First Marriage Then Love Chapter 137

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137. Daughter

An Ran shook her head and looked at him with an ice cold expression, “You are nothing to me! If people only recognized each other by blood, by usefulness, does not recognize kins.h.i.+p, does not know how to be grateful, how sad would that be!”

Hearing those words, Tong Wen Hai was somewhat urgent, quickly pulled on An Ran's hand, somewhat urgently said, “Ran Ran, it's not like that, I am your real father after all, you will not deny me right.”

An Ran shook off his hand, looked at him, and enunciated each word, “Don't call me that, you calling me that will only make me feel sick!”


She pushed off Su Yi Cheng's embrace, An Ran took each step towards him, eyes looking straight athim, “You recognize me, hehe, you just want me to plead for you to Yi Cheng, let him give me face and help you through the difficulties. If there was no such layer, you would never have let my relation to you be known. Because you are afraid, you're afraid that you're going to ruin everything you have now because of me!”

“I…” Tong Wen Hai could only step back. He had no reb.u.t.tal to her questioning. Yes, An Ran was right, and without it, he would never have told An Ran that she was his daughter. And that would not be a matter of not wanting to destroy Lin Xiao Fen's current family or anything, it's that he doesn't want to ruin his current family because of An Ran. If Chen Hui knew that he had such a grown daughter, it'd be a wonder if the family wouldn't be rocked. But he isn't worried about that now, the disciplinary commission came to find him this morning, he went through the motions, and estimates that they would come the day after tomorrow. If he does not find a way, then he is really dead, and the only one who could help him is Su Yi Cheng.

In fact, he didn't want to do it like this, so he went to find Lin Xiao Fen, hoping that she would come forward to persuade An Ran to give him face and speak to Su Yi Cheng, let him find a way to help him, but Lin Xiao Fen refused, there was no room for discussion, and even asked him not to find An Ran, so he had no other way, could only come directly to find An Ran. After all, they were relatives, after a few encounters he could also see that An Ran was kind, if she knew that he was her biological father, it would be helpful, but he did not expect things become this way….

“Did you really think that I wouldn't feel it? Every time my mother saw you, and the way you came to me the last time to give me a lesson, I wouldn't be affected?” With that, An Ran became a little agitated, “I am not as stupid as you think, I just didn't want to say it, didn't want to admit it, I just didn't want to admit that I am not my father's daughter! I do not care who my biological father is, whether it's you Tong Wen Hai or Zhang Wen Hai or Li Wen Hai, that has nothing to do with me, I just regret, regret that I am not Gu Heng Wen's own daughter! I just want to be Gu Heng Wen's daughter for the rest of my life!”

“Ran Ran!” –On the side, Lin Xiao Fen and Gu Heng Wen's nervous faces were moved, the originally red eyes at that time couldn't help but shed some tears. The corner of their mouths had a faint smile, eyes looking straight at An Ran, tone was determined as he said, “Ran Ran, you will always be my daughter!” From the time he reached out to take the little doll in his arms, he told himself, regardless of whether the child will later know in her life, or whether the child will later a.s.sociate with him, she will always be his daughter, give her the love a biological father would give, cherish her and care for her for life!

An Ran looked at him, she could no longer hold back her tears, “Dad!” She covered her mouth, sobbing.

Gu Heng Wen let go of Lin Xiao Fen, walked over towards An Ran, reached out to An Ran and wrapped her in his arms, hugged her tightly.

Lin Xiao Fen sat on the ground, looking at the father and daughter in front of her, she couldn't contain her tears. But the tears were different, they were happy tears, satisfied.

Looking on at the scene, Tong Wen Hai was somewhat urgent. He did not care about the mood and atmosphere right now, and with some anger, roared at An Ran, “Gu An Ran, I am your father, you do not recognize me, that is not right!” As he said that, he turned to Lin Xiao Fen and yelled, “Lin Xiao Fen, is that how you taught your daughter! No manners at all, unfilial to deny me as her father!”

Lin Xiao Fen wiped her tears, turned to look at him, then slowly from the ground stood up, only gently asked, “What kind of thing are you? Why would my daughter recognize you?” Her eyes suddenly became stern again, she snapped, “Let me tell you Tong Wen Hai, An Ran has only the surname Gu, she has no relations.h.i.+p with your Tong family, stop trying to use her to achieve your dirty plans!”

“You, you're all crazy!” Tong Wen Hai could not understand, he thought blood kins.h.i.+p was greater than everything ah, why, he is An Ran's biological father, but she does not recognize him, no less help him!

