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The smell of blood really reeked around the area. Goria looked at the lump of meat in front of him that was emitting a bad odor. He raised the corner of his mouth and said: “It’s your fault that you encountered me. Ah, my boots got dirty. It’s dirty.”

As he said that, Goria swung his boot that had blood on towards Sukke as if he was kicking trash.

“Sukke, No!”

Seeing Goria’s acts, Marifa that should have kept her calm tried to push her injured body to the limit. Marifa’s arrow from the beginning was already enhanced with 「Bullet Ant」, however Goria’s whole body had been protected by a strong 【Body Enhance】 that even protected his fur, so the 「Bullet Ants」’s poison needles couldn’t even reach his skin.

Goria effortlessly dodged the incoming attack. In contrast, Marifa’s wound on her right chest opened because she forced herself to move. The maid clothes were dyed in bright red by her own blood.

“Ugh&h.e.l.lip; please&h.e.l.lip;move.. I have to.. protect&h.e.l.lip;”

Coro’s fur was now standing upright because of the anger as he saw Goria attack Sukke, that he consider as his brother, and Marifa, who was his master. He hated the enemy in front of his eyes because he couldn’t defended Marifa, who was now coughing up blood from her mouth.

“Is that trash your family? I see you have the same smell. Pathetic, you can only watch as your family is killed and your owner grovels on the ground.”

Coro didn’t understand what Goria was saying but he knew that Goria was insulting his brother and master.

As if she had been waiting for this chance, as Goria moved his hammer, Nina dived into his bosom and executed the 【Dagger Skill】, 《Infinity Strike》. This skill allowed her to sent chains of attack as long as her mana could hold out. However Goria blocked all of her attacks without difficulty.
(Tl note: Nina have used this skill once)

“Hahaha! Let’s see how long you can last. At the time your mana runs out, I’ll turn you into a beautiful blooming flower.”

While keeping the 《Infinity Strike》, Nina also mixed the 【Dagger Skill】 《Critical Strike》 and 《Deadly Strike》 but Goria antic.i.p.ated all of that without problem. Nina’s 《Infinity Strike》 couldn’t last forever either as there were already signs of decline in her speed.

“Compared to earlier, I can see your attacks clearly when 《Infinity Strike》 ends. Good bye ojou-chan.”

Without the 《Infinity Strike》 skill, Nina’s attack speed could no longer maintain its agility and Goria was preparing to attack, as he lifted his steel dragon hammer.

As Goria raised the hammer to attack Nina, a surge of thunder hit the steel dragon hammer. The thunder that hit the steel dragon hammer was conducted to Goria and he also received some damage.

“Tch, it’s the girl that was flying?”

Lena in the mean time could only recover a slight amount of mana using magic a potion and used all of it to execute the second rank 【Black Magic】, 《Thunderbolt》, as she lost consciousness and fell to the ground.

At the moment when Goria’s attention s.h.i.+fted to Lena, Nina saw his distraction and didn’t miss that chance. She put force in the daggers in her left and right hands, mustering all the power she could, and executed the 【Dagger Skill】, 《Deadly Strike》.

“Ah, after that magic she ran out of –”

Goria couldn’t finish his sentence.

“Guaaa!” (Coro)
Because at that time, Coro’s fangs dig in his neck. It was for that moment that he endured patiently. Coro returned to the shadow wolves’ original combat tactics. He waited for the right moment to deliver the finis.h.i.+ng blow. In order to avenge his brother, he suppressed his emotions and waited for this one chance.

“Guaaa, ah&h.e.l.lip; it seems that I was too careless. Be careful Ojou-chan, I’m angry.”

It was as if he didn’t took any damage, Nina and Coro were surprised. Nina’s dagger at this time had already landed on his neck and Coro used all of his strength to bite him but the daggers and fangs couldn’t pierce through his defense.

Goria then spun his body, which caused Nina and Coro to be pushed back from him.

“Heh, because there’s only a little damage, I don’t mind it too much.”

