Memory Lost Chapter 74

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Chapter 74: Giving Up Love for the Rest of Life Part 2

In the boundless night, the road is dark with not a single street lamp.  Jin Xi leans back on her seat for a while before saying in a raspy voice, "Could it be someone related to the case in the past?"

Han Chen keeps quiet for a moment and then answers, "I will find the person."

Jin Xi turns her head to look at him.

He has a ruthless expression on his face.

His back is against the chair.  There's a bit of dirt on his jacket and his s.h.i.+rt collar is slightly open.  He has only one hand on the wheel with his eyes looking ahead.

Jin Xi's heart feels a pinch of pain for a second.

It's been a long time since she has seen him like this.  The last time he has been this way must have been when they first met in Jiangcheng; when he was still searching endlessly for her.  That was the only time when he was like this.

She thinks for a minute and changes the subject, "Situ……"

Han Chen interrupts right after she says the first two characters, "You don't need to say anymore.  I know all of it.  The cameras were installed by Situ Yi.  The sleeping medicine was also from him.  Shao Lun has been stalking him multiple times, so it must have caught his attention and he started to monitor and stalk Shao Lun back.  He may have also taken part in torturing the victims without Shao Lun knowing.  It's just that he wasn't the one who delivered the final stabbing.  He also didn't plot out the plan, which is why he was able to pa.s.s the lie detector test.  I know everything.  I've already requested an arrest order and search warrant.  You don't need to speak."

Jin Xi is stunned slightly.  She lets out a soft "Mm."

The car returns to silence.

Jin Xi truly feels her heart aching tremendously seeing him like this.  She speaks softly again, "Han Chen, please don't be like this."

Han Chen doesn't respond.  His eyes are looking out the winds.h.i.+eld.

Jin Xi stops talking.

After a while, she feels the car slowing down until it stops on the side of the road.  And beside the road is a steep hillside.

Jin Xi turns around and looks at him in surprise.  But she sees him still looking straight to the front and unsure of what he's thinking.  Everywhere around them is dark and quiet; only they are sitting still in the car.

And then he takes off his seatbelt, leans over and pulls her into his embrace.  He doesn't dare to use too much force.  His hand is only grabbing her waist lightly just to let her face lean against his chest.

Jin Xi's heart softens as she sniffs his scent and says softly, "Don't be unhappy.  Look, I'm completely fine."

He keeps quiet for a moment and says, "If anything happened to you, I would be driving the car down this hill right now."

He speaks in a calm voice but it makes Jin Xi's heart s.h.i.+ver.

Drive down.

He means the steep hill beside the road.

She listens to his heart beating and can't find any words to say.

The attack happened too suddenly.  It was more shocking than frightening.  Now that she survived it, her mind is still going blank.  She hasn't been thinking how scary it was.  Instead, she swears that she will find this enemy!

But now that she hears Han Chen's words, the feeling of fright rushes into her heart.  And the moment this emotion rises, it is like a tidal wave flooding and rippling in her heart.

She feels more and more frightened.

It's not that she's scared of death.  As a criminal investigator, she has already put death behind her and is prepared to die on duty.

But she realizes now why she feels so afraid.  If that person didn't let go and she ended up dying, what would Han Chen do?

He said he would drive the car down the hill.

"Han Chen……" Jin Xi says almost choking with sobs.  She wraps her arms around his neck and kisses his cheek.  He continues to be quiet with his head lowered allowing her to kiss him.  He rubs his face lightly against her cheek and her soft hair.  They comfort each other in silence, but it's difficult to reduce their heartaches.


At the same time, the other members of the Black s.h.i.+eld Team who are still stationed at the scene, have just received news: Shao Lun has been captured by the police on his way back from work; Situ Yi has also been stopped by the police on the interprovincial highway.  They have both been taken back to the station waiting to be interrogated.


It's already past 10pm as they return home from the hospital.

Jin Xi lies on the bed while listening to the sound of water coming from the bathroom; Han Chen is taking a shower.

She recalls the scattered images and sounds that flashed across her mind before.  If it was because of a house fire that caused her to suffocate and lose her memory, then why would Han Chen's voice appear in pieces of her memory?

Or was it just an illusion?

Just as she's deep in her thoughts, Han Chen pushes the door open and comes out.  He's wearing only a pair of long cotton pants and is s.h.i.+rtless.  His dark short hair is still damp as he walks towards her.

Even though they've already had "physical contact" with each other, seeing him without his s.h.i.+rt on still makes Jin Xi feel a bit awkward.  She turns her head away slightly subconsciously and s.h.i.+fts her eyes downward.

She doesn't realize that these subtle movements have already been captured by Han Chen.  He sits down pressing one hand against the side of the pillow while staring down at her, "What are you hiding for?  I'm not going to touch you tonight."  He then strokes the bottom of her chin lightly with one finger as if he's teasing her and checking the bruises on her neck at the same time.

Jin XI lets out an "oh" softly and then says in a calm voice, "You're the one who said that you won't touch me.  I actually don't mind.  It's just some small bruises."

When it comes to pus.h.i.+ng one's luck, the woman in front of him is probably the prime example.  Han Chen watches the mischievous and pleased expression filling her eyes.  He just can't find it in himself to take advantage of her.  He smiles and lies down beside her.

The quiet midnight.  The lights are off and the two of them are lying in bed silently.  Han Chen's arm is resting on her waist.

After a while, he holds her hands up and kisses them lightly.  Jin Xi lets him kiss her fingers, palms, and the back of her hands in the dark night.  He then reaches over, hugs her, lowers his head and kisses her long hair.

"Jin Xi."


"I won't let you go again."


In the early morning, Han Chen wakes up while Jin Xi still sleeping.  He calls Xiao Zhuan.  Once Xiao Zhuan arrives, he advises him a bunch of things before leaving the apartment and driving to the station.

In the hazy morning, the office building is quiet whereas the investigators are lying inside the dorm all over the place.  Han Chen knows that Situ Yi and Shao Lun have been officially detained and the evidence of their conviction is basically complete.  He's not in a hurry to see them.  Instead, he casually opens one of the investigators' drawer, fetches half a pack of cigarettes and lighter and walks outside.

The hallway is still, quiet, and s.p.a.cious.  He watches the smoke rise from between his fingers and dissipates into the air.  Han Chen lowers his head and inhales from the cigarette.  He smiles thinking about Jin Xi.  Just wait until he returns home; the second she smells the scent of cigarette, he doesn't know how much she'll nag.

The sound of footsteps can be heard in the hallway.

Han Chen looks up, glances at the person, turns his head around, and continues smoking while looking straight to the front.

Xu Si Bai walks steadily towards him.

He stops when he reaches behind him.

"How is she?" Xu Si Bai asks calmly.

The image of her being hurt yesterday flashes across Xu Si Bai's mind.  He takes a deep breath and speaks again, "Protect her well.  Don't let her get hurt again."

Han Chen keeps quiet for a moment, inhales his cigarette deeply before tossing the cigarette b.u.t.t onto the floor and stepping on it.

"You don't need to worry.  If anything happens to her again, I can go to h.e.l.l," he turns around and walks away.

Xu Si Bai watches his back view quietly.  He lowers his eyes while feeling the tips of his fingers trembling slightly.  He turns around and looks into the sky.  The sky is colorful; blue sky, white clouds, and the golden sun.  It's lonely yet gentle.

Memory Lost Chapter 74

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