Su Yi Cheng looked at him coldly. He took out his phone from his pocket, dialed security, and just said that there was an unfamiliar person at his home, and he wants them to take the person out.

Tong Wen Hai also wanted to make a final struggle, but no one wanted to hear a word from him, his entire person was jumping up and down like a clown, until finally the security guard came to take him, took him out when his mouth was constantly yelling, I am An Ran's father, I am An Ran's father…

An Ran had cried until she was tired, ultimately falling sleep on Gu Heng Wen.

Su Yi Cheng went forward to take An Ran back to the room, but was blocked by Gu Heng Wen. He watched Gu Heng Wen struggle to pick up the sleeping An Ran by the waist and pick her up. The walk was not smooth, but tried his best to carry An Ran smoothly into the bedroom.

He sat by the bed and looked at her closed eyes. Her cheeks were stained with dry tears. He lovingly reached out and gently wiped them away for her. He was sitting like that by the bedside for a long time, then after a while went out of the room. Looking at Lin Xiao Fen, he couldn't help but feel moved, “An Ran is my daughter, my biological daughter!” Whether there is a blood relations.h.i.+p or not, he and An Ran are father and daughter, a lifetime bond of father and daughter!

“Yes.” Lin Xiao Fen looked at him and gave a heavy nod, smiling and crying.

Today An Ran seemed to be excessively hungry for sleep, Su Yi Cheng and Lin Xiao were worried, so they called the doctor to come to the home, and give An Ran a simple examination, to be sure that An Ran and her baby were alright.

Today An Ran was really tired, had slept for several hours and did not wake up. Su Yi Cheng asked Lin Xiao Fen and Gu Heng Wen to stay, but Gu Heng Wen refused, and said that he will bring An Ran home tomorrow, so that he and Lin Xiao Fen can clear up the matter, regarding what happened those years prior, regarding An Ran's past.

Su Yi Cheng nodded, did not force them, knew that they needed the time to digest everything today, and that it would take time to think about how to tell An Ran about those years. They did not stay, but Su Yi Cheng insisted on driving them home.

When they arrived at the door of their home, Su Yi Cheng sincerely said to Gu Heng Wen, “Dad, thank you!” Thanking him for his selfless fatherly love, because of that he has An Ran as she is now, that he has that person that he cherishes for a lifetime!

Gu Heng Wen looked at him for a while, and only said, “Don't bully my daughter later!”

The word ‘daughter' was particularly biting, as if they were proclaiming something. Su Yi Cheng nodded heavily, and said, “I will love her for the rest of my life!”

Gu Heng Wen looked at him, smiled, nodded, did not say anything more, and turned into the house.

When Su Yi Cheng returned An Ran had not woken up. Su Yi Cheng had asked Auntie Zhang to stay behind because of the special situation.

When Su Yi Cheng pushed the door open and went in, Auntie Zhang was holding a towel to wipe An Ran's sweat on her forehead. “She hasn't woken up yet?” Su Yi Cheng asked, looking at An Ran on the bed, saw her brow frowning, as if she was dreaming.

Auntie Zhang shook her head and said, “Has not waken yet, just seems to be having nightmares, always talking in her dreams. I saw that she has a lot of cold sweat on her forehead, and was afraid that she'd catch a cold tomorrow like this, so I brought some water to wipe for her.”

Hearing that, Su Yi Cheng frowned with worry. He reached out and took the towel from Auntie Zhang, and just said, “I'll do it.”

Auntie Zhang doesn't say much, and got up so he could take her spot.

Su Yi Cheng sat down beside the bed, put the towel in the basin and twisted it, looked at her and wiped her forehead carefully. Towards Auntie Zhang behind him, he said, “Auntie Zhang, please go and make some porridge, so that An Ran can drink it when she wakes up.” Sleeping for so long, when she wakes up she will definitely be hungry.

“Oh, alright.” Auntie Zhang quickly replied, then softly retreated from the room.

As Auntie Zhang had said, An Ran seemed to be sleeping without comfort, frowning, shaking her head, as if she were dreaming, whispering softly, “Dad….. You, you go away, you're not my dad, Gu Heng Wen is my dad, I only have Gu Heng Wen as a father, only him as a father….” She said that, waving her hand, as if she were driving something away.

He reached out and grabbed her hand, worried that she'd accidentally hit herself. Su Yi Cheng's heart ached as he gently sighed, pulled her hand up to his lips and kissed it. He softly said, “It's all right, it's all right, you'll always be Gu Heng Wen's daughter, always, don't be afraid, don't worry.”