“Let’s secure that girl who fell from the sky for now.”
The spies that were hiding nearby didn’t want to be caught up in Nina and Goria’s battle, so they moved to capture Lena.
(Tl note: darn I thought these guys are gone, but well at least they save lena)


Despite having wounds all over his body, Clyde glared at Yu. Yu on the other hand approached Clyde calmly as Joseph was shouting from the distance.

What are you doing? Such things were asked as Yu deployed the second rank 【Black Magic】 , 《Firewall》. Pillars of flame, three meters tall were appearing around several hundreds of meters to separate himself from Joseph.

“Don’t come here, you’re a nuisance.”

(Tl note: finally the moment that we’re waiting for)

Yu deprived Clyde at that moment. 【Staff Mastery】, 【Tamer】, 【Casting Speed Up】,【Mp Consumption Reduction】,【Poison Resistance】, 【Paralysis Resistance】, 【Riding】, 【Staff Technique】, 【Summoning Magic】, 【Magic Awakening】, 【Pack Enhancement】,【Barrier】, he took it away one after another.
Each of Clyde’s skills were indeed all of high level. It caused Yu sever headache as he used 【Depriver】.

Yu had deprived all pa.s.sive skills and active skills. What’s left was only Clyde’s two unique skill 【Parallel Thinking】 and 【Gate Open】.

“The h.e.l.l is with that blood from your eyes, do you think I will let you? DIE!”

Cylde said that as Yu’s eyes kept dripping blood. Yu took out his sword and tried to stab Clyde to stop him from moving but his sight was blocked by the blood. Clyde took his Greater demon staff but instead of attacking Yu, he gripped it tighter.

“If you want it, you can come and take it but it won’t be easy.”

Clyde used the skill that was enchanted on the staff. It was 【Hypnosis】 and 【Mental Attack Strengthening】. With the combination of these two skills, Clyde was able to turn his enemy under his control and had not even failed once.

“Haha, this is the end. I’ll make you suffer so much you’ll wish you were dead.”

After successfully using 【Hypnosis】 on Yu, Clyde took out a high potion and drank it. He would now need to think of how to escape from this situation and bring Yu with him.

“Did you think it has ended?”

“How? You should be under my 【Hypnosis】.”

“■■? What does that mean ?”

“You resisted? And what do you mean? Wait&h.e.l.lip;. impossible, it’s the evil magic eye&h.e.l.lip;Stella! You are using me&h.e.l.lip;”

“■■ Magic eye■■ ?”
(Tl note: the black box are like that in the raw)

Clyde’s words removed the discomfort feelings from Yu’s eyes and without any pause Yu continued to deprive.

When he got the 【Parallel Thinking】, he immediately used the skill. It was used to the birds and small animals that he resurrected using 【Specter Magic】 . He could share his consciousness and by using the skill he was now able to do it while moving on his own. However since birds and small animals’ intelligence was low, they flooded in large quant.i.ties of information that Yu didn’t need.
Using the 【Parallel Thinking】 , Yu processed the information and also shared the information among his undeads.

He could see the scene as it entered his mind. People were walking at the main street of Comer city. Moving further, near his mansion, there was a young middle aged men fighting behind the alley. It was the figure of Goria and Nina, who was not in a good condition.

“You also sent someone towards the girls?”

“Ah, I remember some of the Holy Church spies were a.s.signed on that mission&h.e.l.lip; are your girls dying?”

Hearing that, Yu’s right hand was enveloped in fire magic using his 【Magic Equip】 skill and that fist landed to deliver the finis.h.i.+ng blow. Yu didn’t think much about the dead Clyde.

“If I ran&h.e.l.lip; no, it’s too late. Even riding that ⌈Lock Bird⌋ won’t do.”
There was an impatient expression that he had never even showed during combat. Yu looked toward the 【Gate Open】 that Clyde had created.

“I have to do it. If I fail, Nina&h.e.l.lip;)

There was a girl standing covered in blood. Her equipment was tattered, even her mithril forehead rest was shattered. Nina’s body, elbow, sternum, thoracic, lumbar spine and pelvis were suffering from Goria’s attacks, it was a miracle that she could still stand.

“You can’t do it!”
Once again, Nina used her special skill 【Ground shrinker】 but once again Goria antic.i.p.ated the attack from the right as he attacked and broke her left foot.

