while, Su Mian goes and sits beside her man.  She leans over and calls him sweetly, "Hubby……"

Han Chen lifts his eyes and glances at him, "Don't even think about it."

Su Mian grabs onto his arm, "Just fight Cold Face one round, won't you?  Or could it be that you're afraid of not being able to win against him? Me really, really, really want to watch you fight……"  The last phrase using "me" definitely must have been taught by Chatterbox. But with her sweet and affectionate way of talking, Han Chen, who dotes on his girlfriend, loves to hear it.

Han Chen puts down his phone and pats her head as she stares at him affectionately with antic.i.p.ation.  He says in a low voice, "If I win over Cold Face, what do I get?"

Su Mian responds immediately, "……You stinky scoundrel!"

But scoundrel Han stands up, "That's a bet."

Su Mian is speechless, "……"  s.h.i.+t! What have we agreed on?!!!

She wants to go back!

It's too late.

Han Chen walks over and pats Cold Face on the shoulder.

Cold Face turns his head unconcernedly thinking that it's another challenger who doesn't know his place.  But to his surprise, he sees his own leader.


From the second Han Chen stands up, the atmosphere in the audience section climbs to a climax.  Who is Han Chen you ask? Although he never partic.i.p.ates in the compet.i.tion, everyone who has fought him can only wring one's hand and sigh.  His skills are at a higher level than Cold Face……

The entire audience is excited.  Only one person is worried; it's Xia Zi Qi.  Fighting Han Chen?…..Can Cold Face actually win against him?

Although she knows very well in her heart that losing to Han Chen is not a big deal, she just doesn't want him to lose.

She just feels that someone like him should not lose.  Why does she feel that if he loses, it will make her heart ache?

And sometimes, what concerns a woman is often not a problem to a man.

Cold Face stares at Han Chen for a second before raising his head and taking a glance in Xia Zi Qi's direction.

Han Chen is sharp as always.  He lifts his head and also takes a look at Xia Zi Qi.

The two men look at each other again.

Another second

Cold Face's gaze says: Leader, I've helped you this many times, so you know what to do.

Han Chen's gaze says: got it.  Rest a.s.sured, I'll put a beautiful performance.


Later on, someone comments: the fight between these two is definitely the most thrilling match of kickboxing in the history of Province K.  Although it isn't part of the actual compet.i.tion and there are only ten or so people in the audience, the match between two rumored to be highly skilled individuals takes everybody's breath away.  They'll never forget the fight after many years later……

In the end, Han Chen is defeated by an extremely small margin.  But he has a great demeanor; he nods after losing and says thoughtfully, "Cold Face is definitely the strongest officer in Province K."

Han Chen is usually quite proud of himself, yet he's giving such high praises to Cold Face and even admitting that he's not a match to him.

After they finish their match, more and more people are entering the venue to watch the compet.i.tion.  Those who witnessed or heard about the fight just now are worked up and are discussing it furiously.

As for the two individuals, they return to their seats calmly and quietly.  Han Chen goes back to Su Mian. Su Mian notices that Xia Zi Qi is already here, so she supports her boyfriend's behavior very much——that's what brothers are for!  Cold Face, who's full of sweat, goes back sitting in the far end. He picks up a water bottle and continues staring at Xia Zi Qi who's blus.h.i.+ng. He tilts his head up but realizes that the bottle is empty.

In the noisy venue, Cold Face gets up to grab another bottle of water.  But certain members of the Black s.h.i.+eld Team are full of nonsense. Su Mian stops him, "Wait!  Don't drink yet!"

Cold Face pauses and sees Su Mian picking up a bottle of water walking over to Xia Zi Qi.

Su Mian stops in front of her without saying anything.  Su Mian is still full of excitement from watching the two men fight just now, so her actions are rather bold.  She hands the bottle to Xia Zi Qi directly, "Zi Qi, oh, Zi Qi, Cold Face finished drinking his bottle of water.  Why don't you give him another one?!"