An Ran seemed to have heard him in her sleep, the entire person slowly calmed down.

After she calmed down, Su Yi Cheng gently wiped her forehead from the cold sweat, then sat by her side and watched her for a while. He then slowly let go of her hand, covered her up with the blanket and left the room.

Back at the study, looking at the desk with unfinished work, Su Yi Cheng reached up and pinched his aching brows. He doesn't return to the desk to sit down, but rather grabbed his cell phone and stood by the window. He looked at the not-so-great night scene. There was no starlight and no cold moon. He looked at his cell phone for a while, then gave Yan Li a call.

An Ran had slept for a long time, slept for nearly 10 full hours, until 2 o'clock in the morning when the early birds were singing did An Ran slowly open her eyes. She merely moved an inch, when the man sleeping beside her woke up as well. He turned on the bedside lamp, because he was afraid that it was too blindingly bright, so he carefully blended the lighting until it was dusky, that way her eyes can adapt easily.

An Ran frowned, reached up to press on her aching temples, her eyes were not yet completely open.

“An Ran….” Su Yi Cheng gently called out to her, his voice in whispers, afraid that if he was too loud he would scare her.

A while later, An Ran seemed to fully wake up, she turned her head to look at him. Perhaps she had cried too much last time, as right now her temples were extremely aching.

Su Yi Cheng seemed to see that she was unwell. He propped himself up and sat up, pulled her hand down and used his own hand to take her place. He gently kneaded her temples, and softly asked, “Does this feel better?”

“Yes.” An Ran nodded, and comfortably closed her eyes.

Su Yi Cheng pressed on them for a while, when An Ran reaches out and puts his hand down, and just said, “Alright, it doesn't hurt that much anymore.” She props herself up about to get up.

Su Yi Cheng helped her sit up, his hand around her neck, and let her lean her body against his chest, while he patted her, up and down, without rhythm. Then he gently asks into her ear, “Are you hungry yet, I had Auntie Zhang make some porridge, it's in a thermos, so it should still be hot, how about in a bit I'll get it for you to eat?”

Resting her head against his chest, An Ran shook her head, “Not hungry.”

Hearing that, Su Yi Cheng doesn't say much more and doesn't force her, he just continued to pat her.

Unknown to how long they have been sitting there for, An Ra finally opened her mouth and asked, “Mom and dad?” She was referring to Lin Xiao Fen and Gu Heng Wen.

“They already left.” Su Yi Cheng stated softly. He lowers his head and leaves a kiss on the crown of her head. A while later, he starts to tell her, “Dad wants us to go home tomorrow.”

An Ran doesn't say anything for a while, and let him embrace her. Only after a while does she nod her head in his embrace, and agrees, “Ok.” The arms that circled him tightened up a little bit.

The two hugged each other for a while silently, neither said anything. Unknown to how long they had been sitting there, after a while when Su Yi Cheng thought that she had fallen asleep on his chest, he lowered his head to look at her, only to see that her eyes were still open, eyes looking out the window curtains, staring at it without focus.

He reached out to stroke her head, and softly asked, “An Ran, do you want to get some sleep?”

No response, Su Yi Cheng thought that she hadn't heard, so he asks her again, “An Ran?”

The figure in his chest only seemed to react a while later, shaking her head, but not saying anything.

Since she doesn't want to sleep Su Yi Cheng would not force her, so he held her like that and the two sat there silently.

Not sure how much time had pa.s.sed, when Su Yi Cheng had thought that they would be sitting there until daybreak, An Ran eventually started to open her mouth, and say, “There was one day when I came home, I saw my mom staring at an old photograph of him, so out of it that she hadn't noticed that I came home. I saw the man in the picture, really young and wearing a white s.h.i.+rt. That picture was probably about 30 years old, it seemed like it was yellowing.”

Su Yi Cheng did not say anything, just quietly held her, but that force of embrace got a little tighter.

An Ran continued, “Another time, I was walking down the street, and ran into her and Tong Wen Hai on the street pulling each other arguing about something. Seeing me come over, her expression was very fl.u.s.tered, like she was fearing something, took me by the hand to the taxi, but also repeatedly warned me not to a.s.sociate with Tong Wen Hai. I didn't know what the relations.h.i.+p between her and Tong Wen Hai were, but I could vaguely guess that their relations.h.i.+p was not so simple.”