“I have said it many times that such attacks won’t work on me. It’s boring so maybe I will change the target. How about the girl that used all-you-can-magic that’s lying over there?”

“No.. you’re not allowed to do that!”

“Oh, how are you going to stop me?”

She could barely stand and was now dragging her feet to chase Goria, who was walking towards Lena. Goria walked slowly on purpose, to ridicule her.

“No, you can’t do that! No!”

“Oh, are you crying? Was Goria a bully?”

Nina used her strength to spread her magic thread. The magic thread slowly spread and it finally reached Goria’s feet.

“You can’t do it!”

When Nina used her 【Ground Shrinker】, this time she merged with her magic thread.

The smile disappeared from Goria’s face.

Nina appeared obliquely from behind Goria. Nevertheless, the combination of 【Ground Shrinker】 and the magic thread delayed Goria’s reaction speed. Goria counterattacked but it was dodged by a hair’s breadth. Nina’s onslaught continued as she emerged from every angle and continue to attack Goria. Slowly but gradually the number of scratches on Goria’s body were increasing.
(Tl note: the best I could imagine is a ninja lol)

Goria couldn’t tell where the attack would come so he had to cover his whole body using 【Body enhance】. However there was a thin weak gap part of the skill that Nina repeatedly attacked.

“If this continue, I may be able to win&h.e.l.lip; no, I will stall for time until Yu comes.”

“Really, this is annoying. I want to crush, kill, crush&h.e.l.lip;”
Goria’s body enlarged as he jumped towards the sky. Even his heavy equipment didn’t hinder him from jumping high.
He lifted the steel dragon hammer above his head and rotated it before throwing it to the ground.

Goria used the seventh rank 【Hammer Skill】 , 《Earth’s Shaker》 as he destroyed and shattered the ground.
Goria’s force of destruction was spreading on the ground and destroying the surroundings. The traces of its impact were even able to cause a small earthquake in Comer city.

“How can a demi-human have this much power?”
“Poison and paralysis also don’t work on him, including magic. And that ridiculous physical ability. We better leave this place while we can.”
“No, there is still a chance. We shouldn’t give up. That last chance will come to us.”

While the spies were waiting for their chance, Nina’s magic thread had been blown away by Goria’s previous skill.

“Now, don’t blame me alright? You forced me to do this.”
Nina used the remaining of her magic thread that was blown away to flee.

“Sorry I just did this on a whim.”

“Its&h.e.l.lip; I&h.e.l.lip; am&h.e.l.lip;”
Goria expression became indignantly hearing Nina’s words. Watching someone being pushed into a corner and miserable, looking at their fear stained face was one of the fun things that Goria enjoyed. While carrying the steel dragon hammer on his shoulder, he walked slowly towards Nina.

“This is payback for taking my ring earlier. I’ve been enjoying this. Now this is goodbye.”
As Goria swung down his hammer, the sound of shattered gla.s.s could be heard.

Before Goria heard that sound, he was imagining the outcome of his attack. Nina would be turned into a lump of meat but it unexpectedly changed when he heard that sound.

Marifa was shouting Nina’s name as the steel dragon hammer of Goria was swung down. He used the same skill that he used to attack Sukke, the fifth rank 【Hammer Skill】, 《Skull Crush》. The moment he thought that Nina would be crushed, a tremendous clas.h.i.+ng sound resounded around. Goria could feel, from his hand, that his attack didn’t make any contact with her body and tilted his neck in question.

“A 【Barrier】 that was able to stop my attack?”

Between Nina and Goria’s steel dragon hammer, there was a 【Barrier】. Being able to block Goria’s attack showed that this was not an ordinary 【Barrier】, not only that but there was no rear guard positioned around. Goria was searching around when he suddenly turned his body.

Blood thirst? Fighting spirit? Goria didn’t know what it was but he turned his body. There was an ominous feeling directed at him.

“Who are you?”
Goria’s question was not answered at all.

Only Yu, wearing his googled flight hat, stood there silently.
(Tl note: woot.. cliff after cliff everyday.. and Yu finally gets teleport skill?)


To Deprive a Deprived Person 104

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