Xiao Zhuan and Chatterbox almost spurt out the water.  Cold Face is also dumbstruck.

Is that how you should be hooking them up?!  F–k, Cold Face has been taking careful steps yet you're being so frank and asking her to make a decision so suddenly.  Even for a manly man like Cold Face, he's not prepared for this!

Han Chen remains quiet and pats on his shoulder: Cold Face, I'm sorry.

But then again, the way girls think are different from the way guys think.  No matter how calm and composed Xia Zi Qi is normally, in a situation like this on top of the fact that her mind is in a mess, her face flushes.  As Su Mian hands her the bottle of water, there's only one thought in her mind: why does she have to bring it to him? Is it because Su Mian and she have a pretty good friends.h.i.+p?  If she gives him the water bottle, will he drink it? Since Su Mian is asking her to, he probably can't tell that she likes him, right? It's okay……

"Oh, okay," Xia Zi Qi takes the water bottle.  Her expression is calm as she walks over to Cold Face.

Han Chen smiles without a word.  Chatterbox and Xiao Zhuan are super excited and are about to go crazy.  Cold Face, on the other hand, feels his heart pounding as he watches her come near.

Xia Zi Qi feels dizzy from the heat.  She sees him standing afar, looking at his sweaty body and handsome face.  She can't look at him directly.

She arrives in front of him.

The four other members of the Black s.h.i.+eld Team all pretend that they can't see them.  They turn around and chat and drink their own water.

Xia Zi Qi says, "Su Mian told me to give you this bottle of water."

Cold Face takes it without showing any expression on his face, "Thank you."

They both remain quiet.

Xia Zi Qi feels panic suddenly but her face looks even calmer, "I still have something to do, so I'll leave first.  See you."

Cold Face, "Did you……."

He's not a talkative person so he's stuck on his words.  He wants to ask: did you give me this water bottle because you really want to or because you're rather dumb and just do whatever Su Mian tells you to?

But how could he call her dumb directly?  How should he ask then?

As he tries to search for the right word, Xia Zi Qi is already turning around to leave.  Cold Face reacts quickly and reaches out wanting to grab her arm. But she pauses her footstep, turns her head and smiles at him, "Chi Chen, you were so great!  Do your best!"

Cold Face freezes.

Chatterbox's and the others' jaws drop.  They watch Xia Zi Qi leave quickly. They grab onto Cold Face's shoulders, "Why aren't you chasing after her?  Why didn't you grab onto her arm!"

Su Mian, "At a crucial time like this, you need to get moving, man!"

Han Chen looks at him, "Why didn't you chase after her?

But after a brief moment, Cold Face actually starts to reveal a big grin on his face slowly.

He rarely smiles usually, so seeing his big grin is a bit too much for the others to handle.

He stuffs both hands into his pockets and shows off his mischievous yet unperturbed temperament.

"She likes me," he says very confidently, "She likes me as well."

His deep voice carries a sense of gentleness and smile.


Su Mian and the others are a bit puzzled.  Why is he so confident all of a sudden?

"It's because she told you to do your best?  Or is it because she gave you water?" Xiao Zhuan asks doubtfully.  But this isn't enough to know that she likes him, is it?

Among everybody's doubtful yet excited gaze, Cold Face reveals a meaningful smile, "None of that is important."

"What is it then?" even Han Chen does not understand.

Cold Face picks up his jacket from the floor; clearly shows that he is planning to go chase after Xia Zi Qi.  He lifts his head and looks at everyone and says slowly, "If she doesn't like me, how could she have remembered my name?"

Han Chen, "……"

Su Mian, "……"

Xiao Zhuan, "That's it?….."

Only Chatterbox, whose name is also forgettable, slaps his thigh and is convinced, "Oh s.h.i.+t!  That makes sense! She must like you. Cold Face, hurry and chase after her!"

(to be continued……)

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