“Then my mother fainted and was hospitalized, I went to see her one afternoon, but I overheard her conversation with my father and the door of the ward, and I knew that I was really not my father's own daughter. Only at that time, I didn't know who they were talking about, until the last time that Tong Wen Hai came to me, told me to not intervene in Mo Fei and Tong Xiao Jie's marriage, and I talked back to him, then my mother, because I had privately met with Tong Wen Hai, got very emotional… That time, I was sure that the person they were talking about was Tong Wen Hai." With that, the hand holding around her waist tightened, he seemed to be a little agitated.

Su Yi Cheng felt her chest move up and down and noticed her slight tremor. He quickly patted her on the back, and said, “Alright, that's enough, don't say it, we won't talk about it.”

His hand was patting her gently back and forth along her back. In his arms, An Ran gradually started crying a little, and asked, “Tell me, tell me how can he be so shameless? How could he have the nerve to say he wants me to recognize him?” He had done nothing for her, and was even the person who accused her indiscriminately, how could he be so shameless to this point!

“It's alright, it's OK, he has nothing to do with us, let's not think about him.” Su Yi Cheng comforted her, holding her a little tighter.

An Ran wiped her tears, her mood slowly calming down, nodded, and said, “Well, he has nothing to do with me. Before, now, and later, he was not even a stranger to me at all.”

Su Yi Cheng nodded and echoed her, “Yes, not even a stranger.” He gently let go of her, then reached out to wipe away the tears streaming down her face.

But An Ran still could not help but want to cry, the tears could not be wiped away, after one wipe, another tear came strolling down. Su Yi Cheng could only sigh, and raised himself up to kiss the tears on her face.

“It's all right, it's all right…” He said with a whisper.

An Ran let him kiss her, but also slowly his kisses started to calm her down. She nodded, while responding to him, “Mmhm.”

After kissing for a while, making sure that her tears were not falling down, Su Yi Cheng would not let her go. He looked at her slightly crying red eyes and nose, couldn't help but lower his head and kiss her eyes, very lovingly, very pitifully. Only after a while does he release her from his chest, and held her tight.

An Ran lifted her hand and hugged him again, tightly.

The two hugged silently for a while, Su Yi Cheng's hand slowly went from her back to her body, hand gently placed on her lower abdomen, slowly stroking back and forth. He softly said, “The doctor said the mother-to-be needs to be happy, can not be crying all day, it's bad for the baby.”

An Ran nodded, “Mm.” Out of his arms, with her head down to look at her stomach. Now her belly is really showing, slightly bulging. Before when she went to get a check up, the doctor told her that the baby is healthy and everything looked good. Lying there, listening to the baby's heartbeat, she started to feel inexplicably touched.

Her hand slowly covered her stomach, although she couldn't feel the baby's movement, but she seemed to be able to feel that the child in her belly and herself were one, felt so close, so intimate.

Su Yi Cheng reached over to cover her hand, then let her turn around, leaning herself back to his embrace, softly swaying, there was no need to say anything.

Because he was not at ease leaving An Ran alone in the house lest she starts overthinking things, the next day Su Yi Cheng didn't go to the office, but rather asked Secretary Zheng to come over and take away some urgent doc.u.ments, and asked him to split the work among everyone. Secretary Zheng could see the exhaustion and haggardness in his face, couldn't help but worriedly ask, “Deputy, did something happen at home?”

Su Yi Cheng looked down at the papers in his hand, shook his head, and said, “No.” After a quick glance, he looked up again, then looked at him and asked, “What happened to the project you followed up on the demolition of the north side?”

“There still some standoff, but the villagers promised that once the demolition money is in place, then they will certainly cooperate with our work.” Said Secretary Zheng.

Su Yi Cheng nodded, and did not speak.

Before leaving, Secretary Zheng thought of something, looked at the empty corridor, and whispered to Su Yi Cheng, “I heard Chairman Yan went to find Tong Wen Hai to talk.”

Su Yi Cheng glanced at him, only raised his eyebrows, nodded, and did not say much.

Seeing that he did not say anything, Secretary Zheng did not say much more, and left with the ready doc.u.ments in hand.

In the evening, Su Yi Cheng drove them back to the Gu family home. In the car, An Ran was still a little uneasy, the two hands that were on her legs were tightly tangled together.

Su Yi Cheng took a quick glance at her. When they were at a red light he used his free hand and went to hold her hand, and just gave her a faint smile, wordlessly. Perhaps it was because of his warm hands, being held by him like that, An Ran slowly forgot the tension, forgot the fear.


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First Marriage Then Love Chapter 137

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